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Mindy:Would you payday loans mesa az like to listen to Scott and I talk live on Facebook? Would you like us to answer your questions live on Facebook?

Scott and I are doing a Facebook live on February 4th.

It can be about a recent episode, a money challenge. Mindy:Yeah, we are really looking forward to talking to you and that will be in our Facebook group. If you are not a member of our Facebook group, you can join at facebook. Ali and Josh from the FI couple, welcome to the BiggerPockets Money Podcast.

Is there some before we met backstory or does new payday lender it start basically as you became together? Josh:Yeah, I think we came from polarizing backgrounds in terms of financial upbringing. I came loans for disabled from a very, very low income background and really, really poverty and hard circumstances and things of that nature.

And that very much shaped the decisions that I made in early adulthood in terms of really poor financial spending. I knew my parents fought about money sometimes, and that was a point of contention.

And then I remember being in high school and my dad lost his job and that was like a really big deal and it made it hard for my family. And that was a point in my life where I remember having that thought, like I need security, I need something that will provide me safety. I graduated in 2012, Ali graduated in 2013 and unbeknownst to each other, initially, we actually transferred into the same major at the same time. And conveniently, I was one of three guys in the entire major and most of the classes the two 100 payday loan other guys were like sleeping, so it helped me kind of stand out.

So not to be confused with sunny, I imagine, at SUNY. My parents were willing to take on half of my student loan debt. Scott:So what triggered that decision to begin thinking more about money? Ali:Honestly, and we talk about this a lot, the year of our wedding, the first week of January, Josh had been with a long-term employer for seven years, he had poured his heart and soul into that company and was very unexpectedly laid off. So that was check into cash loans like- Ali:Yeah, so we got married in August. So then prior to that in January, he had gotten laid off. And through that crisis, it led us down the path of, we need to figure out our financial situation and we need to do it quickly.

Josh:Yeah, and just to kind of backtrack a little bit.

So I had been working full time while Ali was working on her masters. And back in 2017, I had also found Set For Life by Scott. And we were feeling a little burnt out on the Dave Ramsey method and feeling like there had to be a better way to achieve our goals. Scott:So wait, going back for a second, a big fan of that book too, of course. But going back, you discovered this concept, you start reading Dave Ramsey and some other guru around finance and you get this picture together. And then any money that we had in savings… That was from the assets perspective, that was all we had. That was another really big conversation for us the year before our marriage was. But he was making it at a not-for-profit where there was very little room for growth or advancement or control over your own salary. Scott:And what would you have projected your income to be that year before being laid off in January?

Then we get Set For Life, and Set For Life, came into our life right around April or May. Josh:Yeah, so unexpectedly laid off and everything shifted very quickly because we went back to a single income household. And so, like I said, I had started some entrepreneurial endeavors prior to getting fired.

And so all me getting fired was just a kick in the pants to really do that. And so I started pushing more so into doing that full-time while Ali was still working. Ali:But also Josh had gotten fired and it was such a shock.

He went immediately out into the workforce and he secured a job making half his salary.

So it kind of was a nice, a nice synergy there with some of the changes we made. So all of a sudden I had a lot more time on my hands. So I just poured into all things, BiggerPockets, Facebook, the website, podcasts, books, you name it. I just went all in because I knew- Josh:Oh my gosh. No, I literally joke with people, I went to BiggerPockets university in my spare time. Mindy:Okay, so looking back to pre-January 2018, did you have any indication that payday loans mesa az this was coming?

But also, full disclosure, the Christmas party two or three weeks prior to me getting fired, they need cash quick were announcing that I was probably up for a big promotion, that I always do wonderful payday loans mesa az things.

And so in some respects, I could not have been more blindsided, but in hindsight now two or so years removed, yeah, I would have canned me a lot sooner because I was very noisy.

And I think too, Josh is a really big out of the box thinker and something that I love about Josh is that he has really big, crazy wild dreams and goals.

