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Visualizing things like this, I have to show you guys my visions board because I did my visions- Andres:Yeah. It was being a guest on the rookie podcast by December 2021, and being the rookie of the year, making the income that I made. I have my notebook and this is my notebook that I always use. It should be something that everyone does their freshman year maybe. This is where our listeners can call in at 18885-Rookie.

If you guys call, leave Tony and I a voicemail, we will pick your voicemail and play it on here and have our guests answer it. I guess my question to you guys would be what would be the advice that you would give to a new agent in real estate, myself, especially with getting new leads? And my mom who has been in real estate over 15 years plans on being my mentor and I can go over for help.

I guess my question is what would you give me as advice for generating leads and building up my clientele and my personal brand? But like you said, your mom is a realtor, so maybe stick with her. I did that for like two months, but then I really, really narrowed down, I found my avatar. I do a lot of Instagram stuff and I get a lot of referrals now. But really having your avatar is crucial so that you can tailor all of your content towards that person. I hear a lot of people say that that works and maybe that does, but make it as intentional as possible. Instead of putting out content that has no quality just to get that quantity out there, really try and focus on the quality too of your post and it will definitely generate more attention and attraction to your social media and help you build your brand.

Tony:I love you talk about goals because that takes me to the next segment here, but want to go to our random questions. My random question for you, Andres, is, I guess, what are your long-term goals real estate? Andres:My plan is definitely getting into syndications.

I joined a mastermind for syndication, so I want to get a 10 to 50 apartment complex.

It was by 27, but I want to set loftier goals that scare me. And then once I payday loans no guarantor up those rents and renovate everything, I sell it in five or seven years, give the investors their money back and then get part of that money as well. Tony:Apartment syndication is a little bit more of an advanced strategy. But you do see a lot of folks graduate from knocking out single family homes or duplexes and triplexes, so then eventually going on to do syndication. Man, for me, I love the idea of syndication as well. Ashley:Well, my question is about your college degree.

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With international business, I got it because I went to France when I was 16. A Rotary Youth Exchange, they sponsored payday loans no guarantor me to go a full year to France. I lived with a host family, went to school in France. But answering your question, I think it was definitely worth it. I just always find it interesting if people find their degrees worth it. And just the whole mindset segment, that was really great. Ashley:All of our listeners, make sure you guys go to the Real Estate Rookie Facebook page. Just search Real Estate Rookie and make sure you join. Andres will be in there to answer any questions when this episode airs. I also have an Instagram, andresbustatx, A-N-D-R-E-S-B-U-S-T-A-T-X. Ashley:We also have a very, very special surprise for you guys coming out this Saturday, February 6th. Make sure you guys check wherever you listen to podcasts on Saturday. Tony and I have something special going on for you guys. Thank you guys for listening and make sure to listen Saturday. Rent to Retirement offers fully turnkey properties that are already renovated, leased and managed… allowing you to invest with confidence out of state. You can choose from single family or multifamily in a bunch of different markets to maximize cash flow, appreciation and equity.

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J:So we have brought on a gentleman named Andrew Sherman.

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He is a prolific author of 26 books on pretty much every topic related to business. And we best cash advance brought him on, we recorded this show yesterday, March 16th, 2020, to talk about what is going loan for bad credit history on in both the economy and the business atmosphere. And what we can do as business owners, either current business owners or prospective business owners to kind of protect ourselves and deal with this crisis as best we can. J:Now, like I said, we recorded this episode yesterday, March 16th. J:In this payday loans no guarantor payday loans no guarantor episode, Andrew and I talked about a bunch of things. We talk about the outlook for the economy, both short term and long term. We talk about what we as business owners should be doing today, to help our businesses survive the current crisis over the next few weeks and months. We talk a little bit about what we can be doing today and in the near future, to better prepare our businesses in case we have a crisis like this again, and at some point, we will. So preparing our businesses and figuring out a risk mitigation plan for our business is so important. J:And finally, we talk about what those of us who are looking to start a business in the near future who have been thinking about starting a business thinking about maybe buying a business in the near future, what we can do to better prepare for starting or buying a business in the future. If you national cash advance want to find out more information about Andrew, about the things we talked about in this episode, please check out our show notes at biggerpockets. As we talked about in the introduction, you are a man of many expertise, from law to business to economics. J:What are your thoughts on how the Fed has been handling basically over the last year, all these rate cuts and essentially getting prepared for a recession before recessions had even occurred? On the one hand, I want to see our Fed competitive with the central banks of other jurisdictions.

And I know the President has been more than vocal in expressing the Fed being in alignment.

Part of that is the oil upheaval in the tension between Saudi Arabia and Russia, but the markets are clearly wanting to see a bit more of a process out of the Fed, and maybe a bit more warning. Andrew:I think they like the productivity on the one hand, but they like the process on the other. We potentially see a kind of a V-shape straight upwards and things are back to normal. Other people are saying that no, this could be a lot more long and drawn out. People starting to default on their debt because we have consumer and corporate debt at an all time high.

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And then this potentially being a really long term, downturn or recession. What are your thoughts there, installment loans online for bad credit any ideas on where this might go? Andrew:So the classic analogy is a U-shape versus a V-shape. We want to flatten the curve of the number of incidences, but that curve is just trying to get lower than the spike they saw in China. Is this also an opportunity for business owners to carve out new business models or to create new service offerings that either can help them now during this event, but also potentially down the road stuff? They do stuff now that they can later capitalize on when this all is over?

Just last night, the mayor of both LA and New York shut down restaurants, clubs, cinemas, unless it was carry out or delivery. But the problem is, and this is the main message I want your listeners today to absorb and think about, and I pray that payday loans no guarantor they are better prepared for next time. Andrew:So I think the businesses that were already engaged in alternative business models that lend themselves to a crisis have loans for single moms five, 10, even 15 steps ahead of the businesses that are coming unprepared. I come from a corporate background, and I talk a lot about doing risk management, about doing risk planning, about thinking about what your worst case scenarios are and having mitigation plans in place for them. And then of course, we had a real crisis to layer on top of that. I do think that small business owners, entrepreneurs, big businesses, they owe it to their ecosystem, to their employees, to their customers, to their supply chains, to their district distribution partners, to be thinking about the worst to assume that things like this may happen again.

Andrew:Some businesses were more prepared for telecommuting and telework than others.

I admit myself to not being as ready as I could be. Before I payday loans no guarantor do that, you mentioned earlier a responsibility to employees, a responsibility to vendors. Bucket number one is when Ted Leonsis warms the capitals and the wizards or Mark Cuban who owns the Mavericks steps up and says while the stadiums are shut down, I will be paying the salaries of all of the stadium workers and the people that lay the floor and change it from a basketball to an ice hockey Stadium.