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I think once you have that mindset in place, it comes easier. Ashley:I heard Brandon Turner say this the other day. We were both on this Zoom call together, and I was talking about how making it pay weekly loans online an opportunity for a partner, and stuff like that. But, I just need to tell you guys that when you are approaching someone, say this. They want to just be direct, get it over with, just ask i need money fast them the question. So I think your point about reading the situation and understanding who needs space is a good one, too. That would be something else I would recommend to Megan, is to look at the commercial side of lending and see if she would be able to get a loan that way.

My payments are still low, I just have to be ready for that refinance in five years. So what kind of financing would work in that scenario? Tony:We just gave her a lot of good stuff to chew on, so hopefully she can take it from there. Look at what your goal is, what your plan is, and work back from there and see what strategy is going to fit into your life, not the other way around, and then take action. Start going after it, start calling lenders, make a list of potential partners. We should spend some time to talk about that, at one point. If we like them and we know how to answer them, we will play them on the Saturday episodes. PropStream is a must have if you want to invest in real estate. They provide nationwide data, both public record and MLS data, and their application is updated daily.

You can use PropStream to research any property across the US or use their insane amount of filters to build your own lists of motivated sellers that meet your exact investment criteria. So, you find a property, find the owner, and utilize their marketing tools to make contact and close the deal. They also have an awesome mobile app if you want to drive for dollars or run COMPS effectively on-the-go. They offer a 7-day free trial to get started, so check them out atwww. Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... I got renewal quotes on 2 of my investment properties in Tampa this week. My tenant (Seminole Heights) was using Lawnstarter to get bi-weekly lawn cuts, but he thinks it is pricey and asked me to look into it for him. Does anyone have any recommendations on a local landscaping company that... Would appreciate any recommendations for property management (or who to stay away from). Before I proceed with my blog I want to make 2 statements:1) I am politically neutral.

I recently bought a duplex with one inherited tenant with a lease through May 31 and the other side vacant. Here are some of the comments from people who toured the property during the open house or called me from... And the numbers people (eh hem, Brandon) are not realistic IMHO.

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Should I get a job, join the service and use VA benefits to... I am looking to purchase my first rental property in the St.

I was curious how everyone estimates their home insurance costs? Does anybody have any recommendations (or who to avoid) for property management? CA based agent looking at an investment opportunity in St.

Looking to see what the locals think of zip code 33710. Also what overall appreciation generally looks like in the area.

BackgroundA little over a year ago, I was working in the entertainment industry in LA... Since I will be fixing up the home for a few months, I am getting the quote as a 2nd Home.

Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... Aloha, Soo much great content and professionalism here! I have a condo in Mililani Oahu and looking to 1031... My journey that brought me to these forums:During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized...

This is my first post here on the bigger pockets forums! It is a fixer upper and I have been doing my research on FHA 203k get fast cash now loans but am confused about i need money fast which... Has anyone in South Florida done either a traditional or streamlined FHA 203k renovation? If you have done this, would you be willing to share what 203k consultant and contractor you used and your experience with each,... I am currently rehabbing the basement of our rental property to add in an additional bedroom, bathroom, and about 550 sq ft of living space. The frame is up and we are waiting on the electrical inspector to come in and... I am looking to relocate to phoenix in the next 6 months and do a house hack.

Hi all,I live in Canada and have started looking at perhaps buying some real estate in the US for cashflow.

It needs fast loans bad credit new flooring new cabinets and other simple cosmetic... I currently have 2 rental properties, a single family home (conventional loan) and a duplex (FHA loan). I am looking at buying my next multi-family property. I am currently in the process of being preapproved for my VA loan. I am a regional airline pilot in Houston and have many coworkers seriously interested in renting bedrooms from me... Hello,Our LLC made a cash purchase on a mixed use building. We wanted to know if we could use a FHA 203K loan in our individual names to buy the building from our LLC? To give you some context we purchased the building... Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... SOLD provides a much-needed look at how successful real online payday loans instant approval direct lenders estate agents build their business, close deals, and generate... My goal is to buy my first property by April 1 to flip.

