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I would suggest you speak to a local planning consultant familiar with the area in the first instance. They can advise on the viability from a planning point of view by researching local planning policies and suggest what schemes might american financial loans be acceptable. You can then move onto drawing up the scheme with an architect. So their advice also needs to be taken with a subjective view as well... We agreed to use the architecture firm our co-owner wanted, and they in turn american financial loans recommended a planning consultant they have a relationship with. We initially submitted a pre-application re: full planning but the council had concerns re: loss of employment.

As far as I can see we have 2 or 3 options, what do you think? The prior approval is re: change of use from 2 commercial structures, to 4 x 1 bedroom apartments within the same envelope. The current structures are very dilapidated so I assume this would basically be knocking them down and building new structures within the same envelope - I assume this is allowed?! Our original plans were for 3 much nicer, cash loan places near me larger, 2 bedroom apartments and (due to overlooking constraints etc) would still leave a significant area of landscaping and 3 parking spaces. Obviously the 3 options have pros and cons in terms of cost, time and the sale price.

I think this perfectly illustrates the potential delays when looking at planning applications and redeveloping existing sites. Many investors would have fallen by the wayside due to your seemingly constant battles with the council but you have persevered and hopefully you will be pay weekly loans rewarded. Would you make a significant return selling the land as described in option one?

Always looking for projects to invest in and also open up our projects to investors.

Hello realdeals, I do a range of different property developments.

In regards to investment amounts it depends on the project? We get a lot of interest from migration clients as the village projects suit their pr requirements better. Some projects funds are only used for short term like six months and others 18-24 months. All of our projects are different so if we do open one up to investors we generally customise it to suit. Is there as much pressure on tax payer funded public services in this area in Australia as there is in the UK?

Is there as much pressure on tax payer funded public services in this area in Australia as there is in the UK? Hi Longterminvestor, there is a little but most of the retirement. Usually the gov subsidises the aged care beds in private facilities. Very unfair model but that is why our model is in american financial loans huge demand. We found some good expensive furniture like Eames Chair UK Stock and the owner said it is nor part of the auction. This information should be mentioned in the terms when you buy it.

And when did the owner inform you that the furniture is not for sale?

Clarify everything with the auction house before you start bidding. Everything on line payday loans should be set-out in the sale literature.

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Unless a property is advertised as fully furnished it is best to assume that the furnishings are not included in the sale. Is there an argument that rental properties with furnishings are more attractive to potential tenants and could attract a significantly higher rate of rent? However the legal pack was only uploaded late Friday afternoon. With this I have been unsuccessful in finding a solicitor to read the legal pack in time.

Do you have any advice for me in terms of what to look for in the legal pack. So we went for Prior Approval (Permitted Devlopment regulations) instead. Obiously this would mean submitting a new full planning application.

Surely this makes more sense than them insisisting we build the smaller, uglier scheme which would house less people? How would we go about this, has anyone experienced a similar situation? My understanding is that you can now go ahead and construct those new apartments once you get building regs approved, so no need for a full application montel williams cash advance for the prior approval scheme. My understanding is that you can now go ahead and construct those new apartments once you get building regs approved, so no need for a full application for the prior approval scheme. The prior approval is based on plans we submitted which are literally just outlines of roughly how the current buildings would be divided into 4 small units.

Also, the floor slopes upwards towards the year in the larger buildng so we want to level it, allowing a mezanine level for a bedroom at the rear of 3 of the units. Our experts have now told us all this would have to be covered in a full planning application to expand and add detail to the prior approval (i.

We paid for our original pre-application submission but I suppose this would really just more of a discussion. Rather than a chat with the council, I would look to see which property advisors in the past have worked closely with the council (and had success with planning applications) and approach american financial loans them. They will likely have good contacts within the council and should be able to sound them out for you.

I doubt an informal meeting with the council would be possible but I could be wrong. You basically have to work with what is already there and make minimum external changes.

Internally you can do pretty much what you like but I think adding a mezzanine floor would not be acceptable under pd. When considering a full application different aspects become material considerations which are not the case with a prior approval. These can include parking, bike and bin provisions, and others that you mention. I would get building regs done on the prior approval even if you have no intention of monthly payday loans doing the works as this will add value if you decide to sell. It may maybe that you simply cannot american financial loans get approval from council to utilise the site in the way that you want.

You can always appeal but this process can take up to a year. I presume that any level of planning approval would increase the value of the land and the amount of funding which could be raised against it?

