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Hey BP, curious how others handle their appliances? First refrigerator broke down and was such a foreign brand no... I have a house with two tenants on the lease boyfriend girlfriend. I got a call from one of the tenants indicating that the girlfriends brother has moved in. Hello,Are there any tips to identify the right selling agentwhen selling a property? How to go about finding an ideal selling agent to list my property for sale. Thanks Hello,I am planning to sell my multi family home occupied with tenants and including myself and family as a live in landlord. I will be house hacking and therefore my face will be known to the folks renting the 2nd unit. I would prefer if possible for them not to know that I am... I am soon to close on my first rental property (so excited!!

To be precise, I am househacking and living in an adu conversion in the back. The deal is great on paper and everything has gone very smoothly so far. My husband and I bought a property a few months ago with inherited tenants. The previous landlord did not make any notes on the condition of the unit when this tenant moved in.... Hey everyone, we are having an extra cold few days here in Oklahoma, we have a rental,our first one. Tenant texted late last night saying the back porch where the laundry is had the pipes frozen and burst. Hi fellow BPers, I recently purchased new appliances (dishwasher and a gas dryer) for my first house hack in Houston TX www personal loans for bad credit area (Katy) and been looking to hire someone to install both of them. Hello everyone My name is Jose, I am a newer landlord in the Midwest. None of my tenants were hurt thankfully and I am working on moving them...

Specifically this situation involves a tenant that will turn down the thermostat to our buildings boiler,... Hey everyone,I have a rental property in Baltimore that I have been using as a long-term rental for nurses throughout the pandemic. Long-story short, I decided to stop using it as an Airbnb in the fall, stopped taking... Looking for estimates to install a electric baseboard heater in a rental property in center city Philadelphia.

She claims that the smell only occurs when the guy renting Unit 1 is home. Do you list the property in one platform like Zillow or multiple websites?

I currently www personal loans for bad credit advertise my rental property across several websites, however, I currently have a couple who is undergoing the homeowner... I have a property I am trying to list which has been listed before through Hotpads.

I realize that Zillow, Hotpads and Trulia are all connected and the place to enter... The problem with this new charge is that there is "No Value Added" to the service. The service before the new charge is the same after the new charge. My business partner and I just closed on 16 rental units in Ohio. One of the buildings is in Lorain and on the first day a tenant in a four bedroom unit is leaving. How aggressive do I need to be to rent the apartment?... I am currently waiting for my first rental property out of state to be filled with a tenant. I am anxious to get it filled but know these things take time.

I have my property manager sending me updates weekly with how...

Where do you find group homes to partner with for your rental? I currently have 2 rental homes and I am looking to begin buying homes and then renting to group home businesses has anyone done this. It has three bedrooms and a bathroom on each level with the laundry and kitchen being on the lower level and the living room area being on the... I was curious if any other property managers have gone this route, and if... I have a 3 bed single family investment property in Bremerton, right next to the naval base. Trying to figure out if I should rent it furnished or unfurnished, short term or long term, room by room or all together.... My wife and I just bought a fully renovated 4 unit building in DC with plans to rent it out. Hello, we are in the midst of moving and want to rent out our unit (Buena Park area in Chicago). Hi,We are nearing the completion of our first two rehabs. What are some questions to ask potential realtors when searching for one to join your team? Hey BP family,Ive heard of this service from others at a REIA.

Thanks,MB I have an STR unit and have had i need a loan 2-6 month renters who stay in my unit for work. Have any of you used Furnished Finders who market to traveling nurses and other...

Hey everyone,So i have a new construction single family unsecured loans no guarantor home that closes late Jan. I just purchased a property that I intend to rent out. I have a 450 sq ft commercial space that has been sitting vacant for around 8 months with no promising leads to re-rent the space. I have a few 1 bedrooms with a huge living rooms, approximately 14 x 16. But does that apply with single quick personal loans bad credit family residents and duplexes? I have a condo in Los Angeles (area code 91335) to lease out. Would you please recommend some good leasing service companies?

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Either those that use MLS or those that use any non-MLS platform? I have been listing this home in Portland Maine for over a month now with very little requests from reasonable applicants. I www personal loans for bad credit just purchased this home and the first time I have tried to...

Hey just wanted to start up this newest sub-forum on Bigger Pockets with an intro post about where RE investors, like us, should look to in the Rio Grande Valley. I just recently moved to the valley about a year ago... Our inventory is low and the market is super hot... I wanted to see who knows where the hottest markets are in the country...? Guests are more concerning about healthy safety during this time. Research shows that Airbnb listings allowing self-check-in are actually getting higher review score as you can see... I have a single family vacation rental home that has reservations in place for the summer starting in June. Looking for everything from rent ready to BRRRR related projects. Looking for a few things in the Tallahassee area if you know of any.

Hi all,I am an out of state investor who spent many years in Tallahassee, FL. I know the area well and have identified Tallahassee as a city with good potential for cash flowing rentals. Does anyone know anyone who can help with the services below for turning over a unit. I am about to have my first turnover and i am looking to get the unit cleaned by a professional company. Hello fellow investors,My tenant is four days late and is not answering my phone calls, text messages or emails. I am trying to work with her but with no answer there is not much that I can do without going through the... All,I will be managing my second property in the Tallahassee area from a different location.

Hello,I do come across tenants that bargain on rent during tenant screening, and I noticed a pattern lately that tenants who bargain a lot tend to end up as trouble makers. I have currently set up a turbo tenant account and it seems... I finished reading the BiggerPockets guide to rental property management and the author said he likes to give his tenants a housewarming gift upon move in. He said a shower curtain, soap, towel, roll of www personal loans for bad credit toilet paper,... Im renting a condo unit and have gotten lots of interest but seems like every time I run a credit screening Im seeing very low scores (with substantial old debt).

Curious what each of you screen a potential tenant for:CreditEvictionBackgroundOther? Also interested in recommendations on which services to use for this, and whether you pass the cost along...

After two years of dragging my feet, my first property long term online loans is about to close and I have begun showing to potential tenants! This single family home has been a different way to get started. How do you go about verifying a potential tenets income if they recently started their own business and that is their only source of income? I am changing how I handle showings and screening of prospective tenants. This was the old way and how it turned out when I turned a unit earlier this year.

Market on Facebook, Facebook marketplace, and craigslist. I remember an app being talked about on one of the podcasts. What is generally acceptable to charge a prospective tenant for a rental application? My husband and I just bought our first section 8 property. I excited to learn the process and wanted to reach out to the Bigger Pockets community regarding a few things: 1. Now he tells me his college age daughter is moving in permanently. Should she be on the lease and subject to background check? We have a rental property that will soon be up for rent. I have not yet posted the property for rent but we have gotten requests for information from people in the area.

Can anyone provide any advice on:1) What is reasonable application Fee to Charge? IE: I get 20 applications for a property - Do I go through and pick and choose who to charge app fee to? I am a Long time lurker and have read many of the BP books and followed discussions on here which helped push me to buy my first duplex. I have received about 60 applicants in less than a week. Hello everyone I have an interesting situation that I need some help with. My best friends parents just had to move due to there home having major code violations and them finding mold. I found my first tenant and everything seemed fine. Gross income three times rent, Credit score greater than 600, etc... I know there are exceptions to fair housing when you live in a property since the tenant will be... I was screening possible tenants in Nevada for a house, and I got a call from a group who all had very low income and loose-ties.

Had our very first tenant apply--good credit, 7x the income, nice guy, but I want to deny him -- can I? Released weekly on Thursdays, the BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene.