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Spokesman Costantinos Constantis said various companies were destroying Cyprus international reputation and the authorities should reject applications made by land developers who were known to have broken the law. There is still considerable doubt i want a loan in Cyprus that the measures currently being adopted with solve the problems faces by tens of thousands of property buyers who don t have title deeds and who may face having their properties demolished. There is also concern about how long it is taking to put the new bill into action. It also claimed that first payday loans some of the provisions in the proposed legislation being proposed will lead to stagnation in the construction industry. Meanwhile European Parliament MP Daniel Hannan has called on the European Commission to send a fact finding mission to Cyprus to investigate the Title Deed problems. He is concerned that the new legislation will not address the main problems especially those relating to buyers whose properties have second developer mortgages on them and therefore they do not have title deeds. In a written question to the parliament he has also asked for specific official figures on the number of property sales contracts that are encumbered with developer mortgages, the current balance of the total mortgage debt of Cypriot developers and the year on year percentage increase of that debt over the last three years.

He has now written to the European Commission demanding what it is going to do about the situation. What measures is the Commission proposing to help Cyprus tighten up its building and planning legislation?

What redress do expatriates living in Cyprus have after being sold an illegal construction?

The government in Cyprus claims it is trying to sort out the title deeds problem stemming from unscrupulous quick easy money developers raising mortgages on properties already sold to unsuspecting buyers, many of who were British. A certain amount of illegal building has also contributed to the problems. They are not moving fast though and even although new rules have been debated in parliament nothing has yet been introduced in law and there are also get cash concerns about the time it will take to sort out the mess with hundreds of thousands of properties thought to be affected. As a result of all the publicity many British buyers have pulled out of the market and now there are reports that Russian buyers are now aware of the potential pitfalls with agents reporting a drop in interest from them. A massive drop in property prices has not helped to revive the real estate market on the Mediterranean island which was once one of the most popular locations for overseas buyers and investors.

I am one of those people that has been waiting for her title deeds in cyprus!!!! I cannot finish building my house because of the title deeds and there for we are stuck with a half build house. CYPRUS you are embarrassing all CYPRIOTS including me by all payday loans in sc your incompetence. How can a country of only 700 000 people be in such a bad state as to giving people what they already own!!!!!! Not only that you guys must be really thick quick easy money because think of all the money the goverment will get when they actually just simply grant all the title deeds..

I am seriously looking in to this and going to the European union with this story it is unbelievable that Cyprus government lets itself be run by a few bad bad boy solicitors!!!!!! I will fight this until the end and before you start I am a cypriot and I am ashamed of my so called country. Anybody have the balls to speak to me why in the hell it takes 5 years when we have done everything legally and above board to get the dam paper you fast easy loans guys owe me!! Well said Stevie Now that the EU might be going to investigate, it will be very, very , interesting to see what the developers and banks are going to do, never mind the Lawyers or whatever it is they call themselves. The can of worms is slowly being opened, it s going to get scary, very scary indeed. The Cypriot government has extended the deadline for lodging legal claims against alleged property mis-selling in Cyprus.

A number of lenders and property developers in Cyprus have been cited in legal proceedings by an array of investors from around the world with a significant number from the UK. While many potential claimants were scampering to make last-minute legal claims the deadline has been moved to the 31 December 2014 which has taken some of the pressure off those caught up in the scandal. This is an issue which is rumoured to have affected up to 15,000 expats from the UK and a whole range of other investors from around the world. So, what has happened with the Cypriot property market and why are so many UK expat investors up in arms?

The investments in question were acquired between 2003 and 2009 which takes in the US mortgage crisis and subsequent property market collapse. It seems that the majority of those UK investors looking for legal redress acquired off-plan developments which were either unfinished or in quick easy money some cases had not even started. There is some confusion as to why the situation has left many British expats so financially distressed but it seems that the nightmare storm of adverse currency fluctuations, mortgage rate increases and a collapse of the Cypriot property market came together in disastrous fashion.

