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Joshua, have you considered possible Private Money Lenders? I may have a solution for you as I work with a huge vast of Private Money Lenders and I can check their terms and see but I just need to know what the purchase price is or at the very least the amount you plan to offer for the property. We generally give higher leverages easier due diligence and quicker turnaround.

I how to get a loan fast am in northern IN also and have been having some difficulty finding someone that really seems to have much experience with the refi of investment propertys. I did have same day payday loans direct lenders a conversation a few weeks ago with somebody that seemed to have interest in it.

Can anyone recommend a few good credit card options for a business? I have had a Bank Of America credit card payadvance for well over a year now but they dont really give big credit increases or great rewards points. From the research i have done it seems like there are 2 great options: 2. How did you find out that they do not report the balance to the personal credit? Did they offer you a high limit on your cards when you get them initially?

I am going to apply for it tomorrow as soon as the banks open up.

I have a decade of Work experience in the same industry, great credit, good income but I have a gap in employment.

Is that waiting period shorter for conventional loans? If I get a conventional loan before, would I be ruining my chances at a being eligible for a 401k or is there a way around that? Would a mortgage broker be better at finding the best deal or is it better i call institutions directly, to find the best pricing myself?

Would a mortgage broker be better at finding the best deal or is it better i call institutions directly, to find the best pricing myself? I have a decade of work experience in the same industry, great credit, good income but I have an employment gap. Is that waiting period shorter for conventional loans?

If I get a conventional loan before, would I be ruining my chances of being eligible for a FHA or is there a way around that? Most banks are really going to need to see consistent income for the last two years, FHA or not. Some banks have more leniency than others, but generally speaking they need to see stable income in order to give you a mortgage.

You can entertain bringing on a cosigner or a partner to buy and live in the property with, but these are things that you should discuss with loan officers and see what your next best move is.

The underwriters for the loans are going to be looking at your Debt-to-income ratio, that will be affected by that first conventional loan. The pandemic has brought many challenges in real estate, but overall, deals are still being done. I know of many lenders, contractors, and consultants in the 203k world and I know for a fact that deals are still happening in every market regardless! I have no specific suggestion but there is a hard money lender list here on the site. A POF, for a cash purchase, is a bank account in Your name with the necessary funds. From what I read the agent is asking you to provide proof of how you are going to purchase a property, correct? If you are looking to go conventional then like mentioned above you would need a pre-approval letter, if you are looking for private financing than you would need proof of the money that they are lending you, if you have the cash yourself to pay for the property than you could show a bank statement. How do you intend to purchase the investment property? Have you looked into getting pre-approved for a mortgage? If using a private lender than it is a good idea to find one before you start looking. Those typically do require proof you have the money to close. I am not sure what to do in order to see several properties with the same agent.. If that is the case you should be able to get it from them. If that is not the case can you be a little more clear about what you are trying to do?

How do i get one and doing anyone know any website that may be the right one to get the letter. Have you tried simply letting the agent know your intentions? Tell them you just wan to get a closer look at the property, take a few pics and make your assessment. Eric - as others in the thread above posted, your best POF letter is your bank statement with your name on it, showing funds to purchase the property. Otherwise a pre-approval letter from a lender is the next best. There are free proof of funds letters you can find on the web. Sellers will generally know those are worth as much as you pay for them and throw your offer in the trash along with that bogus proof of funds letter. No agent that you do not already have a great relationship with AND who understands the nature of REI and flipping (RARE) is going same day payday loans direct lenders to send your offer to the owner without a POF letter. Go ahead and pick any house same day payday loans direct lenders off of Redfin which has a "start an offer" option.

You will get a message back from the agent saying they need a POF letter before submitting the offer to the owner. You can use any real estate site but redfin is faster. The investor looks at property , makes an offer contingent upon approval and inspection. Maybe the investor just got burned on a house with a faulty foundation and does not want to mess with any house with foundation problems.

They can make the offer - contingent upon inspection.

Investor gets contractor to inspect and give a scope and a price for rehab. The rehab costs are going to exceed the avg list price for a comparable home in the area so guess what? All POF letters that are not your own money are CONTINGENT. On top of that, even seasoned investors do not always use their own money to fund a deal. In fact they rarely do because they typically have about 7 to 10 deals going at the same time and that, my friends, is a lot same day payday loans direct lenders of Snapple. I am sorry for Susan that she received a lot of unprofessional, bad advice and no doubt lost out on making money off her deal. If buying with financing one needs a pre same day payday loans direct lenders approval letter from a credible lender.

Such as a bank that has ran a credit check on the applicant, not something you can google and print out. If buying with financing one needs a pre approval letter from a credible lender. Such as a bank that has ran a credit check on the applicant, not something you can google and print out.

I also know that in the past 4 months, I, personally, have received, presented and had accepted, with no contingency and no questions asked, four proof of funds letters, one of which went to a bank (shortsale), and they accepted it. I have never been asked for more proof or a bank statement. The contingency I mentioned in my first comment was not a financing contingency, it was a condition vs offer price contingency because your offer could change based on what you find when you inspect it.

Is it not a disservice to the seller when the agent refuses to show the property? Personally, I think I would fire an agent who refused to show the house I was selling and report any other agent who refused to show it. Prejudging people is one of the biggest mistakes a salesperson can make and in my opinion may even be discriminatory. I was running around with no credit check pay day loans my kids one day and probably looked like a homeless bum since we just kinda ran out of the house to go goof around with no plan.

We decided to look at jet skis and several salespeople ignored us. When the youngest salesperson came over and asked if he could help and I said "Write it up, Ill be paying cash today and want it detailed and lake ready by 4" I thought he would faint. We walked in his office and I pulled off 14 one hundred dollar bills and told him I would be back at 4 and not to make me wait. We are 2 months from start to the bank ordering an appraisal, which will noww take another 4-6 weeks. We are trying to roll 1 heloc and our rental into 1 loan.

We have so much equity in both places it should be a cake walk. Start to finish should be between 45 and 60 days in all reality. Appraisal should be ordered within the first few days of application unless something is wrong. We jumped ship and are going into our 3rd month with the 2nd bank. We have massive equity in both homes, we just want 1 lower interest loan. Appraisal invoice should have been sent to you for payment after signing your initial loan package which you quick payday loans for bad credit should have received within the first week, 10 days max.

Over the summer I had my lender same day payday loans direct lenders take over for a buyer on a listing I had and she new payday lender closed it start to finish in 8 days. I know if you are doing a refi through a bank then that could be your issue. Maybe talk to a mortgage company not a bank and see what they could do if it is a refi you are doing. Rodrigues Youd think, but 2 of the banks are very local, one is big box. Very embarrassing to have a client be ignored for weeks. It takes ten seconds to click the button to send out the automated email to client.

I think what you could do to fasten the process is just to be on them every day by checking in.

Part of the problem is the mortgage rep and serious lack of communication and delays. We are also getting ready to refinance our Salt Lake City property and I will be looking for another mortgage company guaranteed personal loan approval there. Pete, Florida area and he stated he has not worked with any underwriters that has accepted and approved FHA loans for almost a year now. He also mentioned his credit score minimum is a 720.