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Was hoping if someone can suggest a commercial property inspector. Hi all,We are planning to move to south county soon and after we plan to rent out our condo in Irvine for a shorter term lease before we go to sell. I think we would likely just do some minor renovation (maybe paint...

I stumbled across a review of someone complaining about the community on Yelp from November last... I live in Orange County, CA and plan on investing here. Hi everyone, I have a duplex that I am currently occupying one unit.

I currently live in the Bay Area and this would be my first property. Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Denver market inside and out and can evaluate properties from... Good news for those house-hacking types within the city limits of Denver. The city is considering increasing the number of unrelated adults who are allowed to live together. I am in my 20s and wanting to quick cash loans for bad credit get in to the real estate investing market. Hi there,Brand new to this website from a friend referral.

Excited to learn more and purchase my 2nd property. My goal of this property is bad credit installment loans online to live-in the home and remodel, to then sell or use as rental quick cash loans for bad credit property.... I visited my brother last week who lives in Denver proper and was a little shocked when I toured his garden apartment for the first time. He lives in a converted SFH where there is a side the loan depot door that leads into a... Wheat Ridge is joining the small list of Denver area cities that allows Airbnb investment properties. I wrote about Arvada and Littleton legalizing short-term rentals in... Can anyone please recommend contractors for the following projects? Drywall - Basement needs drywall panels hung and skim coated (panels already stored in the basement). Denver currently allows just two unrelated adults per house, or up to three... I currently live in Atlanta, GA and will be moving to Denver, Colorado within the next few months. I am interested in using my VA loan to buy a 4 unit multifamily property. Hi all, looking to research property managers in the Denver area. Has anyone quick cash loans for bad credit worked with Deerwoods Real one hour loans Estate Management recently? Who are the best property managers to work with and why? I am looking to get a bit more deliberate in developing my investment strategy around minimizing my tax burden this year. I am hoping to get some recommendations from investors local to the Denver area...

We are looking to make an investment into the Cherry Creek North area quick cash loans for bad credit and would like to hear from both property managers and investors alike with how their experience in Cherry Creek North has been. Hi BP, does anyone have a flooring contractor they would recommend in Denver? I want to install laminate flooring in a property without additional scope of work, so hoping to find a specialist with fair prices. Hi, anyone have a good recommendation for a property manger in the Lakewood area?

I have 2 rental properties in Denver Co, and I do rent by the room. If I purchased a 4 bedroom home in an area zoned as R-MU-20, could I house hack this property and rent out to 3 other roommates?

I am new to real estate investment here in the Denver area and working on filling out my team. I am interested in setting up an LLC and wondering if there are any recommendations for good attorneys with... Hopefully , this can motivate someone struggling to start or find a deal. I started this real estate journey in Houston Tx in 2016. I graduated from college in 2015 , you can imagine fresh out of college with a... Looking for advice to scale a large rental portfolio. Looking for ideas on how I should start to build an 100 unit rental portfolio that will consist 100k in passive income per month. HI,I have been a real estate investor for many years now. I have been very disciplined with my investing strategies, making sure to budget, and invest as much as I can.

Here is my example:An arts related non-profit is looking for ongoing investors.

As someone who is starting their investing journey, I was wondering how the community felt about flipping as a way to raise capital for future rental deals?

In the scheme of trying to expedite the ability to scale when... I just got started learning many things about cashflow. I have extra money coming in, and feel like the market is setup to invest compare to early payoff of... The cash flow was tight for years it seemed but the snowball of debt paydown is rolling... We put 5 weeks of blood sweat cash and tears into this property! We were so happy to hand it off to a professional property manager, and visions of rent checks, danced in our eyes! Plain and simple it is the return you get from your net worth. That first cash advance hours means, if you were to sell everything today and paid... Sometimes, it can be completely debilitating and throws me off my groove for months at a time. Good quick cash loans for bad credit evening,I am looking at a single mobile home placed in an okay subdivision.

