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Remember to keep reserves of money, for the times when people move out, and also for future repairs. I am 27 days into escrow on my first property and the broker I decided to work with has been absolutely terrible. He assured me at the beginning of the process that everything looked easy and straightforward and even gave me a pre-approval letter right away. He has one other deal open with them that is two months in and he is cash usa net still waiting on them. The most frustrating thing is that none of this was communicated until just today and I have been asking him for an update for the last 2 weeks.

Hello everyone, I currently live in a SFH in the Chicagoland Suburbs that I gut-rehabbed in April of 2020. As of today I have reached out to all mortgage brokers I know to see if they have clients that are interested, and have reached out to friends and family to see if they know someone in the market. The agents will try to get a 30 day listing with you. Those multiple offer situations depend on lots of eyeballs at the same time. You cut out a big chunk of the buyer pool right away. The website from which you got to this page is protected by Cloudflare. Email addresses on that page have been hidden in order to keep them from being accessed by malicious bots. You must enable Javascript in your browser in order to decode the e-mail address.

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The website from which you got to this page is protected by Cloudflare. Email addresses on that page have been hidden in order to keep them from being accessed by malicious bots. Please visit the contact page and let us know the page you are trying to access — and how you got here.

Please visit the contact page and let us know the page you are trying to access — and how you got here. Please visit the contact page and let us know the page you are trying to access — and how you got here. Please visit the contact page and let us know the page regional loans you are trying to access — and how you got here.

A quick word to the wise, though: These techniques may not actually cost less than more traditional loan sources. Not only are credit cards usually expensive, they come with their own risks, from immediate cancellation to debt spiraling and a cut financial safety net. This has been floating around the Internet for a few years now and still seems to work. At a retail store, you buy a prepaid debit card along with your groceries and put the entire purchase on your credit card. You then use the prepaid debit card to pay for a money order… made out to yourself.

But if you can find prepaid debit cards with microloans high enough balances, it may be worth the trouble. You buy them at retail stores and load money onto them, and that money then transfers to your PayPal account.

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To begin with, many contractors pad their materials estimates, so paying for labor only will save money immediately.

If you have 100 percent trust in the contractor, the cashier can simply call you when the contractor is at checkout, and you can give the cashier your credit card information. Remember to always collect receipts from the contractor, to check the materials purchased, and to keep the receipts for tax season. Some contractors do, for regional loans a fee (usually in the 3-3. Just be sure to have several contingency plans in place to pay this money back to the credit card company. You may not be able to put your real estate purchase on your credit card, but you can put nearly every other expense on your credit card and stockpile cash for a few months. The regional loans problem with this method is that you rack up a bunch of expensive credit card debt. Conventional mortgage lenders also take 30-60 days to close, regardless of what the 24-year-old loan officer promises. Most hard money lenders charge fast cash advance loans just as much in points as the credit card does, plus junk fees to boot.

Related: How to Be Smart About Credit Card Debt When You Have Student Loans Credit cards are dangerous tools, but they can still be powerful when wielded effectively. Real estate investors also need both a primary and at least one contingency exit plan for paying these debts back quickly. Ever used credit cards in your real estate investing?

Want to tell us juicy details about the vacation you want on after your last house flip, paid for entirely by credit card rewards? Same deal as last time, come with stories to share, insights to give, and a neighborly ear for listening to others. Please let me know if you can come as soon as possible so I can give a more accurate number to give MT Pints when reserving space. This week we are talking about leveraging money and how Trius Lending can help when you have self-funded a deal. Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion,pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques.

There may be pitching of products,services or properties at this event! We are experiencing some technical issues with our video today so we are featuring a past episode with great relevant content! This week we are talking about leveraging money and how Trius Lending can help when you have self-funded a deal. Do you live in Macon, Warner Robins, or anywhere in Middle Georgia and want to network and learn more about investing in real estate? We have a growing group and would love to have you come to our monthly meeting. This month we will have a guest presenter who will be covering wholesaling and has over 10 regional loans years experience in the area. I would definitely like to attend your real estate group and connect more with you, where are the meeting held at?

