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The climate and the recent developments has forced lot of people to migrate to Bangalore. Bangalore is major IT hub ,People come from rest of country to work here who requires properties like flat and apartments to live in. In Bangalore ,investing in property is also good decisions for getting good return. Bangalore is quite popular among real estate investors these days. Many popular companies are now opening their offices here so commercial properties have a higher demand here.... Bangalore is fully converting into technology based industrial City. People come here from different cities to make their carrier. Students come to study and doing different courses. There are lots of development projects are under process. Due to these reason I believe that investing in properties of Bangalore would be safe and secure investment. While India has for many years been the darling of the worldwide economy, pushing further and further ahead, demanding more and more natural resources and attracting enormous overseas interest, the last couple of years have not been easy.

The one thing which is becoming more obvious is the fact that commercial property across India is becoming more sought after by overseas investors and especially Bangalore. This is an area of India which has for many years now attracted significant investment in local infrastructure, commercial property and this has expanded across the region. Why are overseas investors now showing interest in commercial property in Bangalore? First of all it is worth noting that the relative slowdown in economic growth across India is hitting all areas of the country. Indeed Bangalore is not immune from this slowdown and in fact it is starting to benefit the commercial property market which is going through something of a transitional period.

As you would expect, at the first sign of a slowdown in economic growth many property developers began to mothball future investment plans although this still left a significant amount of office space in the pipeline. Because the land and population ration is not equal in India and Government want to save their land and natural resources for the country citizens. We have an array of overseas private equity groups ploughing hundreds of millions of dollars into commercial property across India with the likes of Blackstone and the Qatar sovereign wealth fund just two of the well-known names now targeting the region. As a number of property developers were forced to mothball or cancel new developments just a couple of years ago, there is a lack of quality commercial property available to overseas investors. This lack of stock and an increase in overseas demand is starting to firm up prices and many experts believe this will be the trend for the foreseeable future.

There is even evidence that rents are now starting to push ahead after a difficult period for commercial property landlords.

While it has been a difficult couple of years for the Indian economy with a significant reduction in economic growth, there is still growing demand from large western conglomerates looking to break into the Indian market.

We have IT giants, leading supermarket companies and an array of other business heavyweights looking for commercial property and where demand for commercial property emerges, heavyweight property investment companies will follow.

On the other hand, the Indian real estate market might look tedious with irrespective schemes but Bangalore city is hoping to embrace 100,000 more IT man power yearly.

Today Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, ORR and Old Madras Road are the most lucrative residential destinations for property buyers. There are multiple reasons to East Bangalore that makes it as the most internet personal loans sought after locality for property buyers.

Many IT professionals are looking towards East Bangalore to be close to their work places. Even though it is a major micro market, Bangalore is offering many residential apartments at affordable prices and catching the eye of property buyers. Most of the IT professionals are finding an apartment within their budget with lower unit sizes. In Bangalore all localities have witnessed an exponential growth in the infrastructure aspect and internet personal loans it offers good connectivity to prime localities in the city. The signal free ORR stretch from Silk Board to Hebbal linking Electronic city to Whitefield is one of the major attractions of East payday direct lenders only Bangalore. The property owners who are living in East Zone localities are experiencing a benefit of many flyovers, extensions and under passes. The elevated expressway and Electronic city Flyover cuts travel time and offers facility to move state boundary of the city from city centre within a minute drive. A rapid development in social and physical infrastructure has created an attractive portion for East Bangalore. Eastern part of the city houses reputed hospitals, large shopping Malls, Five star hotels and restaurants, Entertainment parks, educational institutions, component schools and many others. Being as an IT destination, the residential properties in east Bangalore is offering an attractive appreciation value, especially on Old Madras Road. Because of its superb connectivity through elevated expressways, well developed designed social and physical infrastructure and proximity to IT parks, the area is ensuring a maximum rental return from a large number of working professionals. Countries such as India, with a massive population, should prove very lucrative for long-term property investors.

It is not only the ever-increasing population of India but the fact that wealth is now starting to trickle its way down the population ladder (albeit slower than many of us had hoped).