Reports in Cyprus suggest that the majority of those impacted were buy-to-let investors who had planned to rent their properties to holidaymakers.

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This is an area of the worldwide economy which also collapsed in light of the US mortgage crisis thereby adding another nail to the coffin of investors in the Cypriot property market. Surprisingly, when you bear in mind that Cyprus is part of the European Union, many investors in question were advised to take out quick easy money Swiss franc mortgages as this currency was seen to be safe with stable interest rates. There is some concern about the way in which these mortgages were sold and whether all of the risks were made clear to investors. There are also questions being asked about the powers of attorney used by Cypriot solicitors to complete the transactions and whether they were valid. One of the main legal arguments is whether the cases in question should be heard in UK courts or Cypriot courts. Many of those caught up in the situation have been advised to lodge legal claims in both UK and Cypriot courts so that they are covered quick easy money whichever way the legal argument falls.

When you also bear in mind that some small loan with bad credit developers stand accused of using title deeds on customer properties as collateral for their own funding requirements this is indeed a dark chapter for the Cypriot property market. We will continue to monitor the situation and report upon future developments as and when they are confirmed. Many people have been caught offguard by the announcement that Greece and Turkey are in talks about the reunification of Cyprus. This is a subject that quick easy money has been ongoing since 1974 when the island was split between a Turkish Cypriot republic in the North and a Greek Cypriot country in the south. Even to this day there is a UN buffer to ensure no friction between the two age-old enemies although things could change very quickly with further talks expected. Each side of the argument has demanded that the other withdraw their forces from the island in order to pave the way for reunification.

So far, as you would expect at early stage talks, no side has been willing to give way to the other and there is something of a stalemate at the moment. However new talks are expected to begin on 18 January in Geneva at which 100 dollar loan point the issue of security will be central. It will be interesting to see whether the two sides are able to agree a way forward because there seems to be an appetite for an agreement otherwise why begin talks? Over the last few years we have seen legal arguments regarding the ownership of property in the region with around 165,000 Greek Cypriots forced to flee the North back personal loans with bad credit up to 5000 in 1974.

To balance the argument it is worth noting that around 45,000 Turkish Cypriots were forced to i need a personal loan now with bad credit flee the south of Cyprus leaving any property they owned.

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There is some debate regarding these figures but it does seem as though Greek Cypriots forced out of the North of Cyprus have the stronger argument at the moment.

There is some debate as to whether properties previously held by those forced out of the region will fast money loans be legally returned or whether previous owners will receive some form of compensation. These two arguments in themselves open a whole host of legal minefields, not least of which, who will foot the bill? It would be foolish to suggest that these reconciliation talks will be successful in the short term but there does seem to be an appetite for an agreement from all parties. The confusion this could cause within the Cypriot property market as a whole might see pressure on prices and some investors sitting on the sidelines.

However, could it be this short-term pain could very quickly turn into long-term gain in a more stable and reunified Cyprus? Any agreement would need to recognise the position of prevailing forces in the north and south of Cyprus and create a structure allowing parties to work together for the good of Cyprus. There is therefore potential for a significant boost to the Cypriot economy, property market and interest from overseas investors.

This is an ambitious move by the relevant parties and while there will be many hurdles and problems ahead perhaps we are standing on the verge of a new chapter in the history of Cyprus? It is fair to say that Cyprus has had more than its fair share of political woes over the years which have impacted the property market.

However, recent figures from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors make for very interesting reading. There is also a very significant economic factor on the horizon which would appear to be encouraging property investment from worldwide investors. While there has been an increase in the value of residential property, both houses and apartments, right across the board, this has varied from area to area.

Over the last quarter, house prices increased by 0. The tourist industry has always been a prominent part of the Cypriot economy so it was also interesting to see that holiday flats increased by 0. This would seem to indicate that Cyprus is back on the tourist map and perhaps the worst of the European economic woes behind it.