However it is very close to above average schools, walking distance from town , church, bank, and fast food places. Thanks to everyone who shared their opinion about whether they would rather have 10k monthly cash flow or 1,000,000. Low inventory, high demand, price increases, you know the drill.

I am interested in a lease to own situation for my business.

Is anyone looking (or already owns) for a SFH specifically for rent by the room house hacking? What are you looking for in this kind of property and where in town are you looking? Realtor gave me three recommendations: Empower Realty Team, Crystal Pines Property Management and Brinkleys Property Solutions. We are a few months into our start-up and ready to take the next step. While we are not able to support full-time employees yet... Hello Bigger Pockets Community, looking for some help advice on a potential 1031 deal. I still have alot to learn, and would like to connect with investors in town who are doing this.

As a Denver urban dweller, I have been accused of condescending to Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs has the highest rate of millennial migration of any city... I have a good relationship with a commercial realty company that is interested in referring business to me as I have taken care of their clients in the past when working for someone else. I am looking at Colorado Springs, CO for SFH to invest (doable than Denver for my quick cash loans for bad credit budget). I see the inventory popping up on Zillow, Redfin, etc but... Hey everyone, just wanted to finally make my first post after lurking for some time :).

Thanks to a fortunate situation of being www personal loan com able to work from home, My wife and I took advantage and finally invested in our very... A majority of the work being done will be on mobile homes. Erin and I are seeing our buyers compete against multiple... Anyone live there and willing to provide some advice on what neighborhoods are... The other ones is that since i hired incompetent PM, i will need to talk to... Does anyone have a company or persons they use for Airbnb, short term rental services in Colorado Springs? I am working directly with a seller, I am looking at bouncing my offer off someone who knows the local area. Hi I am starting to look at properties to rehab and flip in Aurora.

I am wanting to connect with some professionals in the area starting with a real estate agent who knows investing. Our tenant moves out on May 15 and the new one moves in June 1.

Looking at buying a SFR in Denver to use as a house hack, renting out bedrooms to cover the mortgage. Have looked in several areas but was curious as to opinions on the neighborhoods surrounding the East Colfax... I currently own a rental in the 80016 zipcode in Beacon Point close to Southlands Mall area, which is 4 bedroom 3.

I am looking at buying a duplex, and potentially converting the basement to a third unit. What is the process for properly converting a property from a duplex to a triplex, and how difficult is it?

Does anybody have experience with accessing equity from rental property? Assuming finished basements with conforming bedrooms and a bath, is this possible or are there... Does anyone have a recommendation for Real Estate Attorney who understand the different was to set up wholesale contracts? My name is Ericka, single mom of two great kids, and I am new to BP. I am excited to be a member and learn, learn, learn! I purchased a townhouse last year with a partially finished basement. We are interested in knowing something about investing in Bridgeport Ct. Is Bridgeport a C town and how does in compare to Waterbury Ct. BP folks - What are cap rates for multi in Bridgeport? Looking for a range for turn-key and value-add properties.

Also, what are some reasonable expense assumptions (per unit) for Gas, electric, water, sewer and... Hi BP Community, Anyone have pre-market leads in Bridgeport Connecticut in the North End area emergency money of town? We just finished rehabbing a few commercial units in Bridgeport.

Can some people recommend a good veteran realtor to quick cash loans for bad credit help us lease them out?

Me and a friend of mine wanted to get into a 4 unit off a pre-foreclosure in New Haven, CT.

Good afternoon:I currently own (2) 3 unit properties down in the Bronx. Hello BP,I just received word that an offer for a property was accepted. The house is in Bridgeport, CT therefore, I am looking for any recommendations for a house inspector in F... What do investors in Bridgeport target for first year gross rent multiple (GRM)? I am used to a gross rent multiple target of around 8.

Hello all I am a new investor from Massachusetts looking to connect with people from the New Haven, CT to get some advise on the area.