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One is wooden stair treads that are painted , the other is an older carpet. Hey Everyone,Bathtubs use to seem like a requirement in one bathroom homes.

Is anyone having trouble finding conventional funding for renovation? My conventional lender told me that they can only consider me for a renovation loan if I will owner-occupy the property. I am still searching for my first investment property. I am painting the exterior of my 4 unit multifamily gray with white trim possibly with some blue shutters. I am just wondering, what exterior paint is the biggest bang for my buck? I have been using a lot of LVP and I am noticing that it does not perform as well on raised foundations as slab.

Has anyone else been having problems with LVP on raised foundations? I am told that the existing tenants are currently looking for a new place and will be moving (no move date was... Hello All,Looks like I may have to inherit a tenant if I wish to purchase a property that I am in attorney review on. I have the these tenants names from the lease they hold currently on the property I am trying to... Hello,I am thinking about selling my multifamily home in Jersey City heights. Just want to get a pulse bad credit online payday loans on how much people are getting for their homes before I put on... Hi all,I have posted on here a few times and have met some great people through the forums. I am looking to buy a multi-family house in Jersey City Heights.

How much should I expect to pay for a 4 family renovated house?

Of course this sort of work will require permits from the city,...

Looking for good team members in JC area—specifically REI friendly agents, local banks, and contractor or handyman.

Hi BP, my partner and I are looking to refinance on a 2-family investment property and are seeing a huge variation in available products with regard to available LTV, mortgage terms, interest rates, origination... Hi BP Nation, Thank you in advance for reading my post. So I might have been unlucky payday loans bad credit direct lender and gotten one of tenants from hell.

SituationFirst, my tenants decided to make alterations to the... Hey Everyone,Can any of you local Hudson County NJ RE investors recommend a eviction attorney? One of the units in my 6 family is withholding rent this month over claims repairs have not been addressed, but the tenant... Referred by a friend and would love to get more opinions on the area and growth trends.

Below is a brief walk through of my journey in purchasing my second single family rental in Memphis, TN. I made plenty of mistakes when I made my first purchase, some of which I talk about in a prior post that can be... I am looking to get a small meet-up together to learn and expand from one another.

If this is of interest to you please reply and I will work to get a space for this date.

I will be living there and am interested in purchasing a multifamily (primarily a duplex) rental property in the area to... Hi, a friend is interested in developing his property and he is trying to decide if applying for a variance is worth the cost. I just got out of attorney review and am looking... Looking for someone who had a good experience with a contractor adding a roofdeck to an existing flat roof house in Jersey City. Hi, I am looking for a property management company that cash loans direct lenders has experience with room rentals in single family homes in Newark, NJ. My sister in law and her boyfriend are looking to move out of an apartment and they want to assign the lease to someone else. Looking for an investor friendly real estate attorney who can help partner and I determine which is best route to... Hi BP members,I am an investor from NJ, I would like to invest in BRRRR properties in and around Newark and orange. How do I establish a connection with investor-friendly realtors and contractors Looking for someone ASAP to handle trash at my property and to sweep the front and sides. Would also need someone for snow and salt services when needed.

Has anyone else had trouble paying their property taxes in Newark? I have been trying to pay my property taxes personal loans ohio in Newark for weeks and it seems to be literally impossible. I am looking for a 203K licensed general contractor in the Newark NJ area. I plan on buying a fixer-upper and living in the house for a few years BP community can you recommend a general contractor who has experience... Hi BP friends, I recently got a potential deal in Fairmount area in Newark, NJ (S 12th st near S Orange Ave to be exact). I will definitely do my own due diligence but want...

I have since been warned to get out of the property and that Irvington is not the place to be due to high taxes, tough neighborhoods, and high... I was curious how you guys go about finding poor credit personal loans guaranteed approval one to work with?

Hi All, Can anyone give advice on the Fairmount personal loans ohio section of Newark. I have 4 distressed properties in the N 7th block for sale.

Hello Newark Investors, I wanted to reach out to a bigger audience and get some thoughts regarding the Newark Lead crisis which has contaminated the water personal loans ohio and how this might impact the real estate market there.... Does anyone invest in the Newark, New Jersey market, and if so which areas do you recommend to look at.

My partners and I are interested in expanding our reach to Newark but are first doing our diligence...

I know Ironbound is great and University Heights...

If anyone has any info or leads about this development please share. Anybody can recommend a contractor i would really... I am looking to purchase property in Newark,NJ, need a Commercial Real Estate lawyer, Does anyone know a good local lawyer?

