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They also share ways to hedge your bets in rental property investing through fully funded reserves. His mother introduced him to the power of real estate by fixing up the basement and renting it out to generate income. His mother further influenced his money story by creating her own cleaning company and introducing Felipe to a client who hired Felipe to clean up his job sites. Felipe put his own spin on that by hiring the work out for a slightly lower rate than he was getting. Felipe Mejia, along with Ashley Kehr from Episode 114 are the hosts of BiggerPockets newest Podcast, Real Estate Rookie. Together, they share stories of real estate successes - as well as encouragement to get started investing in real estate. The Real Estate Rookie show is for anyone interested in investing in real estate - and needs a little encouragement. The Real Estate Rookie Podcast airs on Wednesdays wherever you get your podcasts.... Three years ago, she read Total MoneyMakeover by Dave Ramsey, and it CHANGED. So she tackled her student loan debt first—and proved to her husband that this was the right financial plan for their family.

She walks us step by step through the process she took to find these partners, find these properties, and generate this income stream for her family. In fact, she thought she had her future planned out! And she dug herself out of the financial hole that the short sale pushed her into.

Bianca is proof that you can recover from an unplanned financial catastrophe, thrive, and STILL reach Financial Independence - all before you turn 40. You just have to follow the proven path to financial freedom.... Natalie also shares a few red flags about potential tax preparers, as well as specific things your tax pro should be asking for—and what it means if they do not. Looking for that seemingly-elusive real estate professional status? Natalie explains in detail how to qualify for this lucrative benefit. She even shares how long you can depreciate a apply for a loan online kangaroo! Momma Purple shares her pragmatic approach to money in general - buying what you need, trying to make repairs instead of buying something new, sticking to a budget and banking bonuses instead of spending them. Momma Purple is also a big advocate for having multiple, passive income streams like rental properties and a pension. Hear her story of weathering TWO market crashes during her investing journey, taking immediate action when she discovered her money was in the wrong investment, and how fabulous her life is now, after retirement.... Two years later, her net worth had grown considerably, but she was still not tracking her spending or paying attention to much of her finances. So, she took a good look at her money situation and discovered that there were places she could make cuts—yet not really feel them. She moved across the personal loans reviews country, she changed jobs, she asked for raises.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the BiggerPockets forums is How can I start investing in real estate with no money and bad credit? You can t (Well, to be more accurate, you probably shouldn t).

You need to fix your No money and bad credit situation and invest from a position of financial strength. Co-hosted by personal installment loans no credit check personal installment loans no credit check BiggerPockets Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, this podcast provides the education you didn t get in school. You ll get tips for getting your financial house in order and actionable advice from guests who have been in your shoes - and found their way out. Kiersten and Julien came from two very different money backgrounds. The ensuing argument caused them to have some pretty tough money conversations very early on in their relationship. But it also set them up for early financial freedom. They researched and discovered a hole in the FI community. Investing in real estate helped create enough passive income for Julien to leave his corporate job, and for the couple to start living the life they truly want. Her financial journey really began at age nine, when her mother told her if she wanted to have nice shampoo, she had to figure out a way to earn money to buy it. Whenever Carol wanted to buy something, she started a new entrepreneurial endeavor—face painting, calligraphy, anything related to art was fair game for young Carol. At age 15, she hopped onto her bike and rode up to the convenience store, all but demanding to work there.

She graduated college into a job where she had regular access personal installment loans no credit check to the C-Suite. This is a tale of never giving up and not being satisfied with what life throws at you. So how do you make sure your parents are taken care of and that their wishes are followed throughout their golden years? Cameron also shares the documents your parents need to have—the documents YOU need to have—to be able to help them navigate their finances as they advance in age. BiggerPockets Money guests have typically focused on their own journey to financial freedom. But this episode provides guidance for starting challenging conversations with your parents. He watched his mother work her way up the local credit union ladder from teller to CEO, simply by doing more than necessary, repeatedly. He saved money by skipping the little things like taking a cab when he could walk, having roommates instead of living alone, and drinking water instead of ordering drinks when he was out. To prepare for the jump to self employment, he figured out his burn rate - and discovered it was a lot lower than he originally thought. By figuring out how much he was spending, and computing the value of his pre and post tax time, Pete optimized his path to Financial payday loan with no credit check Freedom, and is now enjoying the fruits of his labor....

