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They take that receipt and put it in the election box, GA specifically put this into place for our primaries the year before because we were concerned about cyber security and not having a backup.

NO Where does your video even mention anything at all about the paper ballots and a backup.

As a matter of fact, the state hand counted all 5 million plus votes and used the paper receipts as backup. What Biden did or stood for years ago has nothing to do with the actions of the President. Trump is definitely not guilty of directly inciting a riot. Trump is intelligent enough and has spent 4 years going as close to the line as possible without crossing into direct criminality. The question for me is, did he break his oath to perseve, protect payday loan sites and defend the constitution. Its a 25 minute walk at most from the quick loan no credit check WH to the capitol when there is traffic on the street, I know, I have done it lots of times when I worked down there. At 12:15 Trump started his speech, at 12:17 he tells the crowd we are going to walk down the capital, take back your capital, you have to show strength, etc.

Trump did not tell them to take back their capital. He said they would PEACEFULLY make their voices heard. He said they were going there to cheer on the Republicans fighting for the whole truth to come out. He actually also said that, for those who did not fight back, that they would primary the hell out of them --which is a direct reference to voting them out of office. At no time did he ever make any statement or tell anyone to do anything illegal at all. They show up around 12:35ish and break the first barriers at 12:50. That was always the goal, to get to the capital by 1pm, since everyone knew it would start at 1. Every liberal, neutral and conservative media outlet agrees on that point.

Um, you do realize that there were not just two groups of people there that day, right?

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No, actually, it is not, because there is a legal definition to what inciting violence means. You mean when the capitol police literally checked the time, moved barricades out of the way and literally waved the protesters in to get right up to the building?? Please, tell us how fast cash no credit check the capitol police themselves repeatedly made requests for USG assistance, and that those requests--which go to CONGRESS, by the way--were not honored. With warnings of potential violence at the pro-Trump microloan program rally, the National Guard and FBI offered manpower and resources. Multiple times, ranging from January 3, right up to the afternoon that you just detailed for us, the USG repeatedly reached out to Capitol Police and offered federal law enforcement help.... If they were rejecting USG help, they were rejecting USG help.

You cannot use hindsight to pretend that the picture at that time was as clearly known as it is today... At 2:24 Trump tweets his garbage about Mike Pence, and then a few minutes late the hang Mike Pence chant begins. Then at 2:38 Trump tweets for the protestors to support the capitol police, not leave the capitol building, but support the police. However, the Defense secretary stated afterwards that he only spoke to Pence, Pelosi and McConnell, never to Trump, this is confirmed by the Pentagon. So Trump short term payday loans direct lenders knew what was going on, and did nothing to stop it, breaking his oath of office.

The Capitol Police Dept is the only police department in the federal government system that is overseen by the legislative branch--NOT the executive branch, which is what the president oversees. CONGRESS had the responsibility, not Trump, of overseeing that department and ensuring that it had what it needed to address the situation. Your entire premise on the election in GA is so wrong, its laughable. I live and work in GA, my friends and co-workers live and work in GA, the thing your stupid video is leaving out is that every person who votes in person in GA gets a printed receipt with a fast cash no credit check fast cash no credit check bar code on it.

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Plus, the data highlighted and used in that fast personal loan video is the official election data, which does not rely on every Georgia citizen to come forward and produce their voting receipt. The presence of a voting receipt is not relevant to the info in that video because at no time does GA compare all those receipts to their official count.

All that is known is that the official data itself shows that votes were indeed subtracted from Trump. They take that receipt and put it in the election box, GA specifically put this into place for our primaries the year before because take out loan we were concerned about cyber security and not having a backup.

NO Where does your video even mention anything at all about the paper ballots and a backup.

The previous election cycle, in 2018, a federal judge ordered that GA officials stop refusing mail in ballots on the basis of signatures not matching. So, again, before you try to criticize me about wrong facts , you should ensure that your own are actually correct. Read the link below, it details how things were messed up in GA. Of particular note is the fact that the system in GA relies on the voting system to tell them how many ballots there were.... Some states can use their voter rolls to compare against the actual ballots cast, but GA cannot with the way it is set up.

On November 20, Georgia certified its 2020 election results. It double checked its results, which had been compiled electronically, by conducting a hand count of every presidential ballot. Um, no, as I just showed you, there is no real backup. I just showed you how the vote counts themselves are used--not the voter rolls--to determine accuracy in GA.

If every electronic vote produces a receipt, then altering the vote count still produces the same.... And that comes straight from the guy who invented risk limiting audits in the first place, in that link. Confirming the electronic result is not the same as ensuring that only legit registered voters cast those votes.

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What Biden did or stood for years ago has nothing to do with the actions of the President. They were not posted to serve the purpose you seem to think they were. My entire point in posting those things emergency loans bad credit is that the double standard has to go.

The nutjobs on the right that pretend Trump could do no wrong are just as guilty as the nutjobs on the left who intentionally play make believe while blasting Trump for fast cash no credit check doing things when their own candidate did the same--or worse.

Problem is, a lot more of the left falls into that category than those on the right. Now, there are some liberals and a whole lot more leftists.

First, Trump has his little rally on the south lawn of the white house, and your route by going through down and around the elipse is so laughable. You probably never have been to DC, I worked there. I worked there for five years at the post office building at 12th and Pennsylvania. No one in their right mind who wants to walk from the WH to Capital would take that route, and again the rally was on the SOUTH LAWN of the White House. Every single ballot, you are confusing the audit which only looked at a sample of the vote in each county with the actual recount. Your article is great, fast cash no credit check it states: They basically skipped step zero. Instead, the counties evidently are constructing a ballot manifest, which the audit relies on, from what the computers report, rather than from ground truth on the amount of paper ballots there are. Your inventory of ballots should not rely at all on the voting system to tell you how many ballots you have. You should have control over that from external means.