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So, what is prompting this surge in demand for high-end properties in London and will it continue? While some of this could be put down to the post lockdown surge are we starting to see a sea change in property investment trend.

While we would expect data from competing parties to rubberstamp any new trends, it is the strength of the new trends which has caught many by surprise. There have been rumours, counter rumours and blatantly made up real loans online stories regarding a potential change in property investment trends.

What does seem to be clear is that the coronavirus pandemic and the chances of this re-occurring in the short, medium and long-term has made many people think again about their property investment strategy. We know that luxury property markets tend to retain their value better than their mass-market counterparts during difficult times. Figures suggest that they also bounce back quicker when the tide does begin to turn. However, there seems to be a real change in investment strategy.

A number of estate agents have stepped forward with comments and feedback regarding ongoing client enquiries in the luxury property market. What we also know is that many businesses will be actively investigating the potential for more employees to work from home in the event of similar outbreaks in the future. While the UK government stepped in with hundreds of billions of pounds in financial assistance this is not something that can be repeated. It will take many years for businesses and payday loan no faxing taxpayers to repay these huge subsidies paid out but so far it does seem to have added a degree of relative stability. Yes, GDP growth was down significantly during the lockdown and will take some time to get back to anywhere near normality. It looks as though we are starting to see the emergence of a new trend in the UK property market with pay day loan calgary particular focus on high-end properties. The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the foundations of the UK business sector and the economy has been hit extremely hard. At this moment in time it is difficult to see light at the ohio loan end of the total as the coronavirus continues to impact all areas of private and business life.

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The property market has been temporarily frozen and there are serious concerns about how property prices will react when the lockdown comes to an end. So, while it may be difficult, it is sensible to take a long-term view and detach yourself from the short term challenges. European Union citizens will still be able to move to the UK via the traditional immigration system. There will continue to be huge movement amongst Commonwealth countries and from other countries that have previously used the traditional immigration system. When we also take into account natural population growth in the UK it seems inevitable that there will be further pressure and further demand for housing. We only need to look back to the December 2019 election to see the promises of huge new build investment from both the Conservative and the Labour Party. It in desperate need of money is inevitable that government plans to increase newbuild numbers will be delayed somewhat in light of the lockdown and social distancing, which will place yet more pressure on current housing stock. We already know that the number cash advance places of newbuilds has for many years been well behind the curve with regards to population growth and demand. At this moment in time it is impossible to say with any certainty how UK house prices will respond in the short to medium term. Indeed, if potential sellers were to withdraw their homes from the market then this could introduce greater competition per property available. So, when looking at the headline figures it is essential to focus on forecasts for house price growth. The UK is often underrated when it comes to economic power and worldwide influence. So, yes, the UK does have challenges with regards to real loans online Brexit, and the coronavirus has and will continue to cause problems in the short term.

However, property investors looking longer term may well experience some significant gains. There are numerous reasons why the UK property market still looks attractive longer term and why many investors have been refinancing assets to increase liquidity.

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As ever, timing will be the key with many investors waiting for the expected initial markdown in property prices. If this happens it could prompt a huge wave real loans online of new investment…… As a live event, 2020 has presented us with exceptional challenges. Our response is to lead the market by delivering the first ever online show dedicated solely to the UK buy-to-let market. Partnering with an established digital events platform, the National Landlord Investment Show will be delivering 3 online events throughout October and November.

Visitors will still be able to connect with their favourite brands and discuss their needs in person, easily browse the superb products and services real loans online on offer, watch seminars by leading industry experts, network and benefit from the depth of knowledge and experience the National Landlord Investment Show has to offer, but from the safety of their home or office. We have Thousands of landlords, investors and property professionals hungry to hear about services or products and listen to seminars. We have exhibitors galore with superb products and services, and quick online loans an audience hungry to engage post the Covid-19 vacuum. As always, entry is free, all you have to do is register. Learn more personal loan no credit history about the Online Landlord Investment Show by visiting our website www. The UK government under Boris Johnson has a habit of rolling out headline grabbing ideas but very often these are not followed through. Obviously, there are pros and cons, people for and real loans online against, but there seems to be a genuine acceptance that reducing red tape is the way forward. Under the proposed planning system all land will be designated for growth, renewal or protection. We also know that the current Section 106 Agreement and the Community Infrastructure Levy would be replaced by a new Infrastructure Levy. This new charge will be based on the value of each development above real money direct loans online an agreed threshold.

The idea is simple, by not penalising relatively small developments and reducing the overall cost of planning and developing in the UK, this will help local authorities and developers deliver affordable housing. This would obviously provide the much sought-after stepping stone from rental property to homeownership a gap which for many years has seemed out of control. However, there appears to be some uncertainty regarding the quality of new developments if the planning application process is made much simpler. The UK government is also going to introduce rules with regards to planning applications so there is more transparency.

Much time, money and effort is spent on planning application appeals but the idea is that the rules-based system will significantly reduce the scope for appeal.

There is no doubt that many property developers do apply for planning applications which are often held back for a number of reasons. This may include the financial status of the company, local demand or the wider economic outlook. At this moment in time, with the coronavirus having a huge impact on economic activity, and unemployment set to increase in January 2021, it is fair to say the next couple of years will be challenging. That said it is a valid argument that property developers are applying for planning permission but not always using it.

In reality, the whole industry has welcomed the changes but many will be cautiously critical until we see the small print and the additional funding required.

Boris Johnson has made many bold promises over recent months and the lack of affordable housing in the UK has certainly been a bugbear of his for some time. Are we actually seeing a fundamental change in the UK property planning application process?

There is growing concern amongst private landlords regarding rent arrears with one Scottish letting agency taking controversial action.