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One case may be a property sale between family members or good friends, where the property never goes on the market.

A real estate agent may represent both sides of the transaction in more of a mediation or contract-review type of relationship. Some also argue that dual agency can be good in hot markets quick easy loans online where timing is everything. Communication is streamlined by having only one agent involved, making each negotiation point go faster.

For savvy buyers or sellers who are confident about what constitutes a reasonable deal in their market, dual agency can be a way to help a better purchase price from both perspectives. Sometimes a dual agent will be willing to take a cut in commission in order to get the deal done. First of all, a dual agent is required to give full disclosure to both parties, informing both sides of their role and gaining consent online payday loan reviews from each. If you feel uncomfortable, you can and should opt out of the representation agreement. In addition, some question whether the designated agent might feel beholden to the originating agent and thus not give their client complete undivided loyalty. No matter how confident you feel about getting a good deal, another set of eyes on the legal terms could make all the difference.

A few hundred dollars for consultation could end up saving you money and stress down the line. Finally, if you work with a dual agent, be sure that they have methods in place to safeguard your confidential information. Make sure the agent can be trusted to keep your information private, especially from the other party in the transaction.

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Like any listing during any season, foot traffic depends on how well a house is marketed. So, what can you do to sell your home in the dead of winter? Determining an asking price for your home is tough, especially when comparable homes that have recently sold nearby are scarce.

A real estate broker is not the same thing as a real estate agent. A broker is an agent that has also passed their broker license exam. The main difference between the two is that a real estate broker can also own a real estate agency or firm. Real estate agents are the ones that work for a real estate broker firm. A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the net proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the debts secured by liens against the property. Lenders are people or companies that allow you to borrow money with the promise that it will be repaid. Repayment includes principal and interest, and may include monthly payments or a lump sum payment. Healthy economies experience consistent growth in real GDP over time. But if you were to track GDP on a graph, an slowdown would be visually apparent as a deviation from that upward economic growth trend.

Though unpleasant, downturns are a natural part of the economic cycle as technologies, industries, and governments change. In addition to GDP, financial institutions (such as the Federal Reserve) and economic analysts recognize economic downturns by watching for the following behaviors in different areas of society: Several factors contribute to a downturn in the U. A decrease in spending affects demand throughout the supply chain, which in turn affects output. Purchases made on credit are especially affected by interest rates. Higher interest rates may cause delays in spending on high-priced items (e.

Elections and governmental policy changes can sway confidence and buying habits on both a personal and industrial level. Wars, unrest, health crises, foreign relations, and tariffs all affect confidence and spending as well. For example, a financial crisis within countries that supply oil can cause domestic gas prices to skyrocket, which can then increase the prices of other consumables and decrease overall spending. The essential link between the two is actual spending, which can be measured authoritatively.

Monitoring the factors that influence direct money lenders economic confidence can help predict an economic downturn. A downturn itself can be tracked through spending data (thus the emphasis on GDP). That said, the links between confidence, spending, and our overall economic situation are undeniable. Once that happens, the NBER will label the downturn as an official recession. But because the NBER looks at pinpointed data from many economic indicators, they will sometimes declare a recession before two quarters have passed. Often, these economic conditions are a precursor to a recession.

For example, in the Great Recession (also known in the United States as the 2008 Recession), housing and financial markets started to take a downturn as far back as February 2007 when announced it would no longer work with risky mortgages. The markets fluctuated over the next months (meaning recession had not set in yet) in fact, the stock market hit an all-time high in October 2007.

However, by looking across the various markets mentioned above, economic experts concluded that a long term recession was on the horizon. Recessions can occur on a national or global level. Nations each measure and monitor their own GDP, while the IMF (International Monetary Fund) keeps tabs on the global economy. National recessions, especially those experienced by major world powers, can precipitate global recessions.

For instance, the in the United States impacted global economies heavily in 2009, though individual nations experienced the downturns to varying degrees. In fact, the IMF declared a global recession in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as well. If overall consumer confidence falls, homebuyers may delay purchases which can lead to houses sitting on the market for longer than usual.