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They both worked in the financial industry, and each thought personal installment loans no credit check the other would be great with money. About a year and a half in, they discovered they were both AWFUL with money. Both had lots of debt with no real plans to pay it off. He entered every expense from the last 12 months into a spreadsheet and discovered some shocking spending habits in several categories. These were places they could easily cut their spending so they could start paying down their debt. And like everyone else who finally figures out money, they hit it hard—planning menus, making grocery lists, and clipping coupons. In the process, David and John discovered that no one is talking about money in the LGBTQ community. So they set out to change that, opening up the topic to help their community stop being fearful of money and start aligning their spending with their values.... His parents divorced when he was eight, and his mother eventually quit her job to attend school. Necessity is the mother of invention, and a yearof no income led to some very creative personal installment loans no credit check ways to squeeze more value out of every dollar.

This invention stayed with Justin for his entire life, and he applies it to every facet of his finances. From his very low rent (in a high rent area) to his ridiculously low grocery bills to collecting travel rewards points, Justin gamifies every cent cash loans no credit check he spends. Today we hear how Justin actually made money from his college scholarships and military stipends, how he negotiated a smoking deal on his rent, and how his five tenets of grocery shopping pay off.

Best of all, the most popular time to use this side hustle is at night and on the weekends. Working need money asap four to six jobs will pay off your initial investment! She knew what things cost, she knew her parents worked hard to pay off their mortgage, and she saw her mother writing checks to pay bills every month. After graduation, she stayed at her low-paying college job until her father suggested she get a real estate license. Dawn completed the work for the license and got a job making almost the same money, working personal installment loans no credit check for a builder and selling their new homes. At the time, real estate agents were eligible to take the test to open up their own brokerage simultaneously with the licensing test, so she did that. While working as an assistant, she laid the groundwork to strike out on her own, eventually ramping up her income to multiple six-figures—with virtually limitless potential. Here Dawn share her story of how hard work and determination paid off tenfold—and all in just four short years!... She learned about financial independence through Mr. Money Mustache and completely revamped her finances, incorporating frugality and minimalism with investing to completely fund her lifestyle.

Her goal was security, and financial freedom made a lot of sense. Real estate was intriguing, and Google kept directing her to BiggerPockets. She started buying real estate, eventually accumulating 14 units in three states over the course of four years. Sarah cemented her success by having a large cash cushion to shield her from the surprises that real estate throws at you—a trait most successful real estate investors have. Making smart, money-conscious decisions allowed her to retire at the age of 30 from traditional work, so she can now spend time doing what she loves without regard to how much it pays. Sarah and her husband are truly living their best lives because passive real estate investments fund everything they do....

J brings his A-game in this episode, just like he does with every other podcast he s featured on. And make sure to stick around until the very end of the show for a special BiggerPockets announcement you ll definitely want to hear!...

Without her financial savvy, her family could have been financially ruined!

Now, 7 years later, she has paid off her house and replenished her emergency fund using a Tiered Emergency fund that allows her maximum liquidity while also maximizing her earnings on those funds. Her unique plan combines online savings with CD ladders, savings bonds and money market funds. Liz explains just how important it is to her family to have the peace of mind a paid-off mortgage can provide, and how planning for unforeseen loan quick events is truly the best course of action.... Then his sister tragically passed away from brain cancer, financially ruining the family. J fell into a pattern: skipping school, drinking, and doing drugs.

A few years of this and he realized he needed to make a change. J joined the military when he turned 18 and went to boot camp before his high school graduation ceremony. The military is where his poor money habits really took shape. Living on base means housing and food is covered, so he spent his income on anything he wanted—at one point having FIVE CARS online payday advance loans despite only being able to drive one at a time.

He stayed in the military for five years and knew enough to go to college when he got out. By year two, he had discovered the concept of financial freedom. And if you know someone who fits that bill, share this episode with them.... He also regularly played poker at a local casino, all while deferring and avoiding making any payments on his debt. Eventually he got his first big boy job at a bank however, he still wasn t making much headway on his debt.