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He also provides great advice on building relationships and identifying who NOT to partner with.

Ken goes on to talk about how he went from working in a pizza restaurant to cashing his first check for 50K as a broker—with absolutely no training program!

These two guys have formed a great partnership and share TONS of practical, meat-and-potatoes advice for how you can do the same. Brandon money borrowing and David sit down with Ashley Hamilton, who shares the incredible story of how she went from poverty to success through real estate investing with very little help or guidance. Ashley also shares how she buys cheap houses at auctions, how she finds banks to finance her rehabs, and how she uses keyword alerts in the BiggerPockets forums to snag deals before anyone else! Felipe has created a unique system that involves multi-unit properties, short-term rentals, and leveraging others to help run his business.

Felipe also discusses how he leveraged the job of communicating with his Airbnb guests to buy his time back, and how he took advantage of a construction boom in his hometown to service its workers. This episode is jam packed with fun, exciting content and practical advice for those looking to exit the rat race and achieve financial independence through creative strategies with real estate.... Chris McChesney, bestselling author of The 4 Disciplinesof Execution, shares some mind-blowing strategies recognized worldwide for their ability to help followers achieve more where can you cash personal checks success! Every Tuesday, J and Carol Scott will sit down with entrepreneurs from all walks of life and explore what it really takes to make it. Take a few seconds right now to subscribe to the show on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Or head on over to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast page.

Episode 1 is live right now, and features special guest Joshua Dorkin. The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast will be back tomorrow, and returns to regular programming next week. Let us know what you think in the comments below!... And who free loans online better to write it than the leading authority on this strategy: our co-host David Greene. Maybe it means feeling healthy enough to jump out of bed and attack the day. So they got together and made a serious commitment, vowing to hold each other accountable every step of the way—even if it meant loans for bad credit direct lenders only dishing out some tough love. Aaron Amuchastegui sits down with Brandon and David and explains how he buys 20 deals a month while practicing principles of the four-hour workweek.

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It s an incredible story about how he built a big business with foreclosures, how he keeps his pipeline full (including how he buys deals at auctions), how he does due diligence, and how he tracks down owners of vacant properties. This episode is full of more powerful insight than we can begin to mention. Aaron is a big-time real estate investor who has gone from rags to riches, to rags to riches again. Tune in to hear him share everything he learned along where can you cash personal checks the way. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned.

Released weekly on Thursdays, the BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene.

It features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches, and experience levels. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our Video Podcast on iTunes here. Want to step out of your business and finally gain the freedom to think more strategically? Jefferson is a mobile home park investor, who went from sleeping on anair mattress on-site at his mobile parks to running a lean team and focusing his energy on raising millions from investors. Also, Jefferson breaks down the criteria he uses to narrow down potential deals (including proximity to a Walmart)—AND reveals the four main ways he and his team reach out to mom-and-pop park owners. Palak left a career in corporate America to focus full-time on real estate in the Philadelphia area, and she applied her training as an engineer to create airtight processes that help her business run without her. You ll be inspired by Kara s journey from pastry chef to retail worker to full-time investor funding deals with private and hard money. You ll also learn how she maximizes profit by sticking to her rehab budgets, how she keeps contractors on deadline, and how she manages risk by outlining several different exit strategies.

Kara s story will motivate you to apply your own unique ability to your real estate business and overcome the fear where can you cash personal checks that might be stopping you from doing your first fast little loans online or next deal! Enjoy this episode, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast so you won t miss the next one.... Plus, Brandon and David dig into how to property screen tenants, how to decide when to flip or BRRRR vs.

This episode lays out a blueprint for building massive wealth.

Just adapt it to your market, and work the process.

Yes, Jocko Willink invests in real estate and shares some great tips… but that s not the only reason he s on 1hr payday loans the show today.

Andit s not the only reason why he s sure to be one of our most popular guests to date. You see, Jocko looks at life s challenges differently. Today, we dive deep into how to apply this mindset to your business.

PLUS, we discuss Jocko s philosophy on leading teams, managing risk, harnessing your ego, and foregoing comfort in pursuit of long-term goals like payday loans in south carolina financial freedom. You ll also love getting to know Jocko the real estate investor! From buying a hoarder house filled with chicken bones to dividing his kids bedrooms into prison cell -sized sleeping quarters, Jocko discusses how some sacrifice goes a long way toward creating financial freedom—even on a modest military salary.

Beware: by the end of this show, you might just be staring down your fears and greeting your biggest obstacles head-on with the word good. Avery shares the apps, software, and systems she uses to manage five STRs in under 30 minutes a week! Avery shares some fantastic insight into how to run a STR business with minimum time and intrusion, as well as some overall advice for knowing your market and minimizing your risk. Download this episode of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast and see for yourself today!...

Michael has written extensively about three topics that touch every real estate investor: productivity (Free to Focus), goal-setting (Your Best Year Ever), and delegation (Your World-Class Assistant). Today, they walk us through the exercises they use to help couples (and business partners) confront uncomfortable questions and get on the same where can you cash personal checks page. This is a profound episode with two real estate rockstars. If you enjoy it, do us a favor and share it with YOUR spouse or partner… or pass it onto a couple who you think might benefit. Tristan shares some great info regarding how he chooses his loans for no credit history markets to invest in, how he finds deals in those markets, and some of the key differences to holding title to mobile homes compared with traditional real estate. Tristan is a great example of how to find financial freedom at ANY age and shares exactly how he did it himself! Download this inspirational episode today, and subscribe to the podcast in your favorite app so you won t miss the next show.... Stephanie Cabral is alawyer, real estate agent, and investor out of Connecticut, who has figured out how to make money from residential real estate ownership while working two full-time jobs. Plus, she talks about what she looks for in her market, and shares her thoughts on the next big change in real estate in the near future. Download this one today, and share it private lenders for personal loan with a friend or family member who would benefit!...

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Our first guest shares how he bought in the most expensive market in the country and lives for FREE by using several techniques anyone can replicate (while taking advantage of a massive value-add opportunity). This episode covers FAQs—like how to use an agent to help you find a property, how to house hack in unique ways, and what to expect when buying your first property—and is guaranteed to get those wheels turning in your mind!

Download this one, and share with a friend today!... You spoke, we heard, and this is the content the people want.

Kevin is young and doing great with real estate from several angles! He s built millions of dollars in wealth through single family properties in Southern California and shares some fantastic advice that will help you do the same. You will love his advice regarding what he looks for in rehabs, what he avoids, and how he LOVES finding properties with problems! He also discusses how he 100 day loans reviews found a deal holding an open house, how he avoids paying taxes on his profits, and how he was able to buy a house with his girlfriend while working at Jamba Juice! This episode is high-energy, fun, and full of great practical advice for newbies and experienced investors alike....

You will be absolutely fascinated as you hear how Joe uses HUD housing vouchers to generate big returns in high-end areas while also reducing his risk to survive tough markets. Joe also shares some amazing tips for how he keeps tenants for 15 years at a time, including how he creates a huge where can you cash personal checks demand for his homes, which kinds of properties he targets, and how he gets deals brought to him before anyone else. Joe goes on to reveal some extremely effective tips regarding how to treat your tenants so well they never leave, how to convince lenders to work with you, and why he visits potential tenants in their current homes on short notice. This show is chock full of extremely practical advice anyone can follow, not to mention useful tips for high-level real estate investing.

This is an episode you will listen to several times and walk away extremely inspired.... Ryan is a modest, down-to-earth guy with a keen awareness of his own strengths and weaknesses, and this episode will show you how you can develop that quality to find the right partner and level up your business (and life!