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And those are kind of like the three big that I teach every week on the webinar.

Those are the three that most real estate investors could probably find a deal. What are just a list of things people can do and what is it? And then people can go and research that on BiggerPockets or look up other shows to learn more about it. If you find a short sale in your market where right now we have like three on the market here. Is there a way that you can get a house hacked REO through Fannie Mae and FHA offer?

Whereas everybody who was looking at REOs only like 10 years ago. So those are just kind of a shotgun approach of different ways. So then maybe a couple of weeks later they maybe did a little bit driving and they saw a couple of properties. And then they called them while they were sitting in front of the house. They said our goal is to make hamburger, making more efficient, and they like to see where two people bumping into each other.

You run it like a business, but you have to have the expectation in the beginning. You get good from doing it- Brandon:All right, man. Tell us really quickly about the book you wrote and this book club thing.

We mentioned it during the quick tip at the beginning, but just really quick now. So I mean the book itself was just all about finding and funding deals.

And even through repairs and ARV and all that fun stuff.

And then what you do with it from there is up to you. Sounds like this is a brand new thing that you guys are doing. I can pull it out, read one chapter and get some really good information. And you know when you talk to Jocko, he leaves you with that same feeling honestly.

And we interviewed him on our show back on episode 365. So Jacko 365, we talked about real estate investing among other things in that show. Anson:Hobbies are kind of like still outdoors stuff. This summer we picked up a paddle-boarding to add to that. What do you think separates successful real estate investors from those who give up, fail or never get started? Every time we talk, I always come away like oh, man Anson is so smart. So once again, thank you for enlightening us, but good luck to you man. Be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets.

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During childhood, Jim Kwik experienced a traumatic brain injury. Simple: Jim looked into how to learn instead of what to learn. Soon enough, Jim was reading faster, memorizing with higher accuracy, and doing well in school. His friends asked him for some tips so they could improve their grades as well. With some success in his inner circle, he decided to make a flyer for speed reading and memory improvement classes. He put up the flyer at his college hoping one or two people would show up to his impromptu class. Over 100 students showed up, of which 71 signed up for a full course with Jim. After that, Jim knew it was his life mission to help those who wanted to learn, memorize, and live better. So why is it so hard for some people to memorize things? We forget details all the time, whether it be names, addresses, phone numbers, or other important information. Jim goes through a simple method to memorizing any piece of information, called the M. He also outlines 10 tips for a limitless brain, many of which you can implement soon after you finish this episode!

Even something as simple as reading slightly faster can allow you to save weeks worth of time each year. As Jim puts it, increasing your memory and reading payday loan online lenders power not only adds years to your life, but life to your years! Stay tuned and be sure to instant payday loans for bad credit join the millions of others who have been benefited from biggerpockets.

Brandon:Yeah, this is an amazing guest, a guy named Jim Kwik.

We talk a little bit about identity on like how we talk about ourselves.

I want you to listen to this show with a pencil and paper, if possible.

The quick tip is listen with a pen and paper if possible.

Jim Kwik, it is amazing to have you on the show today. It is a huge honor, and I just want to start by jumping right into things and wondering like, how did you become this guy? You teach celebrities, and movie stars, and athletes, and CEOs all about how to increase their brain power. Jim:You could say my inspiration was my desperation. When I was five I was in school and I had a very bad fall, traumatic brain injury.

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I was rushed to online payday lenders only the hospital and before my parents said I was very energized, very curious, very playful. Teachers would repeat themselves over and over and over again.

It took me an extra three years just to learn how to read and that was really… you know when they passed around those books and you get in those circles and that book got closer, and closer, and closer, that was just nerve wracking in general. That was a big challenge all the way through 18, secured personal loan bad credit I struggled with this. There are no classes on focus, concentration, on study skills, on reading faster, on memory. Jim:School taught us what to learn, not how to learn.

We live in an age of autonomous electric cars, spaceships that are going to mars. Our vehicle choice when it comes to learning is like a horse and buggy. My mission really is, when you look at my path, you would say my struggle became my strengths. Now my mission really is build better, brighter brains to leave no brain left behind. Can you tell us a little bit about what your transition was like to go from one extreme to the other? When I was 18 I learned all these skills, I turned, I transformed my brain and my grades. I believe passion is what lights you up, purpose is how you take that passion to light other people up. I taught myself how to read by reading comic books. Jim:One little choice secured personal loan bad credit in another direction completely changes your destination.

Have local cash advance you guys ever done something you never thought you could do?

I get woken up the next morning, looking up at the next class coming in in the morning. I run back to my dorm room, shower, go to breakfast, go to class. Jim:I started using my money to invest in my own education, learn every speed reading, memory, adult learning theory.

I wanted to find out not how, I know how, I taught her. I found out her mother was dying of terminal cancer. Doctors gave her mom just 60 days, two months to live. The books she was reading were books to save her moms life. I wished her luck, said prayers, we said prayers together. In that moment I realized something, that if knowledge is power, learning is your super power.

That moment I dedicated my whole life to showing people how to unlock that super power inside of them.

All right, I want to get into some more tangible stuff here. Specifically maybe we could cover reading, memorization, stuff that we do to improve our brain, obviously today.

The question I have is why do people struggle so much with reading? That means your reading speed is limited to your talking speed, not your thinking speed. We can actually think a lot faster than we can read. How many people do you know listen to a podcast, or an audio book at faster speed? One thing I would say to help everybody here be a better reader, that will instantly boost your reading speed and focus, would be to use a visual pacer. When you read, using a visual pacer, and a visual pacer can be something as simple as using a pen or a highlighter, a mouse on a computer, your finger, probably the easiest because you always carry it with you. Jim:Just trying it, just trying it now, not taking the time here but ezpayday if everyone just picked up a book, read for 60 seconds how they normally would read, count the number of lines and then continue reading with your finger, just underlining. Using this will help not secured personal loan bad credit only with your speed, because a lot of times people are slow because they back skip.

They reread words which is a really bad habit, so this gets you to go through the information and because you have better focus, you tend to understand the information better and also retain it as well. I think when I was younger I used to read every single solitary word on the page.

Jim:Yeah, the average person reads about 200, 250 words per minute. If you can do something at 500 words a minute that means, the average person has to read about four hours a day. Even if you save one hour a day over the course of a year, 365 hours.

You get over two months of productivity saving one hour a day on something ubiquitous as reading. I want to shift to one more topic and that is the idea of memory. I believe that a name is the sweetest sound to a persons secured personal loan bad credit ears We heard that through the ages. When you can walk into a room and meet 20 strangers and leave saying goodbye to every single one of them by name, who are they all going to remember? How many phone numbers did you guys know growing up? We created the search engine, you might have heard of. This book is endorsed by the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Brain Health. What I would love to do is tell you about that two thirds, move the needle for all of us, especially to be able to remember names and remember client information, product information, property information and so on.