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Definitely see that as an opportunity, maybe in the latter part of 2021.

Do you ever think about where the economy is headed and recommend that people focus on certain types of franchises, or is it more of a franchise is a long-term play and the economic cycles are ultimately going to come and go and so you just play through it? So yeah, that definitely comes into play, what is discretionary? As far as how people think about things, where are those macro trends? The downside would be, you probably are paying a little bit more than you would from a greenfield, startup standpoint. I think there will be a lot of opportunity for more existing businesses. Now, there are different ways to categorize that, we have to look at, but ultimately, they would love to find another owner.

I stood a deal here in the Southeast with a client of mine that was a resale of a distressed fitness location, was a kickboxing-type studio, and they were able to get it webloan for probably the quarter on the dollar for the equipment on what went into it originally.

So I probably painted a little bit too rosy of a picture here today because I get really excited and by and large, you see successful franchise owners out there.

It was a large consulting firm coming out of college and ultimately, got into a role that was very IT related and coding, and I did not like it at all, but I learned very quickly how to play to my strengths and serve more on project management side, work with the IT individuals.

And so I helped position it and design a role for myself that was neat and that made sense. I try to subscribe to the theory, to who much is given, much is expected.

So think of like Patrick Lencioni, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, kind of a similar way. And so it picks up their story every five years along the way and how that plays out with their families, and really excited about getting that out the door. Our fourth and my favorite fun question for you, Jon is, what is something along pay day cash loans the way, so either in your work life or your home life, that you have splurged on, that was totally an entirely worth it? Last year we went to Costa Rica, we got in right before COVID, we were surfing and doing all sorts of scuba diving and such. So that was the four part of the four more, now for the more part of the four more, can you tell our listeners where they can find out more about you, where they can find out more about FranBridge Consulting, FranBridge Capital, how they can connect with you or anything else you want to let them know.

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We would love to speak with any of you that are interested in learning more about franchising, the different opportunities out there and what that looks like.

I cash avance love guaranteed bad credit personal loan talking about this topic and would love to help in any way. Thank you for sharing your expertise and your knowledge, and your experience, and we look forward to talking to you again soon. I know I always say, oh my goodness, but truly, how awesome was Jon in presenting franchising in such a clear way?

I especially loved how he really laid out a clear blueprint on how to begin cutting through all the overwhelm that can go along with exploring franchises.

And I love that he showed there are all these opportunities for us as real estate investors to look at franchise pay day cash loans opportunities that are adjacent to our existing businesses and adjacent to one another to do cross marketing, cross promotions, shared workforces and so on, just so much outstanding information all the way through.

And I especially love the quote he gave us towards the end of the show, businesses that do good, do well. J:Everybody, thank you for tuning in, have an amazing holiday, whichever holiday or any holiday that you celebrate, have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah. And we will talk to you payday loans online same day again next week here on the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. Negotiation is all around us, whether we see it or not. Esquire, host of the Negotiate Everything podcast and author of Finding Confidence in Conflict. Most people think you have to be a lawyer to be an expert negotiator.

Since we are constantly negotiating every day, we have the ability to level up our skills to become experts in debating and negotiating. It means giving you AND the opponent the ability to walk away from the situation with a win. As real estate investors, this is especially cash advance jackson mi key to our line of business. But how can we suggest an outcome that makes the negotiating partner feel good and presents us with future opportunities? Kwame:The number one thing that people need to recognize when it comes to negotiation is that negotiation is apply for personal loans everywhere. Speaker 4:Welcome to a real world MBA from the School of Hard Knocks where entrepreneurs reveal what it really takes to make it. I am J Scott, your co-host for the BiggerPockets pay day cash loans Business Podcast and sitting in front of me on the screen is my lovely wife and co-host, Miss Carol Scott.

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Carol:Doing really well, but I got to tell you, I am not quite sure what has happened with the boys these past several weeks, right? Everybody out there, wish me luck with the three boys in my house.

He is the director of the American Negotiation Institute. We talk about negotiating with people that are close to you, negotiating through intermediaries. We talk about negotiation in business and real estate. We even get into a little bit of relationship counseling in this episode because when it comes to relationships, much of it is about negotiation. If you want to learn more about what we talk about in this episode, including a whole bunch of free stuff that Kwame gives away on his website, make sure you check out our show notes at biggerpockets. Carol:Kwame welcome to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. We talk about negotiation all the time, and now we have the expert in pay day cash loans negotiation here with us. You have the number one negotiation podcast in the country.

I guess I started introducing you there, but I would love to hear just your back story.

How did negotiation become a major facet of your professional life, and I assume your personal life as well? My undergrad degree is in psychology and this really informs my approach to negotiation effectively. I enjoy the strategy, I love the game about it and creating relationships, but even more than that, I love teaching people. For me, my belief is that the best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations. What I want to do is try to make those difficult conversations easier for everybody. Talking about those conversations, making them easier, just full-on tactical ways to do that, we think when you take a step back, negotiation really is the sum of maybe thousands of different skills and tactics, but there are plenty of people within our community who might just be getting to starting working on their negotiation skills. What would you say cash time loans Kwame is the one single most important thing that we need to know to become a better negotiator? The number one thing that people need to recognize when it comes to negotiation is that negotiation is everywhere. You just have to put yourself in the mindset that everything is a negotiation. Kwame:Absolutely, and I remember I was listening to one of your episodes before. I think it was on the flagship BiggerPockets episode, and Carol one of the things you mentioned was that the simplest thing you can do to practice your negotiation is to just practice listening, not talking in a conversation.

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I remember I have a 5-year-old and around the holidays, my son was acting up a bit in school. I want to make it abundantly clear this was not easy, not easy at all to do. Now if you think about that conversation, if I would have started off more combative, if I would have started off defensively, that conversation would not have gone very well, but I pay day cash loans went through that painful process of listening for the moment because it was effective in the moment, but also thinking long term this is a practice opportunity.

I do want to go back to one thing because you had an amazing nugget in there that you glossed over, but I think is super important. What was your reason for taking the time and reiterating back to her what you thought she was saying? What you do is you summarize what the person says, and you do it by saying this.

I think about it in terms of a game, where the other side is the referee. People feel like they are in control when they have the opportunity to correct you. Carol:I love that, I love that and I also want to make sure we touch upon even more, and I keep coming back to these different strategies. Can you speak some more to that and specifically, how we can adjust our mindsets to realize that negotiation is not a you versus me? Number three and most importantly, how can I strengthen the relationship through the process? I want to think about all three of these pillars of negotiation as I enter the dialogue.

Yeah, I could bully her using attorney and negotiation skills, and get what I want. Even though I won in that short term, I lost in the long term. Your reputation, payday loans online with bad credit your credibility, those two things are two of the most persuasive things that are out there. You think about somebody with micro loan a great reputation, they say something. Somebody with a bad reputation, they say the payday loans in calgary exact same thing, the exact same way. In that relationship building, in that positioning ourselves for success in the future, in keeping the dialogue open, it sounds like a lot of preparation is just pay day cash loans absolutely critical to the whole process. If your listeners go to Americannegotiationinstitute. They analyzed over 200 negotiations in a laboratory setting. They had one group that just went into the negotiation, and they measured those outcomes.