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Referrals from other investors are definitely worth their weight... Hello All,I recently got a new job guaranteed loan bad credit located in the Irvine area, but I currently live in North East Los Angeles.

Hi everyone,New investor here, taking action and embarking on flip 1 (thanks to Bigger Pockets).

I have been fortunate enough to have networked my way onto a small team (4 of us total) of experienced... I plan to owner-occupy a single-family property and use the rent by the room strategy to rent out each bedroom. For anyone using this strategy in Long Beach, how is your experience? My family just recently moved to Long Beach CA a couple of months ago. I am experienced investor with investment properties in NC. I am currently looking for multi family properties which are... Anyone have a good recommendation on a RE attorney in (or intimately familiar with) LB? Looking for counsel on tenant relations, specifically no-fault evictions. My portfolio is tiny but my reviews have been near-perfect since I started 6 years ago... I have a SFR in Long Beach with a great set of tenants. I had my ups and downs with the remodel last summer and over the winter had a roof leak that caused some minor drywall damage.

Hey BP,Anyone from the Long Beach area doing Residential Assisted Living?

Thanks,Kyle Hello Everyone, I am in the process of closing on my home in Long Beach, CA. Can anybody recommend a Painter, Plumber, Framer and Electrician? I need to rehab some apartment units in north Long Beach ASAP. Do any of the owners on this forum have a recommendation for a local real estate agent?

I want to encourage all Long Beach flippers, landlords, wholesalers, brokers, contractors,... Hi everyone,I am looking for multi family meet ups or networking events in my local area which is in Long Beach, CA. I am here to reach out to all Long Beach investors. I am seeking to build my network and meet new investors. Long Beach is where I was born and raised, and it is also where I would...

Hey fam, I just wanted to know is wholesaling hard or am I just doing it wrong. We plan to live in it for 1-2 years then rent it out. I am not familiar with the area in terms of neighborhoods and was hoping to get some insight into which... Hi BPI was speaking with a client (I am a commercial developer as well as consultant for commercial and residential properties) about local investor groups and was wondering if there are any clubs or meetups in Long... I own a 4-unit building in Long Beach (with an illegal unit in the back). When we bought this building, the illegal unit was rented, and we continued to rent it after we bought it until we received a Notice from the...

Hey all,Was curious how the rental market generally looks around the Long Beach area. I would very much appreciate your insight on the following:I am about to close on a duplex in Oakland, CA. The upper unit is vacant but the lower unit is occupied by a section 8 tenant. Hi, BP My father long term installment loans no credit check and I just started looking for a home in Oakland we got pre-approved for a single family home at 589,000 however ive been strongly considering finding a multi family home so that the mortgage payments...

Any pitfalls I should be aware of on a SFR with unpermitted additions to the house? FINALLY got a refi approved that will save me hundreds per month and extend my loan to 30 yrs vs 10 year arm.

Times are hard enough with rents down and utilities up, but... Looking to see if anyone has gone through the process and is willing to chat and share their experience.

I have a tenant and I will be going through the same shortly so wanted to get a heads up on what is involved and... I can only find market info on SFH (prices up), condos and rents (prices down), but not much...

I loan usa have an SFH in Rockridge under contract and the electrical system will need to be updated. Besides the fact that I need to talk to one, I have a few questions that other may be able to answer -What sort of guarantee do banks look for in giving a... Hi All,My 2 partners and I completed my second fix and flip in Berkeley. One partner is a real estate agent and one is a general contractor. I am doing my research on starting a wholesaling business. Investment challenge - consider this a way to showcase your special investment talents :-). Plus, all of us are bored working from home so this is a good way to get your creative juices flowing...

My husband I make about 140k total per year before tax. This is a very important value to us and nonnegotiable.... Hi all, I am looking to buy my first rental property. Initially, my plan was to buy a property in the east bay, live in it but rent out the other rooms to help with my mortgage.

More specifically, I am trying to sell my oakland property to the current... Hi All, I have been putting in offers on Multi-family units in Oakland, CA for the past few months now without much luck. Im using FHA and my offers have been beat out with Cash or Conventional offers outside of my... Unfortunately, one of the tenant occupied units needs to repair a large leak under the bathroom leaking into the subfloor and caused by a... Hi BP,I joined recently and this place is so helpful. I have some good funds saved up and looking into private lending.