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Check out our Meetuo group or find us on Facebook by searching for Middle Georgia Real Estate Investors. I saw on your profile that you have a few SFR investments and I am currently taking the steps to purchase my first SFR property. Do you have any advice or suggestions where can i get a loan from when it comes to getting financing for SFR investment properties?

I have speaking to a few local lenders in my area to see who had the best financing options for my criteria, but are there any lenders that you could recommend that work well with investors? I just thought I asked since you are experienced with this already, I appreciate your time and thanks again!

It is also intended to be a tool for those people who want to plan their own local real estate meetups. We do want to encourage organic meetups, real estate clubs and others to share their events here, but we do expect that everyone be transparent about what attendees can expect.

Incredible thanks for looking out for BP(Your Numero Uno) which we all love here on BP and everyone here at BP!

So far, it has really been truly, a genuine experience. Helping to develop and manage ourselves in the REI arena the right way and with excellent guidance. Then there are the lessons we learn after the application in school was taught in real life.

Thanks to you, Brandon and all the Pros down to the novice for sharing, respecting, and creating a truly genuine experience for those who belive, there is a better way to enjoy our lives, especially with the ones we love. Always a profit and never a loss, when your a part of the BiggerPockets community. Perhaps a disclaimer needed regardless of what is advertised? This event has no relationship, expressed or implied, to BP, nor is there any endorsement by or affiliate relationship with BP. I have had a BP account for some time but I am just beginning to participate. Our meet up will take place in the Augusta Financial building: Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and the room will be through the double doors immediately across as you exit the elevator.

We will however, be planning a casual lunch or dinner for those of us who are still around later in the month. Thank you for your understanding and we hope this has not caused a major inconvenience to your schedule. We do not have the dates defined yet, but hope to have this for everyone by next week. Strongly leaning towards out-of-state investment but would like my first BRRRR property to be in the So Cal area if possible.

Thanks in advance for any info on making connections in this area. Would love to connect virtually to get the lay of the land before I start investing. Thanks, Tim We will be having our next meeting on Tuesday, October 6, at 5:30 p. We will be meeting in the front room to the left as you enter. Tables will be situated so we will have good social distancing.

The guest speaker will be Karol Grove of Alpine Land Surveying, Inc.

She is a flood zone expert who has helped many home owners to amend the flood maps to permanently remove homes from the flood zone saving homeowners thousands of dollars. Hi I live in Traverse City and am interested in attending a meeting in the future. Down to also meet in person in an outdoor setting once it warms up a bit.

Interested in meet up too but everything has been so quiet.

As soon as I hear, I will continue to post them here. This event is open to investors, lenders, contractors, real estate agents, and anyone looking to learn about the local area. Look forward to a good turn out and good conversation. This event is not personal bad credit loans associated with BiggerPockets nor is BiggerPockets liable for business transactions nor occurrence at this event or as a result of this event. I run a real estate team out of Lowell MA (North of Boston) focused on helping investors in our very competitive market. The Myth "there are no good deals on MLS" is one we encounter all the time. Everyone wants the off-market stuff but what I find is most of the off market stuff has hair on it. Then brought the right investor to the property and while there was competition fast online payday we got it locked up at asking. The offer was in and signed before the end of the 2nd open house. The key is to find the right matches and act quickly and decisively. Our Pints and Properties meetups have been virtual and we have been itching to host in person ones again. The team found a venue that can hold up to 40 people with enough room for social distancing in Nashua, NH. It will be held at Boston Billiards regional loans Club and Casino (55 Northeastern Blvd) in two of their private rooms.

The event is planned for February 18th from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Appetizers will be provided and there will be a cash bar.

Due to limited space, the first 40 people to RSVP will be added to the guestlist.

We need an accurate headcount to make sure those who are interested in joining can do so! Candor Realty will try to ensure everyone stays safe. It should close before the Thursday meetup so ask me then :) We hope you can join us from 6:00pm - 8:30pm pm on Wednesday, February 24th for a healthy discussion about real estate updates in the Houston area. Joining us will be Martin Rubio with Rubio Investors LLC as he tells us his journey as a multi-family buyer and investor. Martin and Claudia Rubio are Houston residents and managing partners of Rubio Investors, they are commercial real estate investors as well as General and Limited Partners.