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The assignment on my mortgage is chock full of fraud.... She has signed as VP or assistant secretary for other lenders such as IndyMac, Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, Citi and others which is clearly fraud.

Also, it was recorded February 27, 2008 but not SIGNED until March 5th! There is an attorney, Lyn Szymoniak, who will examine assignments for fraud and then prepare affidavits on low rate personal loans your behalf to use as a defense in court. Many foreclosure cases have been thrown out by judges because of this blatant fraud as the assignments fail to prove the plaintiffs had legal standing to foreclose.

Our loan origionated with union planters in 2003, with GMFS, LLC as the servicer, Feb of 2004, loan sold to Household Financial. July 1, 2004, Union Planters merged with Regions Financial, and ceased business as Union PLanters. On Feb 27, 2008, Corporate Assignment filed by MERS with it being the assignor for Union Planters, and the assignee being Household, who was later absorbed into HSBC, the Assignment was requested and prepared by HSBC, then they filed a easy approval payday loans substitute Assignment the very next dat, 28, Feb, 2008 and initiated a foreclosure (we are in a non judicial state). We used our savings and got out of that, then recieved a NOD in April 15, 2010, and MERS did another substitute assignment on April 30, 2010, we got a notice of sale on May 18, 2010 stating sale on June 15, 2010. We are working with an attorney to get a MOD during this process.

I know for sure HSBC is the servicer of the loan, but would they have the note if they now own Household?? I am open to any suggestions as to what our next step should be. I think your next step (after what Sally suggests) is to find an attorney. I know you can do it yourself, BUT as you said the clock is ticking. It cracks me up that in their legal primer they claim victory , yet these victories are no recent than 2007!

If its been assigned a gazillion times and MERS is involved, guess what? To find an attorney who gets it check out the living lies site.

The problem is that not a lot of judges are getting it or lawyers.

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As such, this case can and should be cited in similar legal proceedings. The tragedy in my own case is that my pro bono lawyer completely and totally failed to spot the red flags in the assignment, and cost me my house. I can ask for and get a continuance in the unlawful detainer hearing.

Another thing I can do is file BK and sue personal loans utah for wrongful foreclosure as an adversarial proceeding. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of homeowners over the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages. Most of the threads on these forums deal with homeowners loans low apr in non-recourse states, or states with limited recourse like Georgia.

In lieu of a forum dedicated to information for Florida homeowners specifically, you can use this thread as a starter if you like, and I have stickied it to the top of the forum to attract the FL. The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Most of the information pay advance loans online you find here is easily available on the internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

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They can play ball or continue to fight me in court..... This was the third short sale offer I received on tax anticipation loan the house. Evidently if you can show insolvency, which I take to mean having fewer tax anticipation loan assets than the total amount of the loan, then the IRS will not pursue check my credit online loans instant approval no credit check you for the taxes on the deficiency. Also, I settled the second mortgage for about 7 percent of the balance. I feel very, very fortunate to have short sold the house and to have put the nightmare behind me. Initially all I wanted was a fixed rate loan despite being underwater but Chase refused to work with me.

Last year with urging by FL Governor Rick Scott, the legislature proposed new bills that eventually failed. Now those bills have been revived, tax anticipation loan specifically HB213, entitled The Fair Foreclosure Act. HB213 was voted on by a 15-member last Wednesday, January 25, 2012, where the it was recommended to bring the bill to the floor by a vote of 13 yes, 1 no, and 1 absent (see attached. In essence, this bill would legally allow judges to do what they have already been doing to payday loan lenders no credit check Floridians with relative impunity in foreclosure proceedings: ignore vast evidence of fraud. There might be a general consensus that living in a non-judicial state poses more risks to those tax anticipation loan living in a judicial state. Imagine what a Florida homeowner will face if their judicial foreclosure laws gave courts the authority to rule as if Florida were a non-judicial state. I suppose the argument does not really matter as we live where we live and we all face challenges. And for the record, our Attorney General Pam Bondi has been a voice for big banks within Florida and in the ongoing investigation of the big banks towards a 50-state settlement. Throughout her term in office, she has not initiated a single indictment or investigation into fraudulent banking practices. After almost 3 years of fighting with Countrywide and then BOA.

First through Countrywide, who started the fiasco, then BOA took over. With no success with an in house mod, I the started working through NACA. After three tax anticipation loan denials through them, I field a complaint with the OOP of BOA and faxed all documents to them.

After weeks of no response, I contacted the Moan Mod Help Center and purchased a Rest Report and later started working through them. I had no clue that if I requested a payoff letter, that in essence to BOA is saying I no longer want a Mod. After clearing that up by another complaint to the OOP and COC. I was alos told by NACA they too would be trying to stop the sale but are unable to request a stop more than 14 days from sale date. We sat on pins and needles waiting for the 14th day prior to sale.

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Charlie personal loans nashville tn and the LNHC went to bat trying to stop it. Also the rep at BOA advised he had requested a stop through the BOA attorneys.

No one purchased the house at auction as no one is going to pay what the Bank wants for it. A realtor came out two days later and explained the cash for keys process. If you are willing to do that then why was the sale not stopped to begin with? Sitting here looking at all the robo-signed documents, having no clue who really owns the note anyway. We received a miniature check from a Countrywide lawsuit a few months ago ans I cant help but feel like we were just robbed. Even the realtor says the bank is just acquiring properties, but over the last year he sgone out to numerous homes and none are being sold. I am all for a grassroots effort and am open to any suggestions other members have. Florida is Not a consumer friendly state and I am sickened by what has taken place here (south florida). If there is anyone on this website that can give direction to those of us who are suffering with severly underwater mortgages and rampant mortgage fraud, please let me know. I am too afraid of a default judgment and because of my job, must have a reasonable credit score. Thanks for this forum, it has helped me so very much. I will share my opinion in broad terms of two areas: stigma and shift of power to business away from citizens.

We need to overcome the stigma that those most affected by the housing and economic crisis experience we are perceived as deadbeats by our neighbors, family, employers, politicians, judges, etc. We are marginalized by the power of big business lobbying every corner of our political system. There are many more educated in the legal system than I am. Many foreclosure defense attorneys and political activists have blogs trying to inform the general public that we are all victims of the financial industry and trying to shame our government representatives (elected or appointed) into protecting the People. In my opinion, these efforts (as informative as they are) have been impotent to affect change.