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We can both get over 200k mortgage between us so buying the property is the easy part microloans we do have savings aside for the work we do not know however where to start. We have heard that there is a lot of regulations and legal stuff to do.

If anyone in here has done this before could you kindly write a list of what I need to do and where to start from planning permissions, architects etc You will be unlikely to be able to use the mortgage to purchase, if that is your intention. You could purchase the property with a short term bridging loan and then fund the work yourselves or you could use your savings towards the purchase to reduce the bridging loan you need to purchase and then borrow the money for the conversion. You should be able to borrow without the need for any term repayments by rolling up the interest and then if sale is the exit you simply redeem the loans once the properties sell retaining any profit.

You may also consider refinancing onto buy to let mortgages and letting the properties instead.

I presume the investors also need to consider the new income offset rules for mortgages which penalise higher rate tax payers? While interest rates are relatively low, is it not a little dangerous to roll up the interest as you would surely be paying interest on interest? The original post is over 2 years old so I would imagine that the OP has long since either bought the property or pulled out of it. I have a 3 bedroom family home but our family is growing and I have thought of doing a loft conversion. Some say they offer good value for money while others say not - not sure what to do! I think it depends whether you are happy in your current home, and whether you are in a financial position to move. If you moved to gain the extra space, could you afford to buy the size of property you need? If not, it might be a better option to extend in your current property. Have other people in your road had loft conversions do you know? Checking roofs for skylights is a good way to spot instant approval bad credit loans those which have been converted. Thanks for the feedback - looks so obvious when I loans dallas tx see it written down but it has made me think. I have not noticed any loft conversions but I will check this. I cant really afford to take on a larger property at the moment and I do plan to stay put for a while yet. It might be worthwhile looking at an extension in the back garden? Certain rear extensions are permitted development (single story and under a certain size etc) so that should make the process easier, quicker and more affordable...

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After speaking with some estate agents I think I will initially go with the loft conversion and maybe look at an extension further personal loans online bad credit down the line.

To keep things simple it makes sense to check what is happening in your area to see whether you would likely gain planning permission for a particular improvement. If a number of loft conversions have already been approved by the Council then there is little reason why they would not approve your application. It is bizarre when you read about the expensive lengths to which some people will go bad credit personal loan lenders direct to ensure that potential buyers have a good first impression of their home. The reality is that many simple actions have the potential to make your home more appealing, one of which is a tidy garden.

Remember, it can be very difficult to change the first impression of your home no matter how much money you have spent inside. It is bizarre when you read about the expensive personal loans online bad credit lengths to which some people will go to ensure that potential buyers have a good first impression of their home. The reality is that many simple actions have the potential to make short term installment loans your home more appealing, one of which is a small personal loans with bad credit tidy garden. Remember, it can be very difficult to change the first impression of your home no matter how much money you have spent inside. Definitely curb appeal is very important if you want to give the potential buyers a good first impression. That first impression can affect how they feel about your property from start to finish of t he viewing. I totally agree Veronica, you can spend a fortune on the interior design of your property but if the first impression they receive is poor it can be very difficult to change that. I agree you cannot change a first impression and that impression is created the moment you see the property from the exterior! Spending a small amount of money on creating the right impression is something that will always give you an easier sale if not increasing the likelihood of receiving an offer closer to the asking price! As short term loan lenders not brokers with the front garden, the rear of the house is just as important. Try personal loans online bad credit to create a lifestyle that would appeal to your viewers so that they can imagine themselves using payday loans oakland ca the garden area. Make it appealing with garden furniture and plants.

If the garden area is small, some hanging baskets or plant pots can make the area inviting and colourful. Take an objective look at the rear of the property as well as the garden and address any maintenance areas such as fencing, sheds, windows and doors. I suppose one of the main problems is that many of us fail to see a garden as literally an extension of a house. Perhaps if we think of it in this light it makes sense to ensure that all gardening work is completed to a level which gives a good impression to potential buyers.

As leisure time also becomes more important, with an often hectic working life, what better way personal loans online bad credit to relax than sitting in the garden with a drink in hand? In my opinion a beautiful and well maintained front garden can really add so much more to a property and really get help a property get noticed.

Many people will see a badly maintained garden as a reflection of the property.

At the end of the day, how much does it really cost to tidy up a garden, plant a few flowers and make it more presentable? In the past when house hunting we have walked away from a house without going in if the property looked uncared for on the outside. Also, an untidy neighbourhood will likely impact the perceived value of your property in the future. If the first thing they see is an untidy garden this does not exactly shout buy me? Curb appeal is a lot more important than many people realise - especially sellers. In my opinion a beautiful and well maintained front garden can really add so much more to a property and really get help a property get noticed.

I totally agree with you, A beautiful and well-maintained garden is the first impression of your home and it will be very helpful to attract potential buyers.

Absolutely, gardens especially at the front of the house are an essential draw to selling properties. Even more so if you have renovated the house to be ready to live in. As someone else has mentioned, hanging baskets perk a place up and are inexpensive. It is always a good thing to present your home well so that a potential buyer gets the first impression correct.

Clean house with less furniture and more space is always considered by buyers.

Similar to buying a car - you would walk away from a dirty car without even looking at the mileage.

I currently am a home owner of a 2 Bed end-terraced property in Mitcham Eastfields, CR4 area built in 1983.

Have a residential mortgage with Barclays since 2015, renewed in 2017 for another 2 years fixed remortgage, which expires on 30th April.

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My current status - Single 38 years, Self-employed - IT Freelancer, can be on and off contracts, 3 months work, 3 months off etc. Option 2: Move home with equity from existing property, take outstanding balance mortgage to put toward the new product to remortgage. Option 3: Stay at the existing property, renovate house to increase value for another 1 year, i. Dilemma: Is it worth putting extra money in loft conversion and waiting for 6 months to a year for house value to increase? Option 4: Pay off the full mortgage once the current 2 year fixed mortgage expires on 30th April 2019. Depends if I get a well paid contract for long term. Been in my existing property for over 14 years, since Dec 2004. I would appreciate your advice on the above, not sure which option to go for on my existing property personal loans online bad credit and how to use extra cash through my self-employed dividends to invest in properties. If you were to rent out your existing property, find a cheaper property for yourself outside of London (with good rail links) then in theory the rent would more than cover your current mortgage and you could afford an additional mortgage on your current income? As houses prices have dipped, it may be worth injecting the existing property into a company if you are looking to create a large property portfolio in the longer term. You would need personal loans online bad credit to speak with an accountant but there are benefits to holding property in a company. Any accountant should be able to advise you on setting up a property company. The way I understand it is that the property would be sold to the company at market value. This would go down as a loan to the company (directors loan if you were a director of the company) and you would have first call over the property until the loan was repaid. I currently have a Limited company for my IT contracts with an accountant dealing with my taxes. Can I have another company seperatly, dealing with property investment and and accountant dealing with the taxation matter? The benefits to selling the company i need a loan with bad credit sounds like a good long term plan. Since I currently a home owner of the property and mortgaged.

Can the process to sell to the company to raise funds for investment be started soon or do I need to pay off the mortgage in full? Since you work in IT, are you able to work remotely to fill your contracts? Can you rent your place for more than the mortgage and upkeep expenses? This strategy would allow you to increase the amount of money that you have working for you.