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Jim:Here are three keys to a better memory everyone. This is kind of like a little MasterClass on a big brain upgrade for everybody. Everybody listening is going to be able to do that.

I really do believe that a big part of success is understanding your own motivation and the motivation of the people around you. Motivating your team, motivating your kids, it could be motivating a perspective client to buy something. Sometimes we disassociate, we try to distract ourselves by whatever, whether we eat, or we watch, or whatever. Not to name drop but because it will be memorable for everybody. Sometimes finding your reason will give you enough purpose to get through those hard times to develop grip. Jim:Okay, so do this with me guys, shake out your hand like this. Both of you, shake out your hands and make a fist, and then put it to your chin. Even what are installment loans if you write down a simple word like listen, and scramble the letters, it spells another word perfectly. Their incredible memory and their powerful presence comes from being powerfully present with people.

We what are installment loans can all do that and show the person more presence. Motivation, observation, and the last M in MOM, methods. The mechanics people know, how many podcast people have you listened to to know how to do this or even how to have six pack abs?

The methods are clear, the common sense is not common practice. Knowledge, we talk about lies, another lie is knowledge is power. It only becomes power when we utilize it, but the truth is all the podcasts, all the books, all the online programs, all the coaching, none of it works unless you work.

I feel like if people just got this part of it, it could change everything. It could take you to next level of your learning and also your life.

Again, when you upgrade this software here, this operating system, everything in your life improves. Not just financially, but all the treasures of your life. People monthly installment loans can search this and I teach people how to memorize these lists and everything else cash america loan like that online. We have our own podcast, all these downloads for it but I would say that some of the most famous ones in the area of nutrition, avocados, blueberries, I call them brain berries.

Eggs if your diet allows, the choline in eggs is good for your brain. Walnuts, good for the brain, looks like a human brain. Number two, besides a good brain diet, on the opposite side, the things that are bad, processed foods, fried foods, high sugar foods, really bad for the brain. What you eat matters especially for your brain matter. Killing ants is actually clinically proven to be good for your brain. Daniel Amen who wrote Change your Brain, Change your Life. On a scale of 0 to 10, how good and positive, and encouraging are your thoughts? You know that Steve Jobs was famous for doing his walking meetings, very creative. When you move you create brain derived neurotropic factors. Fancy words, B, D, and F which is fertilizer for your brain. I recommend every 30 minutes, an hour, just get up and just stretch. Talk to your health practitioner, nutritionist, talk to a real medicine doctor, get a nutrient profile. You what are installment loans are the average of the five people you spend time with. If you ever notice people what are installment loans who have been together for a long time, they tend to look like each other, because they start adapting the same gestures, the same language, the same habits and behaviors. W stands for words, we start using the words of people around us. First you create your habits, and then your habits create you.

You create your habits of moving and breathing and hydrating and mediating, and those habits create you back. Sometimes our friends and family are what are installment loans the ones that pull us down because we give them the power to do so. But the truth is they can be sincere, but they can be sincerely wrong too. We all need people to encourage us, challenge us, cheerlead for us. Your brain loves a clean environment meaning that when you make your bed… I have this video, millions of views. But making your bed, because you train the first thing excellent, and then you take that excellence into other things in terms of your calls. Also, clean environment, your brain loves that clean environment.

Imagine you come back at the end of the day to a well made bed, you come back to success. We take that same level of discipline and pride into the things we do. How is your brain the next day when you get a bad nights sleep?

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Prioritize your sleep, in the book we talk about extensively how to optimize your sleep. If you have long term memory issues, check your sleep. Do you know Paul McCartney created Yesterday in his dream?

On a scale of 0… I had three traumatic brain injuries before the age of 12. I have to do something physical and something mental every single day.

With challenge comes change and challenge yourself each day, especially with your learnings.

Because of it, it added years to their life and life to their years.

The story was called Aging with Grace, very, very beautiful. Meditation by the way, and I talk about what are installment loans my process in there, online you can find it, quick meditation.

Jim:The goal is not to control your thoughts, the goal is not to let your thoughts control you. That shows up when you need to read, or when you need to do sales calls or presentations or investor meetings and so on.

Jim:Those are the 10 keys for having a limitless brain. Put those into practice, you will be a different person. You talked about what are installment loans earlier Jim, see I used your name there? You mentioned if you would have taken a step in the other direction you would quick instant loans have ended up somewhere totally different right? I like to think, if you put those ten things into practice right now, and none of them are super complicated things, just good advice. David:I think something I really like about what you shared Jim is you talk about the brain very similar to how athletes talk about the body. Challenge brings change, you have to put yourself under stress and you will adapt.

Some people could see their skin, they could see their car, they could see their home, whatever you see you tend to take care of.

I always wear these shirts just… you wear your emotions on your sleeves, maybe you wear your genius on your chest.

They get your muscles, they get your bodies stronger, fitter, more agile, more energized, more flexible. I want your mental muscles to be stronger, more energized, greater endurance, more flexible also as well.

I like to take people to the mental gym if you will. It says here on my shirt, it says use it or lose it.

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And when they retire, because often when people retire, they retire their minds also as well. We got out of the sport we played, or we got out of whatever we were doing, we got in a relationship, we got content.

It would make sense the mind would do the same thing. Thank you Jim, this has been, pardon the pun, mind blowing to get to talk to you here today and some of the information you shared. David:For people that are at the edge of their seats and they just want to know more, where can they find out more about you? Most people go to Kwik Brain, you just have to spell it right. Jim:What you can do is learn it with the intention of teaching somebody else. The explanation effect says that if you learn something, to explain it to somebody else, you learn it twice as well. I encourage everyone to take a screenshot of this episode and tag the three of us on social media and post it, but also post what you got out of this.

Remember this, little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Just as a thank you because I really appreciate anyone who watches this, I know you have a very dynamic community. Jim:I always online loans bad credit direct lenders tell people, this is the most quoted thing I say on Twitter and everything. Life is like an egg, if an egg is broken by an outside force life ends. Thank you so much for being a part of this today, this was awesome. I encourage everyone to go pick up a copy of Limitless, it is amazing. This is the fuel that goes into your brain, this is how we improve our brain.

Thank you for writing this, and thanks for joining us today. This is David Green for BrandIn, glad he at least remembers my name, Turner, signing off. Simplifying real estate for investors large and small.

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