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My parents have a 5 bedroom 5 bath SFR with 5,408 square feet in a very nice neighborhood located in Lenexa. I passed my kansas real estate test a while back and I need to affiliate with a broker. Have you guys found much success in buy and hold properties in Johnson county.. Hi Everyone, I currently live near North Kansas City, MO and aim to invest in multifamily real estate in Johnson County.

I have heard Johnson County is bringing in many new big employers. I would love to find that part-time work in the RE world, specifically the RE... I am a first time investor and I am meeting with my mentor for the Kansas City market. What are some good questions to ask about the KC market?

I know this is an OP forum but am looking for managers in several communities throughout NE Kansas (as far west as Junction where can i get a personal loan with bad credit City, South to Emporia, east to eastern... Hi all,As the title asks, what percentage of your total REI sales in 2020 were from OOS investors?

Hello my fellow Wichitans, I am unsecured personal loans online a newly licensed Real Estate Agent, (Dec 2020) and prospective Investor looking to make some connections! I have been loans for bad credit in california a long time listener of the bigger pockets podcast and consumer of...

Hello fellow Wichitans, I purchased my first home last August and want to start investing in rental properties for the cash flow. I am so green and trying to learn as much as I can on the WWW. Does anyone know of a good financial advisor in the Wichita, Kansas area?

Perhaps one with strong real estate knowledge, but also one who can advise my wife and I on a variety of other... That unsecure loans can help maximize the ARV of my current live urgent check advance payday loans in property for when we move out of it near the first of the year. I am brand new to BiggerPockets and real estate as an investment opportunity. My family and I are moving to the Wichita area and I am curious what actual numbers are looking like in this area. Hi,I had RPM Wichita manage my single family in Andover KS for about two years until recently. RPM started missing owner payments in OCT of 2016 and I had to call them to send payment. I want to focus on 40-60K properties in need of repairs with small commercial loans that... Those of you who invest in the Wichita, Kansas area should be made aware of an upcoming event important to every investor. I know all investors have their own preference to whom they work with and through, and... I have been noticing a lot of off unsecured personal loans online market properties going around in Wichita groups elsewhere. Hey All, what an amazing resource BiggerPockets is. Our start up was extremely accelerated because of all the useful information found here.

Within my profile page, I have include some of the properties we have for... Now that I have a few properties in Wichita, I was looking for a local lender that could do small multi-families. Hey everyone, I created a Facebook page for, Agents, Lenders, Wholesalers, Buyers, Sellers, Flippers who are doing business in Wichita and the surrounding areas to connect. I am searching for a CPA in the Wichita or surrounding areas.

I want to find someone that specializes in real estate and ideally charges a flat fee instead of per hour.

I am interested in buying rental houses in Wichita. Can anyone recommend me an investor-friendly realtor? I want to learn more about the market and neighborhoods in Wichita. Does anyone know what search term I should be searching or how to locate these? Wanted to share some good news for those interested in investing in Commercial Real Estate in the Wichita Area. I am a Tennessee Real Estate but was born and raised in Goddard Ks.

I just moved to Wichita, KS from Georgia and am having a hard time finding online sources to find and analyze potential investment properties. Looking for a property in the Wichita area to buy and hold ranging from 40-70k 3bed 1 or 2 baths Anyone have anything? I am curious if anyone is interested in meeting up in the Kansas City area to talk all things real estate, business networking, investing, personal growth, etc. The home is about 70 years old so I was expecting a rough report, but the... I was wondering if you guys are aware of which neighborhoods have rental restrictions (ie HOA).

I just heard that Fairlane has HOA with rental restrictions and would like to know some other... Hi All,Under contract for a newly renovated SFH in KC, MO.

Good lender and good experience so far but I want to... I have been researching Kansas City, MO since the beginning of the year and have decided to make my first out-of-state purchase in... I recently purchased and fixed up a SFH in Independence (64055 zip, South of 78, just west of 291).

However the price is less than 200k which I think may direct deposit loans limit my financing options. Hadley, 33, grew up in Overland Park and wanted to move back from Durham, North Carolina, to... Hey BP,My name is Bryan Cruz, im new to the community. I found this Link when researching the legality of wholesale real... I am a new investor in the area looking to buy my first property. I currently have a property in mind that would fit under the BRRRR method and am looking for good contractors that I could...