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I payday loans salem oregon live in South Florida and looking for my first rental investment (preferably sf, condo or duplex). I am a newbie and am overwhelmed by the number and sources of listings and am not sure where to begin. I have a CGC license and a inactive RE Sales License. Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... I am 27 days into escrow on my first property and the broker I decided to work with has been absolutely terrible. He assured me at the beginning of the process that everything looked easy and straightforward and even... Interested in multi-family real estate and house hacking. I am looking to learn more and network with any local investor, contractors,... I have a single family rental investment in Sorrento Florida outside of Orlando. It sits on 6 acers I need to refinance it currently has a hard money loan on it. We are 2 months from start to the bank ordering an appraisal, which will noww take another 4-6 weeks.

My partner Russell and I are new investors located in Seffner, Fl. I wanted to come to the forum and introduce ourselves to the wonderful people on Biggerpockets. I would love to consult with someone to talk through the best strategy to make it happen. NY based investor looking to get a vacation home in Florida (tale as old i need money fast as time, right? One thing I did realize while using the VA loan is that you...

Hi All,I have a property under contract in Clearwater, Florida and am trying to find some decent financing terms from a local bank. The property is a duplex and it would financed as an investment property. Having a list put together would be beneficial to people who search for lists like this.

We have been pre approved and have the down payment in hand.

We are looking at the gulf coast of Florida and neither of us live there. They specialize in new construction properties for investors. Me and my partner both have great credit scores and we expect to have some equity built in with a low purchase price. Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... Hi everyone - My husband and I currently own several investment properties throughout Massachusetts.

Our primary residence is a single-family home in Boston, and comes with no dedicated parking. The house is zoned and in county records as a single family. Has anyone purchased a 2 unit that is still zoned as... Hi All,So I just completed my real estate course and just waiting to take my RE exam in NY. There is a new green modular company out of hemet, ca.

S2A Modular Went thru their presentation yesterday. Just wanted to see if anyone else has looked into them. Supposedly they can build a custom or one of their... I am in the process of buying a property with a 30,000 sq ft lot.

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I would like to subdivide the lot and possibly turn it into three lots that I can prepare building pads for.

An elderly neighbor a few houses down wants me to purchase her two family. I have a pull up bar on legs in the rear of my unit that I utilize to primarily stretch out faxless payday loans direct lenders my spine (I have thoracic scoliosis) before and... For those of you who live in California, you may think you can "Triplex" your home by tacking on an ADU and Jr. Good Evening, Sorry for the long post, but I have interesting situation.

Hello All,In the near future I will be developing 10 or so lots in southern California. I am very interested in multi-generational houses... I realize that it is fairly paydayadvance common for property managers write in their contracts that the... Hi BP friends,The ProblemIn the Southern New Hampshire area, we have less than one month worth of inventory available on the MLS.

The property does not have sewer available, but I have contacted the adjoining owner behind the lot for an easement through his property and he is ok with it. Day in the life- Constructing a New Facility location23 June 2020, 08:39 We are starting our 8th and final storage location.

I will try to give an update as we go through construction. I have happened upon what seems like a nice opportunity with 6 doors. I chatted with an appraiser friend who said because it is 6... Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... Seeking a handyman to do minor repairs on our rentals and flips.

If anyone has one that they use that is i need money fast dependable and does good work please share! Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... I purchased a rental (single family) in Fort Lauderdale with 2 HELOCS.

Hey everyone,I am in need of a local lender in Fort Lauderdale. I would like to do a BRRRR, but my DTI is too high. I do not have LLCs nor do I want to get one, to go commercial. Hey everyone,I have four single family homes in Fort Lauderdale.

I bought property 4 using two Interest only HELOCs from two of my single family properties. Someone needs to call the White House and each Governors Office and stop this SBA insanity. Housing and Urban Development is the correct way to manage the... Should I get a HELOC or just cash out refinance and lock in a lower rate? HELOC is more flexible, but is interest only and doesnt allow for equity to be rebuilt. From my calculations, the cash out would be only slightly more per month anywayThanks for the help!!! I assume you are considering an interest only HELOC vs a traditional principal and interest payment loan for the cashout.