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He is more in the market of getting people in rough spots in life into their first home or helping them reverse engineer there goals and then helping them achieve them. Like anyone looking for a mentor, its important for a noobie to find someone you have common interests with and has a vision that you can support. Kris would be a great mentor for me, because we have common values and interests, but he may not be a lenders for bad credit good fit for others. Long story short you have to know where you are going before you ask someone else for directions. Sure, you can find a lot of what you need here on BP. However, if you have limited experience, how do you even know what questions to ask to have someone here on BP answer them? If you do ask a good question, you get multiple replies. However, that then leads to another question and another question and another question. How long will it take you to piece together the information you need to be successful? Pick up an algebra or quantum physics book if you know nothing about algebra or quantum physics and let me know how long it takes you to figure out algebra or quatum physics on your own. Their years of experience will save you time, trouble and money in the long run.

And yes, they get paid to shave years off your learning curve. Some have given us a bad name by charging outrageous fees, making outrageous claims and then providing didily squat information.

Just check around like you are here on BP to find the good ones. First question to always ask is WHY is he trying to help you?

Do you really think he is just doing this out of the goodness of his heart? I thought he makes good money doing the stuff he is teaching you? He does not need another source of income, especially not one that might negatively affect his supposed source of wealth.

If you truly believe he is trying to help, then what is his track record of helping? The rare type of person who likes to help others so much will have a track record of doing so. I have a TRACK RECORD of doing good lenders for bad credit an helping other. If you want real advice, stop spending money on these no-name folks like Tai Lopez (did you know of him before his lambo vid?

Look for people who are KNOWN for DOING what they are teaching you. Look for major REAL COMPANIES that are KNOWN (which shows the founders KNOW what they are doing) and learn about the people behind the companies. How did Twitter, Instagram and many other companies get started? So doing this stuff is VERY ineffective and a bad use of time UNLESS you are like me no credit check loans guaranteed approval and helping others is a life purpose for you. Also check their social media, if all you see is them promoting their guru programs, then you know THAT is all they are. If all they talk about is this stuff, then you know they not doing anything else.

There is a new green modular company out of hemet, ca. S2A Modular secured and unsecured loans Went thru their presentation yesterday. Just wanted to see if anyone else has looked into them.

That does not include any site work, foundations, utilities, and so forth. Additional cost for a "net-zero" home let alone a "net-positive" home as the owner professes would justify the increased cost. If net zero, deduct the monthly cost of electricity from the expense to operate this house.

If the house supplies energy to the grid you have to deduct the cost of electric PLUS the additional revenue to the expense to operate the home. I believe this company will have their supply chain in place before other manufacturers have completed their designs. Also, if they partner with Tesla, Google, Amazon, the next modular manufacturer will have to provide greater benefit then their incumbent partner. By networking, material costs should decrease from increased supply thus driving cost to manufacture down. I tried to do it to my modular home that I built for myself in Alexandria, VA.

However, no modular company (called over 30) was willing to go the extra mile to do it. A few of the companies had even competed in the solar decathlon but it was a one-off for them. I believe this is great for an individual homeowner who is looking to keep and live in.

I guess it does state luxury homes so they might be able to price it high enough. I wish more modular companies on the East coast start to follow this trend because they are falling behind. From there solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall can be installed. I am doing this for a client near Baltimore who is building a 12,000 SF house out of SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels), installing solar panels, Tesla Powerall, and many more sustainable features to make it net-zero. My biggest point is that it works for an individual homeowner or a big development. A duplex or small multifamily will depend on the site cost and land purchase to see if it online payday loans california is feasible. For me its seeing the potential impact this would have for developers payday loan direct lenders no credit check on many levels ( they build custom homes and installment loan no credit check apts and hotels). I always "check myself, before I wreck myself" if it seems too good to be true.

Im booking a flight to hemet, ca to check them out. It will not be feasible for me on the East Coast but at least I can pressure the modular company I work with to look at them for inspiration. I tried for a year to have multiple modular companies install cellulose insulation.

I even had an installer willing to go to the factory to show them how it was done and was willing to provide documentation that the cellulose will not settle during transportation.