Planning permission has been granted, subjected to signing the Section 106 to demolish a derelict pub and neighbouring fish and chip shop in Southend-On-Sea to build a five-storey, contemporary landmark building, comprising of 49 residential flats, two ground floor restaurants and basement parking. The site occupies a prime location on the seafront with fantastic views over the estuary and is close to the iconic 1. The development is being undertaken by Shojin Property Partners in partnership with Beyond the Box Developments Limited, who purchased the main site in August 2017. Like with every investment project, Shojin Property Partners has co-invested a percentage of its own funds to show its commitment to the project. The property is currently vacant and in poor condition with the borrower obtaining the bridge loan in order to apply for planning permission for an enhanced residential development. The difference between the two projects is that Southend-On-Sea was an equity raise (variable profit share) while Hampshire was a debt raise with a fixed return. Recent figures from UK Finance show that the number of accidental and first-time landlords buying new properties continues to drop, with 9. Many want to be free of the legal responsibilities and increased tax burdens associated with traditional buy-to-let. We now offer investors the opportunity to invest across the entire property spectrum. Our success is down to the broad range of investment opportunities we offer, including hands-off buy to let, bridging loans, mezzanine loans and property development.

Shojin Property Partners is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No.

Shojin Property Partners is a trading name of Shojin Financial Services Limited (company number 09697161) and the registered office is at Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon Street, London, WC2N 4JF.

I would be interested to learn your views of the UK property market at the moment when you consider concerns regarding Brexit. Even just looking at Wednesdays post, you seem to have a number of developments in the pipeline. Is this something you expect to continue in the short term?

For will Brexit concerns potentially tighten finances and restrict property investment opportunities with potentially subdued demand for homes? Please note, if there is a short-term reduction in demand for properties (both purchase and rental) it will only be short-term as the UK population continues to grow. Putting aside Brexit for a moment, the residential property market is in an odd state and I would tread carefully. There is naturally demand, especially in the major cities. Previously the market was buoyed by foreign buyers. As they bought property in the UK, it provided cash to the sellers, who went on to buy their next property and so on. More recently, the foreign buyers have slowed down and therefore not as much money is sloshing around.

At the same time, people are finding it increasingly difficult to get decent mortgages following the mortgage market review. Many first time buyers are consciously deciding not to take on the burden of a mortgage in favour of a lifestyle choice to rent.

This gives them more social mobility and freedom to enjoy life without being tied down. That being said, there is always opportunity in property. People will still need homes, so the rental market should remain well supported. There are better yields to be had in many commercial property sectors such as student accommodation, warehouses and distribution centres, to name a few. The current uncertainty will scare many people off, and that creates opportunities. Depending on what happens with Brexit, there may be a short term impact on availability of finance (as happened when we had the Brexit vote) but I believe that will be short-lived. That is not going to go away just because of Brexit. If you have the ability to invest for the long term, you will still do well. I would have thought that short term Brexit uncertainty would have been outweighed at least partially by the increased spending power of foreign investors looking at the UK. The UK government is finally calling the EUs bluff with preparations for a 100 approval loans no deal which will see a compromise deal at some stage - they have even softened the October deadline. Whether UK opposition parties, under pressure from their supporters, will vote a compromise deal through Parliament remains to be seen. However, good to see the UK leading a little more in talks rather than being at the beck and call of the EU.

It will be interesting to see what happens as we approach the March deadline, if that still remains the deadline. I think there is a lot to be discussed at the moment and with uncertainty brings opportunity. There are a lot of opportunities available in the market now that were previously not accessible to investors.

But one thing prosper com loans is for sure, that people will still need homes and the country still has a housing deficit which needs to be rectified. I believe that the Brexit timetable will be extended, there will be more brinksmanship between the UK and the american financial loans EU but ultimately at the last minute they will fudge a deal together. In the meantime, personal loans for bad credit in texas just prior to the deal we will see panic in some areas of the UK property market leading to a sell-off, consolidation and then the realisation that the UK can survive outside of the EU and the EU need UK trade as much as the UK needs EU trade. All of this posturing by the EU is simply a way to show the UK who is boss and ensure that no other EU members are encouraged to follow the same route. As a side note, all is not well in the EU and especially Germany with increase racial tension.

I think the EU will need to dilute the freedom of movement rules and the refugee crisis needs to be addressed asap. There seem to be no structure to the crisis and just dumping refugees in countries where there is no support is not working.