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There are many smaller properties available, but... Hello,Looking for a map someone posted a couple years ago. I remember it gave the good and bad areas of Stockton ca. I know UOP and a CSU have a campus there, so I figured I can at least rent to some college guaranteed loan bad credit students. Hi, can anyone please recommend me general contractor in Stockton, CA area. I have a duplex and guaranteed loan bad credit had to evict tenants from one one of the units out and they have left the house in a big mess and needing alot of touch...

My current contractor is jam packed with work and I need someone for my next several... Really want to obtain my first investment property here in Stockton so i would love to attend a meet up if there are any! We have several questions that we need to get answered by a real estate lawyer. God bless,Arturo We are looking for expanding my portfolio by including Multi-families in Stockton.

Would appreciate to get references for commercial agents and property managers in the area? Looking to connect with commercial brokers in the Stockton area for small-mid size apartment investment. Do you know any good lenders who work with investors using this approach? Hi BP,I am on the lookout for properties in my area and wondering how the market is doing here.

Hi Everyone - Is anyone here aware of, or part of a local investment group in Stockton, CA? It would be great to network with other active investors in the area...

Hi there, I would like to create an IE meet up group that is free for everyone to attend. Please post in here a day (Held in the evening 6pm) that works best for you and e-mail me so I can get a list going. Hello long term personal loan All, I am a new investor with 1 property and am looking for an experienced tax preparer.

I would appreciate your recommendations, who they are and why you recommend them. Hi Everyone,I live in OC and I am considering using guaranteed loan bad credit an FHA loan to purchase a multi family (probably duplex in Riverside or Corona) I plan to live in one and then rent out the other.

Any there any individuals in the Riverside, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino (I.

My preference is bill by time, instead of by the cylinder. I am currently leasing from WASH Laundry and they collect for me and send a check. I found a property in Indian Wells I like, but am concerned with the... My partner and I are looking for an agent with who is registered with HUD. Right now I am currently waiting on taking my real estate license exam in LA. I was wondering if anyone would like to do a zoom call or meet up to talk about your experience in real estate investing.

I live in Chino Hills I am considering using an FHA loan to purchase a multi-family 20 mins from chino hills. Looking for someone who is investor-friendly, looking to... My name loan today is Jason Rice, I am 18 years old new to the REI scene and looking to connect with any new or seasoned investors in the Socal area to network, share ideas and learn as much as I can firsthand... BP members, I am looking for a good handyman who can help me with paint touch up and replacing faucet and toilet, etc. I am looking for a general contractor in the Inland Empire area for a property that is specifically located in Riverside. The GC would be used for a full kitchen remodel, and want someone who does quality... I have been researching several SoCal cities for our second and third realistate investment property (first investment property in US - long... Has anyone had any luck in finding a HELOC lender for their investment property that is non-owner occupied?

I know that it can be discouraging living in this market and feeling like you can never find a deal. Can anyone recommend a good real estate oriented attorney in South Orange County for setting up trusts? Hi all,In 2019-2020 I have helped investors identify properties, analyze and write offers.

I was actually meant to be a partner on my last deal (a flip) but they ended up changing my... Im having some trouble with House Hacking here in Orange County. However there is no Duplex for that amount of money anywhere in... We are looking to invest in Multiple Units properties in Orange county. Does somebody has any information on the Real Estate market condition in the county as 1000 installment loan well as the Rental market.

You have to pickup either a 1600 sqft guaranteed cash advance townhouse in guaranteed loan bad credit Newport Coast or a 2200 sqft SFR in Laguna Niguel. I understand that you have to have an FEIN to open a Business Bank Account, but do you have to have your... Does any one in this forum could recommend any Lenders that... Hi all, hope same day pay day loan you are doing well during these crazy times! Based applying for loans on my preliminary research, it appears as though I should... Is there a methodology we can use to find great agents? I am currently under contract for an industrial property in Cypress for 67,000 sqft.