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I noticed SA2 also had the typical fiberglass insulation.

I too am on the East coast but looking to build a community of modular homes. The designs of S2a Modular are quick loan bad credit same day modern and attractive. If you review their website they are planning on multiple hubs throughout the US. I still have family out in bay area and was planning to make a trip out to check lenders for bad credit their factory some time soon, too. Do we have any references on what you think would be appropriate pricing?

I just started doing my own due diligence on them because I am interested in investing in the company. They are estimating the factories will be built by the end of the year and start running in 2021.

I just talked to S2A about investing, and it sounds very promising but since they are just breaking ground for their new factory it would be good to know how solid they are looking into the future. They will be holding a few of them for the next few weeks. I see a need for good green technology at an affordable price. There business model looks like their forecasts are attainable based on booked business YTD. I would suggest scheduling a call after the webinar as the offering summary, PPM and addendum provide a lot of info to further aid in due diligence. It is very informative and all designs are concept designs. I heard nothing of opening up factories on our side of the country. Know that you type your questions as the webinar is occurring. There are many companies out there offering similar solutions and ideas. I payday now almost invested in a near identical scenario in Orlando a few years back. I listened to this particular webinar and it was a deja-vu experience, it was surreal. The company I evaluated in orlando claimed to be able to build "ecco homes" using pre-fabricated pieces with solar panels.

They actually had a production line set up and I visited it. The company that I was seriously considering folded within a few months and there lenders for bad credit were accusations of nepotism, embezzlement, usurping of projects...

Needless to say the house of cards collapsed and not a single house was built. The tech guy knows his stuff but does the webinar from a bedroom with the bed right behind him. I get it that we are in a Covid induced environment and we are all working from home.... We are a group of people looking to build a sustainable modular community in Northern Florida. Do you work with or know of any reputable modular factories in your area?

The problem there was with the leadership and their insatiable appetite for easy funding. There is a community somewhere close to Sarasota that is powered by solar panels. I forgot the name but it you search with the right keywords I am sure you will find them.

Im glad you are open minded enough not to kabash the whole thing.

BTW, would you have invested in Microsoft, Dish Network, or Apple if you had seen where they started? I know the odds are not in their favor but lets see where it leads before we invest a dime. We had a pipe bust and we turned off the water at the main so that we could prevent further water damage and to repair the broken pipe. It is impossible for us to glue on the new pipe with the water spraying out.

Is this a problem with our main that should be addressed with the water company? Sounds like cpvc pipe , or pvc , grab a ball valve , leave it open , glue it on the pressure side , let glue ry for 5 minutes , then close the valve.

If just the water meter valves, call the water company and have them shut off the street valve. In the north this valve is usually underground and requires a handle to reach it. If turning off the street valve shuts the water off, replace both valves lenders for bad credit on the water met When you say the "main" I assume you mean a valve at the structure, not the valve in the city meter box?

If so, there must be more than one valve for the structure, shut it off at the meter. With a duplex the water might be feeding from the other side as well.

You probably need to make sure they are off outside at the curb stop or meter. Shark bite Most old homes just have 1 shutoff where the water line enters the house and none around the water meter. If this is the case, you need to call the water department, have them shut the water off at the street for 10 minutes lenders for bad credit while you replace the old valve with a new ball valve. It is not separately metered, and is technically one house. We have so much water pressure comng from it when the water is on that it literally two- three gallons a minute at least.

Took a shower and it was very low pressure and nothing but hot water. Im assuming that the pipe was cracked due to the immense pressure of water coming through. It sounds like the curb stop is damaged and needs to be replaced by the city. I would be on the phone with them and talk to a supervisor and get it fixed today. While it is off, I would replace both valves at the water meter with new ball valves. The city acted like they would get to it when they could loans in las vegas and I had to make several phone calls to get it done sooner. I am assuming the house is in Indiana and as such the temperatures dropped substantially below freezing. Saturday and Sunday we have gotten a thaw in Illinois and I assume Indiana. What happen is the pipe probably froze, cracked but did not leak because it was frozen.