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Some people are suggesting that property investment visas create false demand for real estate and while they could have a point, we are talking about serious investors and significant amounts of money. You could also argue that due to the ongoing European economy issues there is significant long-term potential for the Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Cypriot real estate markets. Indeed the added carrot of internet personal loans a property investment visa could be argued as a way of focusing investor attention on these markets? There is some concern that once the property investment visa option is taken away we could see a drop-off in demand. However, the likelihood is that the governments involved payday loans weekend funding would not consider ending this particular scheme until they were sure that their local real estate markets were capable of standing on their own two feet, hence there would already be support for prices at that moment in time.

Chinese investors are now prominent in areas such as Australia, the UK and indeed Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus also seem to be on their radar. There is enormous investment funding emanating from China and due to changes in the Chinese economy this is likely to continue for some time to come. Confidence though in the market is subdued, the December report from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors shows. The Lisbon Metropolitan Area (LMA) and Oporto Metropolitan Area (OMA) encountered a less severe pricing environment compared to November, but the Algarve did not. The relative improvement in the pricing environment during December can mainly be attributed to the fall in new instructions to sell property that was concentrated in the LMA and OMA regions.

And the transactions picture continued to deteriorate, with more respondents reporting falling rather rising than sales compared payday loans weekend funding to November. Crucially, both indices remain in negative territory, indicating that activity is still falling and confidence is still weak, said RICS senior economist Josh Miller. They are reporting that banks are lowering loan to value limits and lowering valuations, causing many potential buyers to cancel deals. The report is the most reliable available on the property market in Portugal. Ci payday loan richmond va specializes in producing market intelligence indicators, indices and exclusive databases on the housing mobile phone loans market, covering both supply and transactions, typically in high geographical detail. One of its main products payday loans odessa tx is the Index Ci, which is the most referred to house price index in Portugal.

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Given its credibility and independence, the Index Ci is used by entities like the European Central Bank, the Bank of Portugal and the Portuguese Government. I simply take these property markets reports with a pinch of salt, and recommend readers do the same. Each report writer has a vested interest and it s not difficult to spot. Before buying in any market you MUST do your research from several sources. You must understand the relationship between the seller and the agent. I KNOW YOU DONT BELIEVE ME, thats why you are going to get burnt. It s very unfortunate that the world has seen a property value downturn however I think for the Portuguese market it is inevitable.

It seems that the majority of Portuguese sellers are reluctant to reduce their prices and are therefore creating a stagnant market. Once the sellers realise that there are many other places that investors can park their money they just may decide to reduce their property prices in line with the true value. Im not finding this to be quite true, I ways to get a loan with bad credit run a rental cottage business and this year has seen a large upturn. The vast majority of my business comes from househunters from the UK and we are very busy, other local Estate agaents I talk to all also report a good unturn in business and sales The latest index from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Confidencial Imobiliaro has cast a very interesting light on the Portuguese real estate market. Thankfully, demand for real estate in Portugal is increasing but the headline figures could be heavily influenced by a lack of suitable stock.

The RICS index covers Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve which should give a general oversight of the market as a whole.

We have seen similar issues in countries such as the UK, which can give a misleading impression on underlying property prices, but if there is no supply and demand continues to grow then there will be ever increasing competition for those properties available.

At the same time the number of properties for sale continues to decline, with the Algarve hit particularly hard.

The likes of Spain and Portugal have for many years now attracted more than their fair share of expat property investment. This not only left properties empty but many developments were shelved or delayed due to a lack of demand.

This knock-on effect impacted property development companies in Portugal with a number of them going out of business. However, it does look as though buyers are returning, property prices are moving higher and confidence is rising.

The lack of suitable property for sale has been a big problem for the industry over the last 12 months and helped to squeeze prices higher. If these higher prices tempt potential payday loans weekend funding sellers to list their properties then this would reduce competition and potentially soften expected house price rises. Then again, an increase in number of properties listed would improve liquidity and hopefully avoid a potential mini boom and bust scenario where prices are squeezed higher due to supply concerns and then all of a sudden supply increases. The new residency package, brought in by the government last year to boost the country s economy, is aimed at non European Union nationals and no credit check appliances has been particularly attractive to the Chinese market. Spain is now following suit and introducing a property residency visa next year. Following this trend, they are now collaborating with Portuguese schools, banks and industry giants to promote moving to Portugal.

There are now 43 countries with similar visa schemes with varying conditions.

One of the reasons why the Portuguese visa has been such a success is the flexibility of its conditions. External investment like this has been well received.

Not just financially, but as a community Portugal has historically welcomed foreigners and consequently has a great cosmopolitan atmosphere. Visas are not the only attraction for property investors. Portugal was recently voted one the best places to invest, work and live. The area has five international schools each with over 1,000 pupils. He believes investors see that confidence in Portugal is returning and opportunities exist.

The last few months have seen a major change in the outlook for the Moroccan economy with tourism becoming a larger and larger part of everyday life in the country. There are a number of investment projects on the go and the feeling is that the country is set to become a new magnet for both tourists and property investors. But why has Morocco suddenly sprung to life and what is the potential for the future?

There are a number of elements which seem to be dropping into place in Morocco and while the worldwide property market and no fax payday loans instant approval tourist industry are struggling at the moment Morocco is still a fairly prosperous country. The elements which property investors need to consider are:- Since the announcement that Air Arabia was looking to establish a new base in Morocco there has been much interest in the region and slowly but surely tourism has become the major industry in the country.

The beauty about the Air Arabia link is the fact that this is an airline which serves a number of European destinations and will no doubt look to increase the number of routes on offer as and when demand starts to pick up. As we have covered on a number of occasions on the site, without access to any one property market around the world there is very little chance for international property investors to sample the properties on offer never payday loans weekend funding mind actually invest money. However, the first improvement which payday loans arizona the country will see is an increased number of tourists to the area which will form a solid base for growth in the local property market. As well as the larger transport network for countries such as Morocco, there has payday loans weekend funding been a major shift in travel trends with more and more tourists looking to sample the delights of the less mainstream countries such as Morocco. The fact that so much information is now available on the Internet has made more and more people aware of the delights of these non-traditional destinations which offer a culture and an experience which many tourists have been seeking for years. The ability of the Moroccan tourist sector to adapt and build on the ever-growing interest in the region is the key to the future and as we will cover later in this article the industry has help from very high places.

The last few years have seen a major investment into the Moroccan economy which has diversified the dependence upon agriculture and industry by bringing a service-based economy to the mix. This has greatly increased the size of the Moroccan economy which is led by an ever-growing tourist industry that continues to go from strength to strength.

The King of Morocco, King Mohammed, has taken control of the country s tourism industry and has presented very ambitious plans to increase visitor numbers to 7,000,000 a year by 2010. However, the King has backed up these ambitious plans with significant investment into the country s infrastructure which has created a vast number of property investment opportunities for both local and international property investors.