I am about to sign a contract on a deal in Newark NJ 07104I am looking to talk to someone that has bought and rents properties in that area. The deal: Single family unit, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom. Recently, when I have a tenant that is falling behind and wants to catch up after I take them to court, I have been writing what my lawyer calls a Stipulation...

I need to put in a cash offer on a MLS property in Las Cruces. Having issues finding a realtor who will let me do this remotely. Anyone know of someone who could teach our local REI group about Private and Hard Money Loans locally? My name is Nate and I am eager to hit the ground running because I need a place to live!

Can any investors in Albuquerque point me to a reasonable, well rounded, and responsible handyman?

I am in contract on a hotel property in ABQ, in the Huning Castle area. Looking for lenders who will lend on purchase and renovation. The property is currently operated as a hotel however it is already zoned for...

Do you have to wait the full 6 months of seasoning fast cash now bad credit before moving on a... Also, are there any hidden costs or taxes one should be aware of when investing in Albuquerque? BP has been so helpful in my own Real Estate Journey so I want to give back by talking about my home town, Albuquerque! Basically I just want to know if I need to do a repair or clean up and I get a few quotes for what needs to be done but I do it myself can I deduct my...

I am new to the direct loan lenders online ABQ area I am looking to network with property owners in the area. I have 2 sfr on one lot in Farmington, NM and am considering doing a cash out refi. I would like the highest LTV I can getdoes anyone have a recommendation? I was wondering if it is easy to sell land in New Mexico, by using owner financing to sell the land?

Is it easy to just copy paperwork from county, or easy to do all the necessary paperwork to legally sell land through... Thought Id introduce myself to this areas local RE group. Beginning with wholesaling and moving forward from there. I am currently invested in Atlanta, Birmingham and Dallas markets. I am curious if anyone has experience with Solar Contracts. The back story is that I have an off-market lead for a rental gone wrong that they want to sell quickly and easily. Need advice for a property that is listed on an auction website. I personal loans ohio just got my real estate license so I could sell on the side to help me start building up some... If anyone is interested in learning the world of title insurance, or is already in that world on the production side, my firm TitleVest is hiring for various jobs and positions!

Looking for Owners to Patriciate in a Potential Eviction Moratorium Challenge:SPONY has been asked to help coordinate a potential challenge to the eviction moratorium.

Looking to finish the basement of a two family in the Bronx to make a "duplex" with the first floor. Plan to do basic finish, add a half bath and big living room. Has anyone finished a basement in an outer borough...

If you know of any meetup groups that are new investor friendly please... Hi Everyone, I am looking into purchasing vacant or "can be delivered vacant" multifamily rentals in brooklyn and rehabbing as condos to sell. I have a partner I am working with and have equity lined up. Hi everyone,Right now I go to school in Manhattan and would love to stay here after I graduate. Hello Everyone,I Just Find this Amazing BP Community. Seems like a great leading indicator for NYC real estate as the vaccine rolls out! Hey everyone,Any stories to share on house hacking experiences within the NYC area (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Jersey City)? I have a newly renovated private house with modern finishes and with two floors. Building has a 1st floor retail space and the other 5 units are apartments so it falls under a commercial loan. I am considering taking over my apartment as property property manager.

I have allowed my manager to manage the building for the last 5 years, but feel like taking over would be a short term loan interest rate good learning opportunity. I am a licensed Real Estate Salesperson at a brokerage, and I am tired of all the personal loans ohio meetings, trainings, and events. I want a brokerage company that will literally leave me... I figure prices might bounce back after vaccine in... Hi, I hosted an open house last weekend and one of my colleagues came to help unannounced. The open house was busy so he helped out and show the property with few buyers. What do you NYC people use to determine the value of your property? Hi everyone,I was wondering whether you think it is a good personal loans ohio time to invest in multi-families in Manhattan (ranging from 3 to 20 units) or neighbouring areas. I am bad credit quick loans located in the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN area and I am interested in getting in contact with people who have experience flipping houses! Myself and an interested investor friend of mine from the... Anything from total reno job to move-in ready would work. My name is Ankur Sahni and I am based out of Long Island, NY. Hi All,We have been investing in Charlotte and suburbs actively for last few years. We are currently expanding to Winston-Salem area personal loans ohio also. We invest in off-market properties to turn-key, depending on the needs....

Hey all - really appreciate the feedback on my first post. Does anyone know where we can get a HELOC on rental houses that still have mortgages on them?