Bangalore is just one of a number of mainstream property markets in India which seem to be well positioned for the future. There are many big towns which will better option for investment such as Delhi-Ncr, Pune,Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc. If you have good budget, then Mumbai will be personal unsecured loans for bad credit a best luxury location for investment. Mumbai is known as the city with the highest standard of living. Investments made in residential projects in Mumbai can yield big returns. Surely the Indian authorities will need to expertly micromanage the economy and the property market to avoid overheating if growth continues at current rates? One internet personal loans trend investors need to find and notice is that local realty buzz in the market, when micro credit internet personal loans payday loan too much of pushing activity is on rise, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Neither go for the proven cities and markets, which gives a minimum guarantee of return. If somebody is not in experiment mode, then Mumbai is always there to give back your investment worth. I would suggest looking at some of the up-and-coming cities of India where populations are growing, employment is high and there is a internet personal loans growing level of disposable income. The safest option would be to stick with the well-known cities which are doing well at the moment but for those a little more ambitious, is it time to look towards up-and-coming city? Many big cities are there in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore secured loan bad credit etc. But I hope Bangalore is the best place for investment in real estate. Top localities in Bangalore : Are there any smaller towns which offer good solid long-term growth potential for the future? Every time I look at the Indian property market everything seems to focus on the major cities which continue to expand.

However, the fact they are the centre of the employment markets does support this power and influence. From what I read the vast majority of activity in the Indian real estate market centres around just a handful of major cities. I expect it will spread out to the outer areas at some point but not really any signs as yet? In turn, an inertia effect occurs internet personal loans where Companies have to stay in Mumbai because that is where the talent is and individuals have to come to Mumbai for the best jobs in their field. Simply put, India is growing faster than any other major economy and Mumbai is its commercial capital. For the long term, I think buying commercial property in Mumbai whether it be Office space or Retail space is an obvious decision. India has a massive and growing population and as the wealth continues to expand outwards from the major cities I think there will be huge opportunities.

What are the main downsides of investing in the Indian property market?

The authorities seem to have addressed some of the money laundering issues over the last couple of years. Stamp duty in residential properties in Mumbai is 5 per cent of the total cost of the property. The final amount is calculated on the basis of the agreement value, or the ready reckoner rates decided by the state government, whichever is higher. The ready reckoner rates are revised every year during the first week of January. As for the registration value, ready reckoner rate is 1 per cent of the value of the property, but no more than Rs 30,000. Almost 5 percent of total property cost makes the stamp duty value for residential properties in Mumbai. As cash loans in md far as complete payable amount is concerned, it could be based on mutually decided cost or may decided by ready reckoner rates. But there is a cap of Rs 30,000 on the registration amount because sometimes, the ready reckoner rates can be very high depending upon the location, size, floor, lift availability, age of the building, among other factors. Payable or finalamount to pay can be decided by mutual consent or may depend upon ready reckoner rates. It is calculated on the basis on value of property shown on paper by the property owner or value of property assesed by the Govt, whichever is higher. It is calculated on the basis on value of property shown on paper by the property owner or value of property assesed by the Govt, whichever is higher.

Thane is the best place for long term investment and mumbai is the internet personal loans best place to invest and enjoy the living now with quality way of living It also depends on your budget. If you can invest more money then definitely go for Mumbai as Mumbai is a bit on the expensive side as compared to Thane.

Thane on the other hand is developing rapidly and the prices too are moving upwards rapidly. Both Mumbai and Thane are good places to buy residential flat. It depends on your budget which is suitable property for you. As per my knowledge I will advise Mumbai city rather than Thane, because many business developments are going to surround Mumbai. Property rate is very high in Mumbai city as compared to Thane. But now in Thane also their are various affordable upcoming luxurious property, which can be taken into consideration from long term investment point of view. From the infrastructure and to the living standard of people is completely different. Even though there are big big projects under construction and some may have completed, but then to it will take long time to make Thane some what like Mumbai. If money is not an issue, Mumbai is any day a better place to live than Thane.

Infrastructure in terms of Electricity, Water, Transport, Offices, Entertainment etc are much better and convenient in Mumbai.

Better to choose depending on the budget and your interest.