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Please bad credit loans online lenders Read our Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer Thank you, Cat! The Exec Team rep tried to instant message my CRM but also got a message that the CRM is unavailable. He got in touch with her, and she said she will call me within the hour to explain this. Ok, as I pretty much expected, so the CRM DID NOT call me by 12:00 PM or respond to my emails as the Exec Team said she would. So I called the Exec Team again (this is a very handy number to have).

However, while they are very nice, the Exec Team just transfers me to another Rep in the OOP where my CRM is supposed to be, and this new OOP rep cannot answer my questions because he needs my CRM to answer them, and all they can do is IM her if she is available, but she 100 payday loan is almost always unavailable. At the same time, I sent another email to the CRM underscoring her lack of communication and the urgency of this issue, and while I was on the phone with the Exec team, the CRM finally! I answered and she explained that she only deals with where can i get a personal loan my primary mortgage and not my HELOC and that I need to call the HELOC Customer Service.

Thus it appears she was just blowing off and not responding to my concern because it was not in her department.

By now I am completely frazzled because instant money loans this issue has taken up nearly 2 days, and now I have to explain to my BofA CRM that whenever I call BofA, regardless of the department or customer service number I use, I instant money loans ALWAYS get automatically routed directly back to her voice mail stating she is unavailable instead of getting another CSR affordable personal loans because the phone system is apparently set up this way on purpose.

Therefore, I needed to make up the difference from the smaller amount I had already paid earlier in instant money loans the month, which I was finally able to do on the phone, so the full payment was on time. She said this will get you a live Customer Service rep on the phone.

I had thought that you were in touch with that office previously.

The comments by me and the materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Most of the information you find here is easily available on the internet. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. The CAAG attorney stated that we should have the answers by no later than 4 weeks after their request was received, so no later than the end of May. She is the one who told me that while the investor, Wells Fargo, was not previously doing these modifications, that Wells Fargo is now doing these modifications. During our initial conversation, she said she will get back to me on this. I will definitely use the numbers you have provided and notify the attorney with the CAAG I am working with if these communication problems continue. If I did not have this feedback from the forum, I would have little idea of what I should do about this mess. So I spent all day at the NACA event being routed through most of the areas there. I have to say that the NACA event is extremely well-organized process and their representatives are very nice, patient, and knowledgeable. As usual, my experience came down to issues with the Servicer. Once the NACA reps first determined if I was in the NACA system, they then next they routed me to the Quality Control desk where my budget was updated (they still had not updated the student loan payment from my previous request and documentation I had faxed in with the original NACA application. I have to wonder how that may have affected the way my NACA budget was reviewed by BofA??? She stated that my NACA modification application is in review in the Appeals process with BofA, and she stated for that reason, there was nothing that NACA could do for me today at the event since payday loans no checks my NACA file stated that the investor had declined the modification and that I had requested a Review. I told her I already knew the status of my application being in review, but I stated that what I did not know is what is the specific reason the investor had declined the NACA modification? And then I was once again BROUGHT INTO THE STRANGE NON-LOGIC WORLD OF BofA when the rep next told me it actually states in my BofA file she was viewing directly on her computer that BofA, under their contract with Wells Fargo for my loan, DOES in fact have the contractual authority to modify my loan by extending it to 40 years and greatly lowering the interest rate!!!????

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She then said that therefore BofA had determined for me that, even if BofA extends the current loan to 40 years and lowers the interest rate, they believe the loan would not would work for me, so her exact words were I was absolutely stunned. And I began to think for a moment that perhaps BofA was making this patriarchal-sounding decision for me because I am a single woman????!!! And doing so in spite of the fact that I have a Ph.

I said, WELL, WHO is BofA TO DECIDE WHAT EXACTLY IS IN MY BEST INTEREST?!!! I have owned my home for 25 years, and I make very good money and can pay for a reasonable modification.

I said my house is underwater by HALF ITS LOAN VALUE!! However, it states earlier in my NACA file that BofA states the investor declined. I further asked then if BofA was deciding instant money loans this, then why was BofA also not considering a principal reduction, which is in fact what is needed to make a modification work on this underwater loan? It truly appears regardless of what they stated on the last NACA application that the investor declined that as this rep stated, BofA may not have even sent it to the investor, just as they have always done before when the application always gets stopped with BofA just stating they lack the contractual authority to modify.

Since I noted that Wells Fargo, my investor, had a section at the NACA event, I asked the rep could I speak directly to Wells Fargo as the investor. She said she was not sure they would talk to me but that she would find out.

Later, I found out from the NACA Advocate rep that it was only Wells Fargo as the Servicer who was attending there and not Wells Fargo as the investor. The rep then stated that there was nothing further they could do at this NACA event because my application is in Review, and then she routed me to the NACA Advocacy area. I asked him how can I contact my investor directly to find out exactly why they declined, if in fact they did? He did some research with BofA and got me a number and email to make contact directly with Wells Fargo to see what I can find out about my investor situation. He told me to give this information to the CA AG attorney I am working with, too. I told the NACA Advocate that since I have the income, and the loan is so underwater, if BofA did a principal reduction and a modification this would definitely work, and he told me I should work with Keep Your Home California to get a principal reduction.

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I said I have worked with them twice through HUD, but they always told me BofA makes the final decision on this. The Advocate also told me that the banks only had to make a certain quota of modifications, which, for the most part, he said they have already done and for this reason they are not making many anymore. I have been brutalized by the financial crisis, the state and federal budget crisis in education that led to a period of under-and unemployment, in spite of my high-level of education, a predatory home loan, toward which went all my savings, quick loans bad credit same day for which all of this my health was severely affected for over two years, sending me spinning into a health crisis, from which I still managed to recover, while still also managing to find and work one full-time and two part-time jobs. I have applied for these modifications over and over again for the past 3 years only to be held hostage by a labyrinthine process that lacks transparency and is mired in confusing, contradictory, non-sensical procedures and processes through which I have been subjected to misinformation, contradictory information, or even at times downright untruthful information.... The advocate then routed me to the KYHC Hardest Hit area where, after waiting 2 more hours, I worked with another NACA rep who tried to access my KYHC file, but it would not let her in because I already had worked with them. She had me call KYHC right there, and the KYHC rep told me that both the times I had worked with them that, unbeknownst to me, KYHC actually HAD offered BofA funding for a principal reduction on my loan and that both times BofA had not accepted it!!!!???? Since it was nearly closing time, and too late to begin the whole process again and return to wait another 2 hours to speak with BofA again, finally, feeling exhausted, confused, and more than slightly defeated, if even for this day alone, I left the event with a bit more knowledge than I had started with,but feeling much like Alice down the rabbit hole.