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We also intructed that no further documents are signed on our behalf pending answers to those points.

I am glad that I cancelled the furniture package for the moment as in our view, it would simply be sitting on a building site collecting dust.

In terms of furniture packages, I am more comfortable leaving this to someone else to complete for me. The Ikea in Banesea is more epensive than you would think and then you have the delivery charge and fitting etc. I was happy with what I could see FDW would give and there are other threads on this site which seem to recommend them from previous use. I also went to see some furniture packages in situ with Investment Romania and have to say they looked really good too so I think you have some good choices. Regarding rental income, we are prepared for the mortgage not being covered or even coming close to it really. The income that is likely to come in will not break even at all at the moment. Given that the mortgage will installment loans california bad credit revert to the variable rate at the end of the promotional year one, then personal loan company this will exacerbate the situation for us even more. We are now recalculating the entire purchase and running costs to make sure we are aware of everything that we need to know. The FDW chap that rang me was suggesting a completion much later in the year. I will be in Bucharest in a couple of weeks, from what you say is there anything specific I should be bringing to the cash now bad credit attention of the lawyers and would I be right in assuming I could not stop the deal and retrieve my deposit. Working on this assumption if I try to sell the apartment should I sell as furnished or unfurnished and let the buyer furnish to their own taste? My comments are given in the spirit of someone who is purchasing themselves and not as an expert so please receive them in this manner - there are a couple of good agents in Romania who are happy to talk to people re potential letting, selling and furniture packages so your queries around those points are better directed to these.

Regarding the legal issues - there is a thread on this web site that David Howe has posted recently which I think brings some of the legal issues to the surface. But again, you may need to check this for yourself. Does anyone know exactly where this company FDL is registered and where its warehousing facilities and showroom is as i am very interested in purchasing some furniture! Does anyone know exactly where this company FDL is registered and where its warehousing facilities and showroom is as i am very interested in purchasing some furniture!

Their packages are really competitive and from other threads on this site, there seem to be people who have used them more than once. Perhaps they are able to offer more detail for you. Hope this helps 6000 euro for a 3 bedroom house will be very sparse, are you taking into consideration that this is 3 bedroom with delivery arrangement nd other snagging? Or maybe it tickles your pride you buy furniture packs from such big names? I think I will reply to this thread before it gets out of hand and highlight the ethos that I am comming from and possibly the ethos that Diana is also on, either way I reply from my perspective. Since Amanda Lamb came on TV and said romania is the best place for investment this place has been inundated with new found experts who are only out to exploit investors by professing that they have knowledge and experience on the Romanian market when they do not and blatantly lie about these facts to the detriment of investors. From my perspective if someone will lie about this what else will they lie about, and I think a perfect example of this can be highlighted in what has been done to investors in Greenfields and Sydney! There are also other bad examples being offered to foreigners on the internet by people professing to be experts and have experience. Every person has the right to disclosure be it in law or business and if someone is professing to be something they are not do people not have the right to know this or more importantly to check out who they are dealing with? Then do a company records search of the company you are dealing with to give online loans no credit checks you idea as to date of incorporation accounts last filed etc etc. The personal loan company reality is a lot of agents rely on deception to exploit investors, investors have the right to know as often it is people who are in their autuminal years or those seeking to support an ailing pension or endowment policy. Forums such as this have a very high educational value for the benefit of investors and a lot of agents hate them due to it putting a serious spanner in their works.

I do nt think anyone reading this forum will be decieved into paying a well known foreign agent 355,personal loan company 000 for a house in Bucharest that we cannot get 169,000 for the same house in the same development when it was bought for over 200,000 2 years ago. And yes (have to agree with David on this one) am fed up with experts on Romanian market, with all sorts of benevolent who only seek their profits and have no interest to help their clients make a good deal. Sydney and Greenfields are just a few examples of the horrors revealed to us by our clients throughout the year.

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So when I see messages praising the services of a company or another, I always question things.

A full list of our rules, terms and conditions can be found in the link below, but we have 3 personal loan company strict rules that every member must adhere to: 2) No defamatory comments about property companies, developers or individuals will be allowed anywhere on the forum. As a Premium Member you have some advertising privileges in specific forums. Like so many other members of Europe the Bulgarian property market was cut adrift in light of the 2008 US mortgage crisis. While the majority of investor focus fell upon the likes of Germany, France and the UK we saw Bulgaria and other smaller members of Europe pushed to the sidelines. Much of the froth personal loan company which built up in the Bulgarian property market prior to the 2008 crash instantly disappeared and investors ran for the hills. There is no doubt that overseas investment will be a major element of the Bulgaria property market going forward. Recent years have shown an ever-increasing amount of overseas investment in Bulgaria reaching record highs. Bulgarian real estate prices are still at a significant discount to their 2007 peak with many overseas investors believing there is good long-term value. A return to 2007 levels will not happen overnight but there is certainly significant interest from outside of Bulgaria.

Aside from the fact that property prices are still significantly discounted from their 2007 peak we also have an improving mortgage market not to mention the tourist industry. Bulgaria offers an array of Alpine tourist destinations as well as traditional beach holidays which attract many visitors from the likes of the UK. It was also interesting to see airline Ryanair introducing daily routes from London Stansted to Sofia which will begin in May 2016. Even though the Bulgarian economy has been showing signs of consolidation of late it is still invariably linked to the European economy. The Bulgarian authorities decided to postpone membership of the euro until after the European crisis was over but the Bulgarian Lev is actually pegged to the euro - the country has in all but name adopted the currency. Whether or not we see any significant improvement in Bulgarian property prices in the short to medium term remains to be seen as the shadow of issues within the European Union continue to bear down. Property experts fully expect foreign investors to increase fast payday their exposure across Bulgaria even during the challenging 12 months of 2016. A lack of available property is pushing rental values higher while relatively low interest rates allow for low-cost refinancing.

There is a growing opinion that the Bulgarian commercial market offers extremely good value in the short, medium and longer term with strong income generating assets. It will be interesting to see the mix of overseas investment and domestic investors in the short to medium term especially when you bear in mind the troubled worldwide economy. There are certainly many elements of a successful property market already prominent in Bulgaria including a buoyant tourism sector, a relatively high rate of employment not to mention a shortage of property for sale.

This together with increased overseas investment is likely to support the Bulgarian real estate market in the short term while the European situation is eventually sorted out. While it would be wrong to suggest that the Cyprus property market is booming as of 2016 it is often unfairly seen in the same light as the troubled Greek property market.

This is a major turning point for a country which was struggling and while there is still much work to be done it certainly separates Cyprus from Greece. When you bear in mind that gross domestic product in Cyprus increased by 0. We can only hope that the Cypriot authorities do not take their foot off the gas now that they have exited the IMF bailout (and its many restrictions) giving them significantly more room to manoeuvre.

It would be wrong to suggest it will be plain sailing from here on, especially in light of the troubled European economy, but finally there is hope on the horizon. The Cyprus property market has been impacted by a lack guaranteed bad credit loans of transparency in years gone by and issues surrounding property deeds. Slowly but surely the regulatory structure has been improved but there may still be years of legal wrangling to resolve every outstanding issue. In light of such a reduction in property prices it is perhaps no surprise to learn that a property investment visa along the lines of those introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese governments was also brought into play by the Cyprus authorities. While there have been a number of false dawns regarding a potential recovery in the Cyprus property market nothing has emerged as yet. One issue yet to be resolved is that of the raft of properties repossessed by Cypriot banks after customers defaulted on their mortgage payments. There have been rumours that the banks will bail out of these properties at a significant reduction to the perceived market value and this is not helping investor demand in the short to medium term.