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But what really changed for me that off season, and what honestly changes my mindset moving forward with everything I do is, that off season, I actually went on a missionary trip to Haiti, and our mission was to payday loans with no credit check give out medicine in different churches and orphanages across the country. And while we were there, essentially, to make a long story short, our compound was ambushed by eight guys with guns, they shot through the front door. Hakeem:I was shot at point blank range, hogtied, blindfolded, came to peace with the fact that I was dead. It was a wildly traumatic experience, that happened in May 29th of 2015, and that happened on a Thursday. Monday, we started grad school and summer sessions of workouts for football for my next season, and I was a mess, PTSD, out of this world, and I credit… Overcoming that traumatic experience is why and who I am today. David:Any advice you can share on how you switched that from a debilitating experience into an empowering one?

And I think in a net pay advance 2020 world, a lot of us have been close towards the bottom, especially in a mental state, just considering what easy cash loans everything is like right now. I literally had 12 hour days of training and four to five hours of downtime every day.

During that time, I listened to every single episode of your podcast. But then, I also downloaded the audio books that every guest recommended- Hakeem:… during your Famous Four, and literally listened to the audio book. A lot of people have a short cup of coffee in the NFL, meaning just April through September and not actually play. So, I need to focus on making the team, and then figure out what my angle was into real estate. But what does the average athlete actually make when they get in?

For the people that are not familiar with the sport world, how does that work? The most popular guys are also making the legitimate online installment loans most money, so everyone wants to hang out with those guys as well. It was the craziest thing to witness in first-person. And so, they go and up their lifestyle a little bit. We call it the income creep at BiggerPockets, I fast cash personal loans wrote that in the book, How to Invest in Real Estate.

You had to work to get in there, you had to strategize how to get in there.

That life should always be a downhill road, the wind should always be at your back. But the process I think, is what we need to start putting on a pedestal.

Brandon:Yeah, a lot of books and a lot of t-shirts being made. The cardinal inspired fear to the hearts of birdwatchers everywhere. So, you are playing for the little red bird, and you decide to get into real estate, what did that journey look like? Hakeem:Half of them wanted to pitch me some BS product or something to invest into, but it was… I literally spent January 3rd or 1st to mid February, every single day, I spent four hours at the same Starbucks literally people rotating in and out, and all these people just pouring value and bouncing ideas back and forth.

He took me around his property tour of Phoenix and Tempe, and got me set up on the MLS. Hakeem:I had to commute 55 minutes a day to the practice facility. I had Section 8 tenants living in the building with me, and I got to house hack a property, payday loans with no credit check and it was my first property. I did not listen to you in your Managing Rental Properties book you and your wife wrote- Hakeem:… of hiding the fact that… I tried to hide it honestly at the beginning, what happened was, my car was… I bought a used car, but I matted it all black, so it looked pretty cool. Hakeem:Literally, the mother of my child and I, we had a miscarriage, which was awful, it was terrible. After getting cut from the Cardinals, I was doing the cash for keys with the tenant as well.

Mother of my child payday loans with no credit check is dealing with all of the madness going back on in Phoenix, plus you just had the surgery from the miscarriage, and then that tenant who we were doing cash for keys with, she tried to kill herself. Because maybe subconsciously, I felt like I was doing a lot, and should be just focusing on football. David:Brandon, have you had experiences where people realized who you were, and knew you were managing the property, and it made it harder?

David:… massively important in any business, especially real estate. A football team is designed to operate at peak performance it possibly can. You could save money having your linebackers kick field goals, none of them do that.

You get a specialist to be a linebacker versus a defensive end versus a safety. Another question for you, I want to get on with the fourplex of what came next here. But I want to tell a quick story, and then relate cash loans direct lenders it to yours, and ask you a question about it. Because we have a lot of tourists that come through obviously. The white belt… And it is the hardest belt, which is now going to be a book title. A lot of people talk about real estate, want to get into it. Every repair funded itself, everything funded itself, and then sold it years later.

I mean, to kind of summarize three quick points here… I feel like this could be like maybe a YouTube video we make eventually someday, or a whole solo show. Just find little ways to like floss one tooth, you hear that analogy, right? If you want to get in the habit of flossing everyday, floss one tooth.