In that case, sellers may be more motivated to compromise on either price or , proving that even the housing market is not entirely immune to economic distress. Great Recession aside, investing in real estate during an economic downturn can be a good strategy if prior economic downturns are any indication.

The following investment considerations present a positive scenario regarding real estate investments during an economic downturn: Investment income: Real estate income in the form of rental payments can provide stability during a season of economic uncertainty.

Even during the Great Recession, the single family and multi-family rental sector fared well.

Limited fluctuation: While the stock market may be volatile during an economic downturn, the housing market remains stable for the most part. Investors who rely on dividends may experience hardship due to losses in the stock market, while those who depend on rental income can actually raise rent (during Growth over time: Real estate supply will likely grow during an economic downturn, which means that investors have more purchasing options. However, quick easy loans online this may not be the season for quick flips. Instead, investors can ride out an economic downturn by focusing on rental income.

By waiting to sell until no verification loans the economy recovers, real estate investors can experience profitable growth over time. Economic downturns are a natural part of the economic cycle. Because the housing market tends to remain stable in comparison to other markets, vigilant and savvy real estate investors need not worry too much.

For real estate easements, the two entities involved are sometimes officially referred to as the dominant estate and servient estate: Also called utility easements, a public easement is the most common type of easement. Public easements allow use of a portion of land for some sort of public necessity. Examples of a public easement might include quick easy loans online power lines or piping that run through a piece of privately owned land.

For example, you may have an quick easy loans online easement that allows electrical workers to access your backyard to make repairs on a power line. Or you may have a storm drain that runs beneath your side yard. In those situations, a utility company may actually pay the property owner for the right of the easement. As the name suggests, a private easement is a use-of-land agreement between two private parties. Usually, a private easement is quick cash loans for bad credit agreed upon between neighbors. For example, a farmer may need access through neighboring land for irrigation. Or an uphill home may require a sewer easement through neighboring property to achieve necessary slope. Neighbors may also agree to solar easements that would prohibit the height of buildings or trees.

Easements by necessity are usually created and enforced by local laws and are based on need of access. Landlocked parcels without an egress are a great example of easement by necessity. An easement in gross grants access exclusively to a particular entity. Easement in gross is unique in that it is not transferable either with the land or by the benefiting party. If you allow quick easy loans online your neighbor to use your dock for their boat or you allow a friend to use your land for hunting, you may want to form an easement in gross. An easement of prescription is an implied easement quick easy loans online based on continuous, open, unauthorized use over a period of time. For example, if a neighbor erects a fence a few feet over the lot line into your land, over time they may be able to claim a prescriptive easement. A prescriptive easement need not be exclusive to one party, however.

If you have land that people use continuously as a shortcut—such as a trail to the beach or the park—a prescriptive easement may quick easy loans online be formed. An easement is a legal agreement of use, and therefore is subject to law enforcement. Generally speaking, a property owner cannot restrict the function of an easement, and any effort to impede an easement may be subject to court intervention. Penalties for violation of an easement vary on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the harm experienced by the violation. While abiding by an easement is required for the life of the easement, you do have the right to challenge or terminate an easement by following the protocol mentioned below.

A real estate attorney can help with the process of challenging or terminating an easement. If you feel that your right of property ownership is being challenged by an easement (meaning, your own use of the property is being prohibited or restricted), you should contact a real estate attorney. This may be required if the use of the easement grows hostile.

This is difficult to prove though, because idle progress is no credit check loans online not the same as abandonment. When purchasing a home or land, the title company should bring any easements to your attention, along with specific rights that the easement allows or prohibits. Failure to disclose easements would need to be brought up with your Some easements are easily accommodated. A utility worker walking through your yard once a year to flip the power back on is really not a big deal for most people. But homebuyers should think carefully about other types of easements that may impact future renovations or additions.

If a solar easement prohibits you from planting a shade tree, will you be okay with that?

If half the neighborhood cuts through your property to access the community park, is that going to present a problem for your family?