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Scott:This is where we want to be helpful and where we want to be useful.

We want you to succeed and have a successful financial outcome.

Stay the course, continue that journey to financial freedom.

They have questions, they have answers to your questions. And if it was worth it to you to buy the thing at X dollars three weeks ago, it should be even more worth it to you to buy it now at its current lower price. Now is a great time to consistently but not to aggressively work towards your longterm investing and financial goals. Now is a great time to not spend more than you earn, to continue to keep control of your budget, and to continue to work very hard at your job, and continue to pile direct installment loan lenders up that cash and invest it appropriately in index funds, real estate or whatever it is that you decide to easy loans with no credit check invest it in. From episode 116 of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast.

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The coronavirus is causing unprecedented changes in world health, human interaction, and economic climate. Get the up-to-date coverage and expert advice you need to make wise investment decisions, reassess your real estate strategy, and react to a quickly changing market here. What does the real estate world look like 18 months post-coronavirus? Consider these important facts when investing in the times ahead. Learn why these major factors are set to make 2021 the year for banking deals in the tangible asset class, including real estate. Consider how to specifically cater to this increasingly lucrative pool of renters. Economists predict it may take until 2023 to payday loans direct lenders no fees recover all of the jobs lost to the COVID-19 recession and government response. Capitalism is great—but an extreme concentration of wealth is not.

Both tenants and landlords are facing challenges during the pandemic. What can landlords with struggling tenants do to lighten their load? The market may seem tempting right now, but here are five reasons to wait on your real estate investing in light of potential hazards ahead.

Coronavirus has changed every industry—many times in unexpected ways. Being home more often has advantages—like seeing family more often. It also has disadvantages—like seeing family too often. When she turned her phone off for cash advance taylor mi a few days, hung out with friends, and spent time in nature, she realized that she wanted more freedom in her life. After that hiking trip, she returned home to her husband and told him it was time for her to quit. After doing some options trading and making money off of it, she made the decision to leave her job by the end of summer 2019.

In August of 2019, they closed on a 4-plex in San Diego. A year and a half later, Kristie and her husband have an impressive 24 doors! Kristie walks through the benefits and struggles of owning multifamily properties both in and out of state. She also talks about the different types of funding she used in order to get them under contract, including conventional loans, HELOCs (home equity lines of credit), and commercial loans.

Christie Lesage:I literally think I said I was going to quit my job August 27th or 28th before we even had a house under contract, it was in my mind. Ashley:My name is Ashley Kehr and I am here with my co-host, Tony Robinson. We just had to do a retake because I almost called him Tommy boy.

Tony, we have had a couple of rookie reply episodes out now, and I want to know how everyone is liking them.

You hit up Ashley, hit me up on Instagram or in the Rookie Real Estate group on Facebook, but now let us know what you guys think. We have Christie on, and she set her mind out knowing she just wanted to quit her W-2 job with really no plan in place. So what she did was she found real estate and figured out how that would work for her. Christie Lesage, welcome to the Real Estate Rookie. But before we get into all the meat and potatoes, just tell us a little bit about you. Christie Lesage:My story started a couple of years back, but it was definitely a slow burn.

Real estate was not the initial answer fast cash loan bad credit for me at all. I was in the 9:00 to 5:00 corporate world, working for Hilton with, I would call it a nice cushy sales job because hotel sales at least pre pandemic was pretty fun.

You were always entertaining clients and doing fun stuff, going out, eating and drinking. So definitely had a very, very nice corporate world job and was pretty happy with it. And it really, I guess started right when I went on this three-day backpacking trip with my girlfriends to Yosemite.

And I just remember having like the best time of my life, being out in the wilderness and really just taking it all in, having your phone off. And I just remember thinking, wow, this is more what life is all about. I think that really just opened my eyes on how I wanted to take my life more in my control and be able to go and do more things like that. And I remember coming home, and I think it was that exact night and talking to my husband. My father was more of a business owner and he had the 9:00 to 5:00 job, so I just had no, I guess, interest or guidance on that side.

And I was really struggling internally with that and was not mentally present at work.

And I just remember all those emotions from that Yosemite trip really just… I guess, came front and center again. And I remember being so angry when he was saying that to me, because I felt like I was doing okay. And we really, really wanted to at the time, or I did at least buy a nice house up on the Hill with the down payment, which we could have afforded at fast cash loan payday loans no faxing no credit check the time, the down payment, but we would have been tied to our W-2 jobs for 30 years indefinitely having that monthly payment. I did not want to work past the summer, let alone like the next 30 years. So we kind payday loans direct lenders no fees of went and he interviewed two realtors off the BiggerPockets. I think we should be able to figure this out if your parents have figured this out. So she was still very new and green and gave us all the attention, but we also figured out what 3k loan we needed at the time. And I remember we went into the brokerage or payday loans direct lenders no fees firm and sat down and kind of talked with her and her boss. And we were able to honestly make the numbers work.

And we got that under contract, July 2019, and we closed August 2019. I did push the lenders extremely hard to make sure we closed early because something I did not realize is, do not quit your W-2 job before you close on house, because I was about to make that terrible, terrible mistake of quitting prior to closing on the house.

So I held it out a couple more days and I came in the following Monday after we closed and gave them four days notice because I had four weeks of vacation already planned. Tony:And you knew that you guys could afford it, but that it was going to tie you down for the next 30 years.

Tony:We talk about this a lot about people being willing to sacrifice to kickstart their real estate investing career. You need to dramatically increase your income, but you also need to keep your expenses in check or reduce them.