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Sam now lives the life he wants, having set up multiple passive income streams during his working years.

He spends time with his family every day and embodies the concept of financially free. He no longer trades his time for money his money just simply reproduces itself and does all the heavy lifting.

This episode is a great look at how a little upfront discomfort can lead the your best life....

This episode takes off the rose-colored glasses for a realistic view of how entrepreneurship actually looks....

A series of odd jobs led to a position at a sign shop. After mentioning this to his wife, suddenly vocational brochures started to arrive in the mail.

He chose the most expensive way to get his license, and parlayed it into a minimum wage job until he was a journeyman electrician. Tinian took some time to figure out his path, but is now on the way to Financial Independence, living the life he wants on the terms he chooses. Today, we talk to J and discover that in his 20s, he knew nothing about money, investing, or real estate.

An investing discussion with friends led to the creation of a spreadsheet to display his financial position in terms he could not ignore. At the suggestion of his wife, they bought a house to flip and promptly made every single flipping mistake you can make. Hear how J turned mistakes into successes many times over—and how having a goal to work towards keeps him focused on moving payday loans memphis forward.... So we went to these experts, and grabbed some excellent real estate advice. We get a brief installment loans in california with bad credit history of their experiences with money and chat about their new book, How to Invest In Real Estate. Thinking about adding real estate investing into your portfolio? Every single extra dime she found, she threw at her debt until it was all gone.

So once the debt is gone, Zina realized that she needed to ramp up her investing. Today we sit down with Kyle Mast, a Certified Financial Planner. He personal loan application gives advice on how to find a GREAT CFP, shares exactly what a CFP is, how they get paid, and how they can help almost anyone make their money work even harder for them. This episode truly is for anyone who has money—and wants to have more.... Joe has three fantastic tips to help you stay on your chosen financial path. He also shares the four assumptions about the FIRE community that are wrong.

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This episode will help you take command of your finances and steer your life in the direction you truly want it to go.... She decided early on that she wanted to be a millionaire, her solution to not having enough was to simply make a lot of money. A good student, she attended college and got into an internship program that places minority students with Fortune 500 companies and pays them well. Internship led to employment, and Jamila changed her focus from IT to the real estate department. She contributed to her 401(k), but not even enough to get the full company match in her 20s.

The switch flipped in her 30s, after an exceptionally bad commute home. She discovered FI through podcasts and blogs, and finally understood this could be her reality, too. Jamila and her husband kicked their savings into high gear and started investing.

He graduated with some debt and decided to add to it by buying a house.

PT decided to journal his experiences on a blog he called PTMoney. PT soon discovered that there was a whole community of people with financial problems who were willing to talk about it online. PT wanted to meet these people in person, have live discussions about issues they were all facing, and share ideas.

He started a conference that has blossomed into THE money conference to attend, FinCon. PT shares his story of going from a finance guy who made bad decisions to a guy who helps others make great decisions about their own finances.... He started off with a starter house, added a couple of kids and moved onto a bigger, better house—one that he couldbarely afford.

Kyle loans san antonio tx and his wife spent money left and right, never seeming to be able to get ahead.

Finally, he got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Kyle read books and connected with personal loans with poor credit friends in personal loan application a better financial position. He sold the big house, threw everything at the student loans, and rented a smaller, MUCH less expensive place.

Jillian Johnsrud grew up poor, with an abusive step father and a mother unable to leave due to lack of funds. She emancipated herself during her junior year of high school, living in a camper in high school, waiting tables after class. She married young, and medical debt and student loan debt put her family in a tough starting position. From there, however, Jillian began building wealth. In adventures that span tons of different states and even a stint in Europe, Jillian was able to eliminate her debt and achieve financial freedom—all while never earning more than a median income.

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Conventional advice is to pay off your student loans BEFORE investing. In this episode, we hear how Craig ignored this advice and started buying properties to House Hack in the hot Denver real personal loan application estate market while making the minimum payment on his student loans. Fast forward a few years, and now Craig generates significant income through his primary residence and can concentrate on aggressively paying down his debt - all while living the life he chooses. Craig has found ways to optimize his life so he can move toward financial freedom. Most real estate investors get into real estate to get rich quick. He started with a duplex and slowly began building his real estate empire, even while overseas. He even took a 10 year break from real estate, and was still able to grow his position to an impressive level! He was maxing out his IRAs and employee retirement accounts, investing in index funds and watching them grow more and how to get a loan with no credit more as he upped his contributions. Richard is a fantastic example of why you want to start investing as early as personal loan application possible. While most real estate investors champion loans and leveraging as much as possible, Richard thinks differently. He finds a position of strength by not overleveraging, owning rentals outright, and having a solid safety net to depend on. Richard now sits in a great position, early in life, with a lot ahead of him!

Mindy:Welcome to the Bigger Pockets Money Podcast show number 156, where we interview Rich Carey from Rich on Money and talk about financial independence through long distance real estate investing while being deployed overseas. My name is Mindy Jensen, and with me as always is my newly married cohost, Scott Trench. Scott and I are here to make financial independence less scary, less just for somebody else, and show you that by following the proven steps, you can put yourself on the road to early financial freedom and get money out of the way so you can lead your best life. He slowly started investing in real estate and then as he had success, he did it again and again and again and again.

I think what I admire most about Rich is that he made it so easy, right? I mean, it was discipline, and it was frugality, and it was building a rock solid financial position the slow way, taking a few more years than maybe he needed to get there, but completely having control over every aspect of his financial position, having a monster surplus, and being able to really do private lenders for personal loans bad credit every once now a 20-year career.

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Mindy:Rich Carey from Rich on Money, welcome to the Bigger Pockets Money Podcast.

By again, I mean, I was the fill-in cohost on the Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast, where you first shared your story back on episode 268. I have a lot more free time, but I certainly stayed busy since retirement a few months ago. Rich:So, I joined the military in 2000, and did a 20-year career. So, at that point, it had been 13 years in the military with most of it being overseas. Can you walk us through what your journey with money look like over those first 13 years?

How did you get to that point where you had enough cash and a paid off home? We did that in about a year microloan program and a half with both of us doing extra jobs and hitting it hard. Another thing how to get a loan without a personal loan application cosigner that we did, though, was paid off my primary residence. I bought a townhouse in 2003 personal loan application in Alexandria, Virginia, which is near D.

Rich:Another thing that I did while overseas was I flipped houses with a partner. Then we get to 2013, I have a paid off primary residences in Alexandria, Virginia. Rich:So, I bought six houses while I was in Montgomery, Alabama, and I was only there for 10 months. Eventually, I sold that primary residence, took all the cash, and used that to continue purchasing houses in Montgomery. Starting back at the beginning, you said you have a frugal spouse. Did you and your wife talk about money before you got married or did you just know because she was as frugal as you were? So, we had been dating for I think just maybe two or three months, and she asked me how much money I had in the student loans. I would just pay it back when I was rich in a few years. Rich:I literally had no idea direct personal loans how much I had in student loans. So, I had to call four or five different phone numbers. I think this was even before this stuff was easily accessible on the personal loan application internet. So, I guess in that sense, yes, we had some money talks. Rich:So, at the time, I was just finishing up college. So, I was just about to join the military in my last year of college. She was already graduated a year ahead of me, and she was working full-time.