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And then while working a desk job, I started working out in my garage and then invited some people over, friends started coming over and it started to becoming a thing, went from hobby to and friends to a little bit more and then a little bit more. And then before I knew it, there was 15 people in my garage and I was kind of dictating a workout all while working a desk job. I think our oldest son at that time was two, maybe three and then another one on the way. So I was working a full-time job, doing a 6:00 AM class, going to work, coming home, doing a 5:payday loans clarksville tn 15 at that time and then a 7:15 eventually and then it just kind of steamrolled. So once payday loans clarksville tn I knew those numbers, a lot of times in my life, once I know a number, I just keep going until that number is reached or surpassed. And so I hit that number and I told my wife, I actually stuck there. So we had a full schedule and we had our morning classes and afternoon class, and then our evening classes.

So after my two week vacation, I gave my two week notice. What was the goals for the test run and how did you actually carry that out? And I think it was to show that one, I can do it and fill those classes with people and that people can make it. So if people can make those classes, then there was no point in me to even really try to keep pursuing this. Because at that point in time, we were maybe eight months into this whole hobby thing. And so to make it like the dream a reality, I used to tell people all the time if you see it to believe it, believe it to achieve it.

And I was just kind of like in that process and for myself, just making sure that it was going to be something that not only I could see and believe, but I could achieve it and it was just kind of the nail that finished off that desk job and pushed me into doing this full time. And so everything was just payday loan direct all that mixture, perfect combination. I knew I enjoy doing it day in and day out for that. Carol:I love paydays loans that two weeks and I really want to give some major props to your wife and I love payday loans clarksville tn how you- Carol:But again, I think so many of our listeners can relate to this, right? Just how has the whole family dynamic worked with your business up until 2020?

They would come and get that mix of what she did and what we normally do. She got that certification maybe about a year and a half into us doing the gym.

So it sounds like for you, that was a big motivating factor and a big weight off your shoulders knowing that your wife and your family were supporting you as opposed to fighting back against you.

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I only got to see him sometimes in the morning and then sometimes at night.

And I know Carol is going to want to come back to that whole family prioritization thing. But before we get there, loans in san angelo tx I want to talk about, so you quit your job and now you are an entrepreneur. What did your marketing look like and how quickly and easily were you able to scale? A lot of people ask that, but I mean no advertising. We used to put like blurry pictures up, really horrible payday loans clarksville tn Instagram posts early on. But other than that, really no advertising, just all word of mouth which is really hard to believe in sometimes for myself especially. So I was pretty much born and raised here in Martinez. Our youngest son, Aiden has sensory processing disorder. He could walk into a room with a high ceiling and it freaks him out and no one knows why, we help them cope.

So we owe that school a whole lot more multiple payday loans than any type of money that we can give. And on top of that, I know this is kind of bringing in COVID, but we will help this year. The owner, Ryan there, he has been amazing through this last eight months and he every, like about once a month at the beginning, he ran about three days where he took all of the proceeds and donated it to a local downtown business. I love that and we talk often in entrepreneurship is understanding your why, why are you doing this? And it sounds like for you that why is one, your family, your son and just giving back to your community, which is great. Can you talk to us about that and how that kind of fits into your marketing and your brand and just you as a whole?

I just recorded something, I think early on we called it Motivated Monday and I sent it out and people liked it.

And then it turned into a what we called Wednesday Wisdom. From there you might get some from time to time, but yeah, and I think it helps a lot. So a lot of people early on when we started it, we would link it to our regular Facebook page where anyone can go and like it. We do have a private group for just our members, but this one goes out to anyone and everyone who cares to like our page and then listen to it.

That is I guess something people call it one of my faults. I think the most important thing about your weekly show is like you mentioned, it is really honest.

It sounds like people have become a much broader part of your community. What would you recommend to other small business owners, other entrepreneurs that they do, they go there, they put themselves out there, whether it be through a podcast or through social media or through some other forums.

Is that something that has been time well spent for you? So we went to little like a screenshot with a little box with verbiage in it. And so we made the black background, lime green box and then white lettering. And then we just put a little something of like inspiration inside there. And that seems to hit home a lot more than like a picture of someone doing a kettlebell swing or something like that.

So just little tweaks and things as you go along, but staying consistent with whatever it is. Before we get there, can you give us kind of an, just an overall view of where were you pre-COVID?

What was your trajectory leading up to obviously the changes that occurred because of COVID?

My goal since we were in our 486 square foot garage was a hundred members.

And again, I chase numbers and I try to attain numbers. So we were on track to maybe hit 125 this year, 125 members, maybe more. We were at that hundred, a little bit more than a hundred member mark and then bam, we were punched in the face, so to speak. Carol:So talk to us more about being punched in the face. So I want to say it was March 13th was our first shutdown. So if anyone wants to go on there and check them out, go ahead. And then a month passed and then more months passed. So March 13th, we stopped and then from there, the pivot started happening. Me and my wife sat down, we brainstormed, what do we do next? And he put out a post one day about this online service that he uses. And the online service itself is free to use and all that service is, is to host your workouts. But right now we have an online platform to where we record and post our videos. Go get your 30 minutes in, try to keep your routine. And then probably about March, April stayed closed. We have access to parks and other things like that. So we decided to hold one class in the morning, one class at night, and we have all the space available. So it kind of worked in our favor, the weather being nice. So everyone brought their dumbbell that we gave to them. I put them through the workout that they would otherwise just be doing at home, but they got to see people. They got to interact with others ez cash payday loans from a social distance, of course. At that time, I think they were citing and fining people that were breaking the rules. So in July, I believe we were here for a little bit and it was like a week. And then the next week they told gyms that they could be open indoors. We thought about pouring a slab of concrete in our backyard to then house like for the winter, we were going to put up like a small barn situation because our garage was getting a little bit too small.

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So the possibilities were endless, but the execution only landed on a few. I am just truly blown away by all of this, Ralphie. I mean, you told it so concisely about how you went from you were shutdown. You went to online, you went to parks, you went back to the garage, you went back to in-person, then you were shut down, pivot, pivot, pivot, pivot, pivot. But realistically, I would suspect that every single one of those was a lot of planning, a lot of figuring stuff out, a lot of grit and determination to keep going. I mean you are so … This is one of those many things I love about you are so real and vulnerable and honest. How did you even get yourself to pick up and start over and pivot and pivot and pivot, and what did you do? What have you done to get over that and keep pushing forward? Every time we thought we were going on, we had something going and then they made us pivot, that was like the biggest thing, right? And I think about them a lot, not only because we live in the house that they … The house that we live in has been in our home for since 1964.

Moving forward, I remember one time I was back squatting in our garage and I was going for a pretty, pretty heavy lift. So angry that I yelled on the way up, online installment loans for bad credit started crying when I racked it. And the emotion that came out was because of the effort that I was putting in.

And I can only hope that those are the types of things that he sees and then takes on with whatever he decides to do in his life.

Someone asked me one time exactly what you just asked me. And I think that lesson to your son right there same day loans online instant cash was probably the best possible lesson you could give. You payday today keep moving and you keep pivoting and you keep doing what you have to do. And so at some point hopefully in the next few months, COVID is going to go away. I assume your plan after that is to kind of go back on track, maybe not.