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This guy made at least 2 million in 2019 and 2020 each. Maybe I can monetise by making a video about fighting illegal foreclosure for 11 years. When I came back here to compare it to the video it was no longer available from YouTube. A little searching on the topic brought me to Politifact. When I came back here to compare it to the video it was no longer available from YouTube. A little searching on the topic brought me to Politifact. The politifact piece is especially entertaining, when you consider that even democrat politicians have been saying for years that paper ballots are very susceptible to fraud.

We need look no further than Jerry Nadler, prominent Democrat, for this one. Way back in 2004, Nadler was caught on video saying this: Additionally, that article very quickly glosses over some of the legal challenges made. Under PA law, there is a very specific process by which any change to voting laws MUST be carried out.

That process includes a vote of the people, not just a legislative act like they actually did. The PA legislature changed election laws without any authority to do so, according to the PA State Constitution.

And as we payday loan no credit check instant have discussed here numerous times, any act without authority is null and void under the law.

The leftist politicians in PA changed those laws without any lawful authority to do so, and those changes directly led to the massive and unchecked paper ballot problem. Before those changes, there were six very specifically defined and narrow circumstances by which a PA voter could vote via absentee ballot. They illegally changed the law to allow anyone to do so, and then made sure that the new law contained a provision that did not require any signature verification or even a complete ballot.

I guarantee you, if the Republicans tried a stunt like that, every Democrat politician in the land would be screaming about it. The very same people that spent the last 4 years claiming that a foreign entity can change the outcome of an election, are NOW the very same people that want to convince us that the election process is completely secure, and that no one can alter the outcome artificially.

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Where was this position when they claimed falsely that Trump colluded with the instant installment loans Russians? You or I could most likely have boiled that video down to about 45 minutes, lol. But in this video, he has acknowledged data experts discussing the official data for the payday loans in austin tx election.

There are a LOT of issues with hacking, mostly from China, and most of these just happen to coincide with the battleground states---and they started two days before the election. So, one could argue that they were not payday loan no credit check instant just being reactionary to the events after November 3. Another interesting thing that they found is that in some states, there were a significant number of, shall we say, ineligible voters. Some states had dead voters, though not in the tens of thousands that some sources have claimed. Some states had mail in ballots cast for people who claimed a vacant lot or a PO box as their physical address--both of which are disqualifying events according to law. Instead, please, consider what is actually happening. People are being banned from social media platforms..... Anyone here, can ANYONE point to that as a legitimate act from a side that did nothing wrong? The only time that one side seeks to so overwhelmingly silence the other is in cases like Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot.....

Everyday average Americans are being singled out for reeducation according to even some of our democrat politicians serving right now. Who actually does this if they are not actually guilty?? I challenge anyone here to find any time in history where one side made such moves to silence any and all opposition, to such an extent as we are seeing right now, where nothing wrong took place. The cancel culture by itself proves that a whole lot is wrong here.

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My feeling is that the character of the person we elect to lead this country is the most essential consideration. A leader sets the example of the type of people we can i get a loan aspire to be.

A good leader inspires people to be better than they are payday loan no credit check instant and makes a nation stronger. Alternately, if a President is dishonest, vindictive, boastful, unreliable, childish and self-serving it gives license to that sort of behavior and those tendencies flourish. I am not defending Democrats or attacking Republicans. Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger made this powerful video voicing his concerns. I do agree that one does not cancel out the other--but at the same exact time, I would like an honest answer from anyone as to why this current theme of cancel culture should be acceptable to anyone. The left just proved to the world in our politics that the end justifies the means to them. Yes, I would LOVE to see someone with integrity and character run for cash advance loan lenders office....

And do you know what they just got for all that effort?

But why did no one on the left payday loan no credit check instant actually even know that Biden did worse than Trump did to dodge the draft and avoid Vietnam? This did not require a doctor, and was an automatic disqualifier for the draft except if there were a national emergency here in the US. He even wrote a book, in which he never mentioned any such ailment in his teenage years. In fact, his physical experiences in life show it was a lie....

And the entire left cheered him on when he himself insulted Trump for avoiding military service. His first major pursuit was to fight against desegregating schools and school bussing. Meanwhile, Trump gets bashed as a racist because the left pretends he said that all Mexicans are rapists and murderers.... Mind you, Biden was actually forced to drop out of a presidential race because he made racially insensitive comments about Indian immigrants.... So why does the left only care about dishonesty when they are attacking someone on the right?

Anyone recall Biden getting caught making false claims about his own education, number of degrees, class standing, and a whole lot more? How does the left payday loans chattanooga tn so intentionally ignore the fact that Biden was forced to drop out of his first presidential bid because he got caught plagiarizing speeches from politicians in different countries?? Perhaps the worst is to watch Biden on video fondling young girls and sniffing their hair... For far too long, the left has made far too many excuses to blow off real problem behavior from its own, like Biden. But if anyone here thinks that we got integrity because Biden was inaugurated? There is legitimate physical evidence that the election was indeed tampered with. Net result, Trump lost in Georgia by just under 12,000 votes but had literally tens of thousands of votes disappear from what was already attributed to him like a fart in the wind--including one actual SWAP which instantly took over 12,000 votes from Trump and immediately applied them to Biden. The link below is a video from these nonpartisan data scientists explaining to the GA State Senate their findings. Please watch it, and payday loan no credit check instant then come back and tell me how Biden is even legitimately the president right now. Isis and I, for example, have disagreed politically on numerous occasions in here. Both she and I readily admit that zero immediate loans for bad credit harm has resulted in either of us. We are all bonded together because of our mortgage fights.... As for political discussions, they are necessary because we all need to be aware of truly what is happening to this country. This is going to get worse before it gets better.... My feeling is that the character of the person we elect to lead this country is the most essential consideration.