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I have my own solo practice and my income dropped also but not as significantly as his and has now improved this third quarter.

We made the error of paying mortgage instead of propety taxes when IndyMac told us in Jan.

IndyMac stepped in and paid them and then raised our mortgage from 2200 to almost 3500 to cover those and create an escrow account for future taxes. At that point we were going to be unable to keep up.

More than three months after faxing in our documents, on Sept.

When we called, the only hint at possible reasons was that the person said that from our income we appeared to be able no credit cash loans to make payments and should not have stopped. Dunno, here, just taking a stab at what their thinking might have been because the woman on the phone would reveal no more and simply kept saying the decision is final so there is no need to ask her any questions. On the other hand, at one point, when we had been checking in and there was still no info on our mod request, one person stated that the investor had to ok the mod in any case and who knows when they might or might not do that. NACA is helping us now to try to delay the auction date of Dec. Now I realize that our equity in our home, our lack of other debt (because we have nothing else! Pretty discouraged and sick about losing the only retirement we have. Auction would mean we will see very little if anything. But in any case, this next month is another fight of my life. Thanks, AMA125 for being engaged here, working on this yourself, sharing your info, and listening to me tonight. Tomorrow I am back to crunching numbers and trying to figure out why quicken did not get all my bank downloads into its reports I created! So I can be ready for my next phone call with NACA on Monday. I wish I could do more and tell everyone what the secret is to getting a modification, but I only know from my own experiences and others and from reading online whatever I can find. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when this all started back in April for me. As for your situation, you are in a tough spot for sure.

Having equity AND Deutsche as the investor is going to prove one serious battle for you. I would love to know how many IndyMac clients have Deutsche as the investor... I think you are going to need to do some legal investigative work (find an attorney) and try to see what legal angles might benefit you. See if you can uncover any fraud in the original mortgage paperwork or shoddy transfer of title. I would also start no credit cash loans writing the state AG, congress, and anyone else of authority. NACA should be able to assist on postponing the sale date.

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You can use the system to try and stall things to put together your plan b and start figuring out the details regarding your loan. I wish I had more solid, fool-proof advise to tell you. Anything else is just wild guessing, because we neither know the details of the confidential HAMP NPV nor the in-house NPVs because every lender uses a different one.

To lead one to believe an in house mod is somehow easier to obtain?

Because budgetcutsinoc his taped conversation he has posted on the chase thread the girl specifically said when he asked her for the differences between in house mods and hamp she said only your income and expenses......... To lead one to believe an in house mod is somehow easier to obtain? If the NPV is positive it simply means that the servicer is likely to lose less money by doing a modification. HAMP participants are then required to continue with the process to determine if the canidate meets all HAMP requirements in which case they must offer a modification.

If the NPV is negative, meaning the servicer would lose less money by foreclosure no credit cash loans they can still do a HAMP modification but it is at their discretion. This means they can refuse all modifications or approve any or all. Most Non HAMP participants are using the HAMP guidelines but you never know. Also, it is my understanding that all INDYmac loans are not negotiated by no credit check loans 5000 the FDIC who put them in receivership. Get an attorney and have them order a forensic audit.

In addition, request via certified letter a copy of the original note and cc the letter to the trustee conducting the sale. It really doesnt matter if you fit the guidelines perfectly if they make a mistake in the BPO we get denied. I just found out my BOP came back trippled and the NPV spit me out. All homes selling right now are going to short sales or foreclosure homes, no bank will lend online instant loans same day buyers more than what the property is truly worth. It always seemed absurd to me to have a RE person attempting what is tantimont to an appraisal. There are many items that go into a legitimate appraisal and it requires significant research and education.

As far as being tied to a BPO there is nothing in the guidelines indicating such. This value is to determine the NPV test (essentially a determination to evaluate the difference in value between foreclosing and modification). I would suggest if this is their tact, that you offer to pay to have a legitimate appraisal done. Since 2007, the LoanSafe forums have helped millions of need money to pay bills homeowners over cash advance louisville ky the last 13 years either save their homes with a loan modification, obtain a short sale, forbearance, or walk away legally from their underwater mortgages.

I have made my 3rd payment with wells and after reading this board I may have to many assets. Now that my credit is being ruined what is my best option. Thanks in advance The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet.

You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the pay day online opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. I originally sent in paperwork for the MHA modification in December 09 and confirmed receipt from AHMSI.

I redid the paperwork and sent it in by certified mail this time. I just recently received a foreclosure notice that was filed but there is no sale date.

What should be the turn around time for AHMSI to get back to me for approval or the trial payment period? This link references that these are the steps a counselor should take, but Fannie verified that the phone number to them is for consumers also. I emailed them on March 1, 2010 and confirmed with them on March 3 that they had received my complaint and it was in line for someone to call me about the problem. I have signed and they have signed final mod but now there are 2 issues and MBS trust and do I pay 2nd trial. Also believe it or not someone put in my notes installments loans that I said I did not want to continue on program, How crazy is that I waasted a year of my life dealing with these fools. What kind of recourse is there for us borrowers when in the HAMP guidelines it states that these modifications should be done in a timely manner as well as the guidelines under Consumer Protection Servicers should have procedures and systems in place to be able to respond to inquiries and complaints relating to loan modifications. Servicers should ensure that such inquiries and complaints are provided fair consideration, and timely and appropriate responses and resolution. I was doing fine until My brother and sister lost their jobs and are now living with me. I am currently supporting a Family of 10 (6 adults and 4 children) 2 are payday loans today mine MY monthly expenses have increases significantly. I am with wellsfargo and after reading all the post I am not sure if I should attempt to call them. My credit is excellent at this time but i Dont how long it will last. In March of 2009 we started our HAMP process (CHASE) with the help of a mortgage company.

In November of 2009 I decided to call CHASE my self and see what was going on. In May 2010 an appraiser for Chase came out to look at our house. We are in the process of adding to no credit cash loans our living room so in his note he wrote house is under construction. Eventhough all payday loans in wichita ks our paperwork has that address on it!! She sent a couple of emails to the underwriter and he agreed to send another appraiser back out. I called 4 weeks later and got an amazingly rude rep that told me We were denied and that no, another appraiser was not going out there, and there were no notes about any of it!! I called back very upset and got the 1st tier of reps. A very nice lady told me she could see all the notes and read them back to me. She put in additional notes and sent me to emminant default dept. The rep there said I was in the wrong dept and I was denied a loan mod anyway he tried to transfer me to loss mitigation but quick loans same day instead cut me off. My question is this: Do you have to be past due to get any help? Hi there ,we started talking to BOA regarding MHA 2009, Mr Presidents program (make your payment stay current we will help you stay in your home) sure you are. I was talking to people at the BOA center every week, every time they ask for more papers,week later they lost the paperwork send again and again and again 7 times, finally 1. To this day still nothing has transpired: they claim that lost my paperwork they are very busy that they need more papers and more papers and they even claimed in 120 days they will let us know if we qualified for anything. Here is another example why your policy Make Homes Affordable for the People have failed in regards to the population who are trying to make their payments to stay in their homes. You, your Vice President, and your Press Secretary, all preach this program every time you are on the television.

President you gave Billions of dollars to the hands of the very people that got us into this mess! President has led to BOA telling us that since we are still able to keep our payments current, we are to move to the back of the line so they can concentrate on those already in default. We actually put a down-payment down, our life savings, and we lost it and half of our home value as well. I have had a forced retirement due to the conditions of the Real Estate market with a minimum fixed rental income.