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Can someone explain the step by step basis on how to refinace? Why do people buy the property first and then refinance?

So I know that you can use a FHA loan to buy a property you live in. My plan, is to use a credit union after I use up the 10 loans from my local bank. So I understand you can use a FHA loan to live in a property and rent out the other units.

Hello BP community so if there is any veterans out there or active army I would like to know your tips while in the army. Hello, I am wondering what type of calculations goes through your head about a property? So how many times can one use a FHA loan or VA loan? I listened to the recent podcast and it said you can have only 1 FHA loan at a time... So i head you can get a appraisal loan from a Credit union and not a basic bank so how would that go about.

I want to use this on house hacking on a already used FHA Loan. Could do write offs if you have a LLC or something? For this property I had already paid it all cash from my own...

One of the videos was talking about how to figure out how far to take a rehab, how much should you put into the finishing touches.

Hi everyone :)I have been doing some research on investing in out of state properties.

However, after reading and factoring all the hassles and risks of investing long distances and knowing that there are investments... Hi there, I am wanting to do a brrrr deal and i am seeing some people on here saying that you cannot use a conventional loan and a private loan at the overnight loan same time. So I just started researching real estate investing a week or soago. Been reading a lot here, watching a lot of BP videos on youtube,spoke to several friends that are into real estate. I would like to start out by saying this is not some glamorous, extravagant post this is about blue collar folks retiring a bit early all thanks to single family rentals. The central question being: what is the best one for investment in... So I just started loan now researching real estate investing a week or so ago. Been reading a lot here, watching a lot of BP videos on youtube, spoke to several friends that are into real estate. I am planning on buying a property in Texas to start my real estate journey. Are there any cities in Texas that you would recommend looking at when purchasing property? Hello,I am looking for information on how to find raw or developed land that builders have lost in foreclosure. I have been using realtytrac for houses but can never find land on there.

Hi Guys,I just bought the book Real Book of Real Estate by Robert Kiyosaki. What are your thoughts on this book or this author?

The investor has the same resources to find houses personal loans colorado that the wholesaler does, probably more even, considering... As you can see the kitchen wasgutted so we have to put new cabinetsand counters in. Then the tenant paid the rent and the bounced check fee. So I left him a message stating I would be posting a Pay Rent or Quit notice on his... How would I analyze a deal looking at using subject to and a note for the seller, vs just wholesaling personal loans colorado the house. One of my first action steps for this week was to find some investor friendly real estate agents in the Los Angeles area and found this great community of like minded individuals. So my question to the new investors, how did you go about finding your investor friendly real estate agents? And a question for my real estate agents, what do you look for in working with an investor? The way I found my realtor is by interviewing a few. If they have investment themselves ask them to show them to you, run the numbers, etc. I am not sure what type of investments you are looking to do but ask them to help you analze a deal. As an agent I can tell you that what other agents want from their investors are clear buying criteria and being ready to actually buy the property.

Sorry for the late reply back, I thought BP would send a notification to my email. Great news that you were personal loans colorado able to find some folks that might work out for you. I just wanted to chime in that a good way to find Realtors that work a lot with investors is through Property Management.

If this is personal loans colorado the case they may understand the market better than most. When selling a house I like agents that can sell ice to an Eskimo or a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves. Looks like you received some great answers and information to all your questions. Let me know If you need help with anything Real Estate Related in LA. I also help investors and builders find off market listings in the high end sector, say in Malibu or Brentwood. Me and my wife have sold and bought various homes for our own use and made profit this way.

More recently we rehabbed a Town home that we eventually will rent out. An Investor friendly agent would need to be one to know how to cater to one. Ask them how questions that you would expect an investor-friendly realtor to know (what are current market cap rates in a specific area, how do you estimate rents, etc.

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I just read an article today that mentioned asking realtors about cap rates, cash return, ROI. Let me know how it all goes for you and I am happy to meet someday for lunch if you like. I am looking into a self storage deal near Charlotte NC and from my understanding the numbers look fairly promising and seems like a good location, room for expansion etc. Hi everyone :)I have been doing some research on investing in out of state properties. However, after personal loans colorado reading and factoring all the hassles and risks of investing long distances and knowing that there are investments... Should I continue to use them as property management or is that a conflict of interest? Do you think they will be looking out for my best interest Hi Bigger pockets! We are almost ready as my truck is almost pd off and my credit card with a 2k balance is... Hey guys, I have an Airbnb, and come April 1st I no paperwork loans same day will have a 2nd one. I wanted to see if there is a specific place to buy bedding, towels, things in that nature, or if there are any sites specifically for buying... Just like the title says would you pay for a list of private lenders. I am trying to find a private lender to fund a deal I located in Florida and I have seen a few sites that require a fee to buy there list.

I am about to start putting in offers in a super competitive market, Austin TX.

I easy payday loan most likely will be competing against dozens of offers. The seller has been extremely difficult to communicate with (according... When I get paid from a normal deal, my broker gets a cut... I soon to relocate to Eastern Carolina, looking to meet other investor or a possible mentor. There is a ton of opportunity in the area, really looking forward to network in the area. I am starting to look into Asheville and the North Carolina mountains (areas like black mountain, lake lure) for vacation rentals both for my personal portfolio and for my clients.

Hello Everyone,My name is Aviv, and I am accidentally doing things a bit backward. Hello,I have read about a lot of investment strategies and i think my best bet is investing for appreciation by BRRRR or Turnkey or buy and hold in places like bellevue-kirkland region (since there is a lot of tech job... January 1st I jumped in to the world of real estate investing.

While I have made a ton of progress over the past three weeks (Thanks 12-Week Year), I am a bit concerned with some feedback I have been getting. What are you strategies as far as paying them back?

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Do you rehab, refi, and pay them principal plus percentage? Is it noticeable to anyone else or is there a shift taking place in this advance loans Market? It also seems like the professionals are getting more clients. I used the same attorneys and lenders but am now seeing I need to branch out. I am no longer the ONLY client (LOL) they have other closings.

So, If you have any great referrals in Atlanta New York or Virginia I am very interested.

In need of Private Lenders and Attorneys NA Plevy I need to be covered too, lol. I know the market get loan bad credit has been pretty hot overall this past year. With that said, wanting to know if there are areas within the US where investors are still buying, cautiously buying or waiting for...

Which investment is more profitable and reasonable for investors in Las Vegas? Also any thoughts on buying an investment property with an HOA fees? By that, I mean, no male figure next to you that is your father, boyfriend, husband, brother, cousin. I grossly underestimated maintenance and make ready costs for my KCMO portfolio. Operating costs are through the roof and net income is non-existent in my first year of business.

Do direct pay day loans you have personal secured loans a "mistake" story and lessons you learned from it? So my buyers agent who helped me with my first home purchase in August was my Aunt. I wonder what the pros and cons are in working with a wholesaler?

I have moved around quite a bit, and always find myself back in New England. I am a young entrepreneur with family in New England and am very excited to start investing. My question: For seasoned investors, have you had success bringing someone in to help raise capital for projects? I am a new investor and looking to get into my first rental property. I have a few different opportunities but my question is: for your first rental property, would you want something that cash flows fast short term loans good with bad... And the numbers people (eh hem, Brandon) are not realistic IMHO.

OK, all kidding aside, there is a very real difference between a Traditional Real Estate Agent (TREA for short) and an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent (IFREA for short). If you want to have any success in real estate investing ESPECIALLY if you are investing out of state (like say Kansas City…. Here are the questions you need to ask along with the answers you need to receive to know for sure that you have a true IFREA: A.