So, the first thing is start small, number two, is take a friend with you, or partner with somebody, find a way to do that, just going… What you said about jiu-jitsu, right? When you and I do it together, it was a lot easier. Brandon:And then, number three is what I call MINS, most important next step, which is just identify what that next thing is.

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Ah, there you go, yeah, you got it right there in your hands.

Like the weekly objective, and then what is the most important next step? Brandon:Is it picking up the phone and calling a lender?

And so, those three things, the overcoming fear, is to start small, take a friend with you, or do it with somebody, and then identify what the most important next step is. We covered a lot of stuff today, but I want to make sure people at least get an idea of your overall journey through real estate now. So, from there, I told you I went to the Detroit Lions and same exact thing happened. Found a duplex about 10 minutes from the practice facility, and lived in one side, and Airbnbed the other side. And as you were talking, I thought, you know what this sounds like to me? That next upcoming off season, I bought a 40 acre cannabis farm in Michigan.

Hakeem:So, we were hedging that cannabis was going to go wreck in November of 2018… This is super early 2018. Hakeem:That same broker who sold me my duplex when I had my initial meeting with him… I always tell people, if you want to get into an industry, put it out in the universe, start talking about it. I know the real estate side of it is going to be very interesting as well. And I wind up coming in as an investor on the group. Hakeem:And we decided… We have all this leverage as investors, why would we sell the land when we know what the opportunity can be?

Because essentially, we had the capacity to put 42 20,000 square foot warehouses on the land and grow up to 2000 plants within each warehouse. So, we kind of saw it as a real estate play and have spent the last two and a half years touring the country of some of the best facilities and growers across the country to partner with and grow in our land. Hakeem:We literally are in the process of breaking ground and development, right now just got our site plan approved by the town. A lot of loopholes with credit unions and things like that, and how all the investors have to be a part of the same exact bank. Brandon:And somebody wanted to offer you 7 million, and you said no, explain that logic again.

Imagine a little bit of flipping houses versus rental. And then, I want to move on and ask you about the media business and a few other things. And within 90 days, I actually bought my last property that I bought, which was a smaller seven unit property in Des Moines, Iowa. It was like a super small, quick value add, and the things that they wanted us to do, payday loans with no credit check it was going to completely destroy our budget, so we wound up. We had prior relationships with other investors in that market who knew the best way to actually do what they could do with that property, and we wound up selling it off to them. I think that a lot of bold predictions are happening right now.

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My thesis of what I want to do with real estate is raise capital to buy larger value add apartment communities in different markets. So, the Boulder predictions that come out every single day still do not logically make sense to me. Hakeem:payday loans with no credit check Still owned the duplex and still owned the cannabis form. And then you got the media business, what is that, first of all? And then, I want to ask you just how you manage your whole world there. One of my biggest regrets when I was playing in the NFL is I was insecure, I was wildly insecure. Hakeem:But when I retired, I tripled down on my personal brand, and got to quickly, quickly realize what the effects of it was. And what I did, in real time… October of 2019 is when we started the LLC. We started off just bringing value to real estate professionals, investors, and helping them with digital content. Whether it was approved cash advance locations creating content for their LinkedIn, their Facebook, their Instagram, and running ads to whatever realm they were working in. So, what I did was I sent 400 videos to real estate professionals in Detroit, and was able to get about 40 people to show up into an event at a wine spot in Detroit, and presented my theses on the digital state of real estate. And out of that event, got about four clients to come out of it. Hakeem:As the journey kind of continued… This is October of 2019, COVID obviously came around by February, March-ish. When COVID came around, we actually made a pivot and actually started to do podcast production work for real estate professionals and financial advisors.

I realized personally that… One of my best piece of advice for people getting started in real estate, outside of going on BiggerPockets and making action happen, is starting a podcast. If anybody knows either of those two guys, let me know. In order to produce a lot of podcasts at scale, I had to hire a lot of people, and I felt like I was becoming an HR rep and micro-managing every stage of the podcast production company, and not doing what I do best. But at that same exact time, I was actually starting to post a lot on TikTok as a platform. Hakeem:And quickly, but surely, I was on three one-hour Zoom calls a day dollar loan showing other pro athletes, other real estate people, other startup founders, business people, just how to get going, and get going on TikTok.