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I know the STR laws are quite strict across the state. Does anyone have certain markets that are STR investor... I am a newbie investor looking to begin in wholesaling.

While I quick same day loans am in my last semester of college in Clemson, SC. Florence, SC is home for me, and that is where I am looking to begin wholesaling. My wife and I are out of state investors currently living in Texas, but looking at purchasing rental properties using the BRRRR Strategy (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance,Repeat). We are looking for a vacation home we can STR in Charleston or Greenville within the next 3-6 mths. For me, 2020 has been the year that has forced me to get things moving.

I have opened my own business and have decided to start investing into rental properties as a second business. Hi, I have a friend who is looking to close his first deal in Colombia on a foreclosure in the 29203 area, near USC. Hi, I just graduated and I am looking to potentially buy a home this year or if not work with someone who is. I have a little bit of free time and I currently direct payday loan lenders no brokers work a steady 9-5, but is there any real benefit behind... Hi, My name is Chris and I am recently college graduate looking to possibly learn underneath or network with anyone currently doing or willing to do deals in The Northern South Carolina area. For current investors and investors looking for STRs,... HELLO BP, I am just getting started with rental properties in South Carolina and want to know what you have found with mobile homes, detitled on sitting on a few acres of land. Hey BP members, I was doing some research on tax advantages to switching solar in South Carolina for rental properties. I have a motivated seller interested in selling their(? Potential seller has been paying taxes on land that belonged to a long deceased relative.

Hello,I am looking for recommendations for investor friendly insurance brokers who service South Dakota and North Dakota. I have been looking closely at the Rapid City market as a strong potential focus for the coming year. I would be looking to purchase 2 to 3 long term rentals in the area and am hoping to connect... I was just wondering how you would go about finding a hard money lender or private lender in the rapid city, SD area. What are you seeing for Cap Rates in the multifamily space for B and C class buildings in the Sioux Falls South Dakota area?

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My friends recent signed a lease for an apartment, then discovered that it short term loan direct lender was infested with cockroaches. The landlord never mentioned them before they signed, and has done next to nothing to deal with them. Very new to real estate investing and bigger pockets. I have a roll over IRA I would like to invest in real estate and unsecured loans for bad credit direct lenders am looking for advice concerning penalties and tax implications associated with using an IRA. Good morning Bigger Pockets,My husband and I have own rental properties in Riverton WY, a very small town. We are wanting to branch out and are looking in the Rapid City SD market. Does anyone know where I could go to find out the legality of wholesaling properties in SD? I called the real estate commission and they said wholesaling is not legal in South Dakota without a real estate license? Any Bigger Pockets members in Rapid City South Dakota? I would like to find some people who are from westernSouth Dakota in the Black Hills area or eastern Wyoming.

I have been trying to find a rental property that has numbers that make sense. I own primary residence turned duplex that I am house hacking at the moment. Our next move is a live-in flip this summer someone in Utah County. Wanted to know the best way to leverage my new pizzeria as a way to get into real estate, wanted to know if there was any advice or suggestions from this who have done it before? If you own rentals and are thinking about liquidating any, NOW IS THE TIME. We just got our offer accepted on a house in Centerville with a MIL and... We are considering moving to Utah and are looking for high cash flow investment properties (either single or multi-family). I hear that housing has gone up a lot in Utah and cash flow is hard to get. Hey, I have been reading local posts and am really impressed with the wisdom imparted for free to strangers. Just curious if there are other investors out there? Stay tuned over the next couple of days as I share our month over month, quarter over quarter and year over year market stats for Utah. I wanted to jump in here and give an update on how 2020 has gone for my business and what I think the short-term outlook will look like in Utah. Here are the month over month housing performance stats for November. The lack of inventory is canceling out the holiday slowdown we...

Where would you go to acquire custom sized closet doors? I am a First time homebuyer moving to Logan, Utah this summer. I am interested in finding a property that I can house hack. I have never visited the area so am in need of references for Real Estate Agents that know the... So we bought our current live-in-rehab house prior to the big windstorm that swept through the SL Valley, tearing off roofs, ripping down trees, and everything in between. Looking to network with other investors with experience in that market.

How are landlord tenant laws (How long and how much does it take to evict a bad... Hello Everyone,I have been traveling up to Vermont for a few years now and thinking of investing in a cash flowing multi family town.

Interested in networking with other RE investors and BP folks in the region. Last year I bought a mixed use property 5 units on the main access road to Mt Snow Ski Resort. In their outline, they mention:"quick same day loans Topics can include items such as general...

What are some of your direct payday loan lenders for bad credit best projects, past or present? Looking to connect (and partner) with savvy Multifamily investors in the VT or nearby areas who share unique passion in Multifamily investing! What are some of your best projects, past or present?

Show yourselves :) I did a back of the envelope analysis payday loan interest rates for this 3 unit plus general store building and got the following numbers which seem pretty promising. What other information should I find out or confirm before making an... I currently own a rental property in Boston which I house hacked and am actively trying to acquire another to do the same. My quick same day loans husband and I are looking to buy a vacation rental property near a ski resort in VT and banking on STRs in summers, falls, and winters (as well as taking the occasional family trip there...

Hi BPers, anybody have a good constructor to recommend in chittenden county? I found quick same day loans a property I like a lot and it needs some work. I have not done any remodel before, just little best installment loans DIY project at home. When you folks are initially evaluating investment properties, what numbers do you plug in for capex and repairs on older (pre 1900) homes. Can anyone recommend an agent with good knowledge of the rental market, etc?

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Hi everyone, Currently in the process of trying to buy my first home. I am just curios if anyone has some idea of what bank, CU or mortgage company has the lowest closing cost fees. Hi Vermontsters, my wife and I are taking a trip up to Burlington this weekend and I was curious if there are any active BP members in the Burlington, Colchester, Winooski area and what the landscape is there.

My family owns a good-sized parcel of land in southern Vermont and I am exploring whether to build one or more structures for vacation rentals. Anyone have any experience in or thoughts about this type of enterprise?...

Hi Everyone, my company is looking for an agent near Rutland, Vermont. We will be needing assistance to list a property for sale. Hi everyone,I am a new member here at BP, but have been scrolling over your forums and listening to some of the podcasts for quite a while now. A little information about me - I have a full time job in IT Support,... I just recently passed the VA realtor exam and was wondering what made people choose a certain brokerage to work with, and what sort of qualities they looked for in one versus another Is anyone interested in meeting monthly in the Ashburn, VA or Leesburg, VA area to discuss real estate investing? Hello BP Family, My family and I are moving to Charlottesville, VA in about 6-7 months. We are an Air Force family leaving from Fort Meade, MD and do not know much about the area outside of the news and local articles....

I am interested in pre-licensing course recommendations in Virginia that are offering virtual (zoom type) classes?

After a year of not collecting rent and not being able to get a tenant out It looks like there may quick same day loans be a light at the end of the tunnel. That leaves me with the physical process of the eviction. We will be moving our properties over to property management as they become vacant (the first one coming up... I am most interested in rentals, and I currently rent rooms in my primary residence, and purchased a rental townhouse.

Hello All,I was hoping to find some help with getting started wholesaling in the Richmond Virginia market. If anyone has or is doing deals in the Richmond Virginia market, I... I was wondering what list people are having the most success with pulling.