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The building has a pool, two gyms and a big reception area. Service charges for a hotel apartment are separate from the maintenance charges , so if the hotel apartment will not be there you will have only maintenance charges , around 15 AED per sq ft for both of you for one year. Rgds Lawrence I notice that you have not posted since my last post specifically for you. It is important for us to know whether TLG have all your paperwork, the SPA quick loans bad credit same day and Rental Management Agreement which they have asked me to send. I currently have a problem with my scanner and it has gone in for repair. However if they already have yours ours will be worded the same and they could give us advice more quickly.

We have had information from a reliable source that once the fee for registration is paid to DLD you will then be the legal owner of your unit regardless of whether it is an hotel apartment or a normal residential apartment leaving you no recourse in terms of refusing handover. It has also been said by MED that they will make a decision following handover in terms of the remainder of clients still in the Rental Programme whether to give the apartments to a third party agent to manage as normal residential apartments. The upshot is that the building is not going to be personal loans columbia sc hotel apartments and as such MED are breaching our contracts. Can you please let us know any progress from your side.

Depending what advice comes back from TLG and if the advice is to do something now, then anyone contemplating legal action should join forces and we may get a better deal. Please be informed as well that as per the latest rule of Dubai Land Department, the Real Estate Government Authority in Dubai, all the unit owners have to pay the pre registration fee and the registration fee until end of June 2015.

We need to review any correspondence personal loans columbia sc you had with the developer in order to provide you with a comprehensive legal opinion. If you have been served with a notice of default by the developer, we need to assess its validity so that we can advice you on your rights and obligations under the agreement effectively.

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I would be grateful if I can have your confirmation to provide you with the legal opinion for the quoted fee so that we can send you our invoice and commence work on your matter. Please can you confirm the relevance of MED serving a notice of Default upon us? In order to provide you with our legal opinion on your matter we shall charge you on hourly basis at our standard hourly rate of AED 2100 per hour.

Upon cursory review of the documents forwarded by you, we anticipate a number of 3 hours to be expended in carrying of the review of your matter and providing you with our written legal opinion. Further, having gone through the Rental agreement attached in your email I note that it is not signed by either party. We therefore would like you to confirm if the Rental agreement was signed by yourself and MED. Also,please let us know if you have received any notice of default from MED till date. If yes, we would want to review these notices as well in order to provide you with a comprehensive opinion.

If you are agreement with our above quote then kindly revert to us with your confirmation upon which we shall send you our invoice and commence working on your bad credit personal loans michigan matter. Apologies best personal loans online for any delay in response as your email had landed in our junk folder due the spelling error in the surname of my email address.

Please note my correct email address Fareya is no longer with TLG and I will be pleased to provide you with our opinion having handled several matters in arbitration including matters against MED in which we have received successful outcome.

In relation to your query, may I kindly ask you to send me the copy of your sale and purchase agreement along with the copy of the Rental Agreement signed with MED. I would also require you to send me the details of the payments you have made towards the property till date along with copies of receipts proving the same. Upon review of the relevant documentation requested herein above, I shall be able to provide you with the details of our fee for providing you with the requested legal opinion.

Maybe you could e mail your adviser at TLG and put the proposition that if there were at least two of us interested in a class action against MED is it possible that the charge could be lowered and easiest payday loans could it be lowered further for each additional person personal loans columbia sc with the same contracts. We are now in possession of other information which we do not want to post as it is better to keep our identities anonymous and the information may link to who we are.

Perhaps if you could call me once you have had a chance to get an answer from TLG and are back in the UK. We do not know what the consequences of not registering with the DLD will be but we think we need to do something soon. Almost certainly MED will now be trying to hang out until 31 October 2015 hoping for everyone to register and become the legal owner giving us few options. Rgds Lawrence We do not know what the consequences of not registering with the DLD will be but we think we need to do something soon.

Almost certainly MED will now be trying to hang out until 31 October 2015 hoping for everyone to register and become the legal owner giving us few options.

You are correct, in my opinion, but here is what I think - having paid and signed a SPA originally (when MED sold us the unit),does not make us illegal owners.

We are investors, in a property which is to be delivered with certain specs and run according to agreements as a hotel-apartment. Failure to deliver to specs and run as agreed, as breach of contract. If you want to engage the services of a lawyer, do so when MED fails to deliver against the SPA. If they are not willing to give you the guarantee of a win, then they are no good! Email from MELANIE MENDIKYAN, MANAGING DIRECTOR of alriyamiadvocates.

She also attached the case ruling they won against MED. I sent them my SPA, statement of account and the rental agreement. We have already taken a judgment against MED for our client in the Arbitration Centre. We have received the SPA and already read through it.

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All this fees will be refunded to you once the case is won. We personal loans columbia sc need to prepare an Arbitration Application to be filed in Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC) with a filing fee amounting to AED 5,000. This application will state the general statement of facts, issues and claims embracing the dispute- the documents to be attached therein are as follow: contract, receipts (if applicable),POA. We installment payday loans maintain not to divulge everything at this stage and reserve our legal arguments and pieces of evidence during the case proper. Once submitted, the Arbitration Center shall direct the respondent to answer the Arbitration Application. After answering the arbitration application, the Arbitration Executive Committee shall decide whether to transfer the case to an Arbitrator. Once concluded by the executive committee, it will direct the parties to pay the Advance cost.

After all the fees are paid, the Arbitration Center shall transfer all the files and case to an Arbitrator- the arbitrator, unless otherwise specifically mentioned in the contract, shall be appointed by the best loan deal Center- to constitute a tribunal. Once the tribunal is duly constituted, the arbitrator shall direct the parties to hold a preliminary hearing in order to discuss the following: During this submission, an additional evidence may be submitted through the presentation of an expert. An expert is specialized individual who shall determine the issue embracing the matter.

Aside from the expert report, we maintain to submit a witness statement to be presented in the hearing. Once completed, the hearing scheduled shall be fixed by the arbitrator to present and cross examine all witnesses in the case.