The plumber that fixed our plumbing disaster (around the base of a toilet) recommended I reach out to a carpenter to check for wood-rot. The water damage is within the walls and likely the subfloor.

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To her words: "The neighbors next door moved out and had tons of crap on the front of the lawn and...

I am buying a property in North Kansas City and am looking for a contractor in the area. There is not a ton of work a handyman would be perfect. Can anyone point me in the direction of forms for Purchase Agreement, Disclosures, Seller Finance Addendum, and Lease? I own several small-medium sized multi-family buildings in mid-town Kansas City, MO. Some context, I am working on a package deal for three duplexes in South Kansas City in 64131... Hello All,I am an out of state investor in the Kansas City Market. I currently hold 10 doors in the area that i acquired in the last 10 months. I bought a duplex for cash in Binghamton New York over a year ago. Hello All,I am looking for suggestions from the community for several members of the team I would like to build in the Lexington area. I would like recommendations for an investor friendly real estate agent and... I was wondering if there were any solid Architectural Draftsman out there that you would recommend? Hey all, I am looking to find some wholesalers in Lexington, KY. Does anyone know who the best people to talk to are?

I am looking at investing in short term rental properties (airbnb, vrbo, etc) in Lexington. My partner grew up and went to school in Lexington, so I have mostly been relying on him for information about the... Looking to start a discussion about property management companies in Lexington. Thanks There are a few of us in Northern Kentucky that would like to hold our first meet-up for our area. Can someone give a few examples of the format and content of these meetings?

I visit KY a few times a year (totally love it) and am interested in getting some local... Anyone have an electrician recommendation for a mobile home in Topeka? Looking for a good property manager in Topeka, Kansas. I would prefer to go with one with a personal reference rather than just my own analysis. Are there any Lonnie Dealers interested in helping us with about 20 park owned homes in our park in Topeka, KS? We would like to rehab them, keep them in the park, and have them rented unsecured personal loans online in the next few months. Hi,We are signing our first Kansas contract for a home. I am confused by the Inspections section (section 12 in our contract). Only to find you must pay money and a lot of it after they give you there sales pitch.

The goal would be to help each other in our various payday loans benefits accepted businesses. I have had a few deals that I have come across in the... I would like to organize another get together for anyone in real estate in the Topeka area. I am looking at this Saturday around noon at the Blind Tiger (if that date and time works).

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It is my hometown and I have a lot of family there. I put in an offer on what would be my first investment property -- was unsecured personal loans online so excited! Anyone know of any upcoming networking events in the Lawrence, Topeka, and KC area? Looking forward to hearing from local investors in the area!

New investor that is scanning Kansas towns for real estate property. Would it be more appropriate to rename this board Ashland, since that is the nearest city, or better yet,... This person must be reliable on their cell phone and send weekly updates via... I want to start investing in rental property in Baton Rouge area. I am a new virtual wholesaler looking to go into Baton Rouge County and New Orleans area.

This property is for sale and I meant to post this in the market place.

I am new to investing and am basically guessing when I fill out rental calculators. I appreciate any help on this as I want a realistic. I have been looking to buy a buy and hold investment property in Baton Rouge area. Mostly looking in and around downtown in B - C class neighborhood. My biggest concern with the house is that it has old galvanized pipe that should be replaced in the near... I am looking at purchasing some rental properties in between LSU and downtown just off of Nicholson Drive. I believe in the long term (maybe very long term) development potential along this corridor. Anyone familiar with the neighborhoods around the newly renovated Howell park? Do you think the renovations will improve the area? What is the crime like immediately around the park... I am trying to get the ARV up as much as make sense for a rental, to refi and get back what I put in. What is the best place to list a rental property for sale in BR? Or is there a forum that specializes in rental properties for sale? Two are buy and holds in my LLC and the other is about to be listed for sale.

My question is related to my primary residence and the local area. My husband and I are putting a house on the market in Zachary, LA.

It was a great house for us, and Zachary is booming because we have the best schools in the state. But the house is showing its wear and my husband and... Anyone have one they have worked with for similar projects and would recommend? What does everyone think of the recent rapid building of properties particularly apartments in southern Baton Rouge?

Seems to me like rent has come down a little bit compared to last year or the... I just purchased a rehab and the box is in shambles. We only live an hour away and are there often for shopping. Hello alllll the beautiful people in Shreveport, Louisiana.