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This was in August and he has been making me promises he will do it etc. Then depending on what they say send a final warning letter to both the tenant and the landlord and make it a strongly worded legal letter. Also take lots of photos of the damage and the offending roof etc The claim should be cheap to raise yourself online, will avoid solicitors costs and may even cause him to act quicker out of court and settle.

I am buying a house in England which comes with a separate parking space. The problem is the deed for the parking space is still in the name of a previous owner who sold the house 22 years ago. This was likely due to an error in conveyancing and the change of ownership was not filed. Does the vendor have to track down the owner (personal loans with no credit check or employment verification if still alive) and hope he will sign over the deed? While this is just a micro loan paperwork issue by all accounts, how can the current owner sell the property with the parking space without ownership documents being in order? It should be just a straight forward signing of documents by the former owner as the parking space would have been mentioned in the sale internet cash advance documentation when the current owner bought the property.

However, leave the current owner to sort out this paperwork as there will be additional legal costs even if they are relatively small - not your concern. Thanks for the reply, I am hoping it is just a paperwork issue.

As it was 22 years ago I hope the previous owner is still alive and can be tracked down.

The year 2016 was anything but stable, not just for Dubai but its impact was felt globally. Behind closed doors and in private conversations most businessmen and budding entrepreneurs whisper how happy they are to move on to the next year. The unrelenting effort by the government and the important real estate players ensured that new iconic projects are announced and launched backed by timely infrastructural development. There is no certain way to predict how 2017 is going to be for the UAE real estate sector, but most think tanks agree that recovery and gains are just around the corner, albeit not high. The fact remains that Dubai is not immune to the external macroeconomic factors.

What happens globally, whether geopolitical or economic changes, will surely have a knock-on effect on Dubai.

The biggest hit was taken by the luxury sector with prices in Palm Jumeirah Villas, Hattan and The Lakes sliding down by 11.

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This segment is directly linked to pulling down the overall residential values in Dubai.

In direct contrast to this price decline, affordable communities like Jumeirah Village Circle saw no price change at all. Luxury and high end properties took the most hit because of the shrinking demand in high level executive jobs in the U. Most of the transactions done in the affordable sector were by the end users or long term investors. This is certainly a healthy trend which tends to create a very stable personal loans with no credit check or employment verification market. On the flip side this trend also means lower number of transactions which results in lower liquidity in the real estate industry. For the real estate sector to prosper, a healthy mix of investors and end users are required to purchase both the affordable and the luxury housing. The second quarter of 2016 saw the average rentals decline by 4. On a positive note most personal loans with no credit check or employment verification apartment rents were unchanged in the third quarter while the villa sector took the maximum hit of 9.

The rental decline pattern followed suite with the sale model, with the luxury areas seeing the most rental decline. Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Islands and The Lakes saw the most rental decline. It would not be wise to say that the rental market has bottomed out but it certainly personal loans with no credit check or employment verification personal loans with no credit check or employment verification would be safe to assume that the decline rate has started to slow down. Most investors buying a property with a long term focus do so for the annual ROIs. This buying pattern is the reason why the affordable residential market has not seen much of a payday loans in aurora co decline in sales pricing and the ROIs remain mostly steady. Places like Jumeirah Village Circle, Jumeirah Village Triangle, IMPZ etc being long term loans for bad credit no guarantor a prime example of this trend. Developers are still marching ahead with project launches and construction of the current projects inorder to keep in line with the delivery dates. Although, the demand and supply ratio is in a delicate sync at the moment, the aggressive project launches, if not kept in check in 2017, will easily weigh in on the supply ratio, further suppressing the already weak real estate market. Developers understand the importance of the supply and demand ratio and continue to phase out their projects inorder to keep this intricate balance.

The majority of residential units set to be delivered this year are located in Dubailand, mainly in Akoya and Arabian Ranches II followed by Business Bay and Dubai Sports City. The personal loans with no credit check or employment verification first 2 quarters are likely to see a further softening of the sales price.

The actual rise in the property market might not happen until the fourth quarter of 2017. The only foreseen difference would be that unlike in 2016, affordable housing might see a certain decline in value due to the gut of supply in that segment.

The primary market would certainly make gains, based on location and payment plans but the overall secondary market will remain subdued.

There is a strong chance of the already strengthening rouble to gain further value and that is bound to see the Russian buyers coming back into the market. This is always good news for sea facing properties, particularly The Palm Jumeirah. Indian buyers, who have been the biggest expat investors are expected to start investing heavily again into Dubai real estate, due to property law changes in India. The rising oil prices will also strengthen the economies of the oil producing countries and the strengthening of the Gulf economies in particular will raise the demand in real estate. Interesting to see that Warren Buffett is in contrarian mode and is also said to be looking to significantly increase his investment in the UK. It is impossible to say whether the Dubai market will turn immediately but one thing we know for certain, payday loan store locations it will be promoted more heavily now that Warren Buffett is on the scene! Dubai presents a lot of investment opportunities as it serves as hub for the Middle East and North Africa region. Also, a lot of trading takes place personal loans with no credit check or employment verification from south east Asian countries lie India, Pakistan, Singapore etc. The real estate sector is again booming and a lot of different projects are starting all around the city.

Dubai is set to host the World Expo 2020 which has increased the foreign direct investment in the country and opened up many different investment opportunities. All around the year different trades shows are organised that present opportunities to both investors and sellers to collaborate in different businesses.

Almost every sector has been hit really hard by the deadly Coronavirus. Economists all over the world are still trying to figure the possible economic impact this virus will have.

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The most hard hit sector is the real estate market.

With no cure available right now for the novel Coronavirus people are hesitant to even step outside their homes, forget about potential buyers checking out a luxury home for sale in Dubai. I wanted to get some advise on a property I have seen as an investment.

I am yet to put an offer in, however it is a property that came up for Auction and never sold (maybe due to the pandemic or a reason I fail to payday solutions understand). Its still available and from the research I have done it seems like a good location as an investment. I own a BTL property which has another BTL property next door. There is plastic roof which has been put up in the garden, the water from rain empties onto my side garden and has caused the wall to erode and become moss filled with mushrooms and weeds growing in the cracks. I painted and repaired this wall last year and spoke with the landlord next door about putting in proper drainage so it goes into his garden. This was in August and he has been making me promises he will do it etc. As mentioned above, you have given your neighbour more than enough notice about the problems and they have failed to take any action.

While legal action is the last thing you want when looking to maintain an amicable relationship with your neighbour, they are really making a fool out of you. I would be tempted to try and talk to them one last time otherwise you will need to take legal action. But he just wont fix it and keeps promising but not doing anything. Just sent me a message to say he will speak find private lenders now with the tenant (he expects him to fix the issue). I have spoken with the tenant who said he will fix it back in October. Maybe consider one final warning, This is a 28 day notice after which I will be forced to take legal action as you are damaging my property. From the information you have provided it looks like you may have a very strong case.

That said, there may well be legal costs going forward if you look at a private prosecution. Maybe you should approach the council for their advice? I would be interested to see where this one goes as I dont think you are alone with this predicament!