And I tell them, Josh getting laid off was single-handedly one of the best things that ever happened- Ali:… to us in our lives because it offered perspective, it offered an opportunity to build the life that we want and live more aligned to our values and our dreams.

Scott:Well, let me ask you this about that situation as well. But you had said you were executing your plan prior to getting fired. Was your spending, for example, lower than it would have been without having put a plan in place? And so I was already laying the foundation for eventually working for myself. And again, in terms of blessings in disguise, me getting fired was that kick in the pants that kicked me from the nest. Ali:Yeah, so August 2018, we get married, we go on a three-day mini moon and then we got back and we scraped together every literal dollar that we had to buy our first duplex. And we had started looking for payday loans mesa az properties prior to our wedding, in the spring and the summer. So very luckily and maybe not luck, but just persistence, our realtor had happened upon a couple that was owner occupying a duplex, and they were looking to sell their property.

So we were able to get this duplex off-market, which is honestly a huge, huge reason why we were able… Ali:… which is honestly a huge, huge reason why we were able to secure it. They needed a bit more time so that they could find their own home.

So you want to talk about a trial by fire leading up to our marriage. I got fired, in no way, shape or form did that deter Ali, we are house hacking this year. And so our initial conversations were a lot different because I was so heavily focused on the numbers of the deal. And what David Green says, if we just burn the deal, then we will get all of our money back out. So this is what we have to do and- Ali:Like, why am I getting married to this person? But the reality was that we were going to properties that were in super rough areas. We were under contract for a house prior to our wedding, we did actually get one under contract and it was definitely out of our budget. So this is the home that we were considering and very quickly it was like, you know what, this might not be a good fit.

The numbers ended up payday loans mesa az not working out and we got out of it. My quality of life is going to go down the hill, which is funny because the house hack that we ended up getting was so lovely. So I was like, okay I need to change my message somehow so I get the results that I want. And I remember, you guys had Andy Hill and Andy Hill one time was sharing the same story of how he proposed financial independence to his wife, Nicole. First of all, I want to address the most recent thing that you said, which was the speaker language. When I first met Scott, he was living in a neighborhood that I was fine to visit during the day, but would not have visited him at night unless he would walk me to my car.

And then back to the very beginning where you said that you had to work with them on their closing timeline, because they had a slightly different timeline than a normal timeline.

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I just want to chime in there on the artificial timeline. So many people are buying their house because like, "Oh, my lease is expiring and I need to buy a house right now. Just pay the extra a hundred bucks a month or 200 bucks a month to go month to month with your landlord. Why are you choosing to house hack rather than pay that off? I supported by the way, I just want to hear it from you guys. So I buy probably middle to end of 2018, kind of leading up to the wedding, my income was pretty stable overall so we were able to pay bills and everything like that, but still, we were living in a one bedroom, one bath luxury apartment with a pool and everything like that. I was trying to pull together some type of entrepreneurial endeavor and Ali being in the schools. Ali:That honestly, too, our income was just covering our expenses. So it would have been a struggle in order to do that.

Ali:Very, very modest saving and every single dollar that we got for our wedding as a gift, we lumped in and used it for the down payment.

So literally thank you, everyone that attended our wedding because you helped us buy our first house hack.

And so as far as the balancing act between paying off debt versus investing for us, we were super jazzed about the idea of becoming debt-free and that was stemmed back when we started in like the Dave Ramsey school of thought but then the more that we thought about it, we were like, well, we also have a really aggressive timeline. Especially during the bull markets, I could have bought more real estate. Ali:So 1200, I think it was expensive for what we were getting, but it honestly was pretty average for a one bedroom, one bath, luxury situation apartment. So we were paying about 1200 with our first house hack moving and it had a long-term tenant.

So right there, no teletrack loans moving in, we cut our costs of living in half, which was huge. You said you put down 16 000 and what was the purchase price? Josh:Yeah, and that a thing too, right is just on a sidebar. I think our actual down payment was closer to like seven or 8,000 and the remainder was closing costs.

But I was like, this is what changes our life, because this is what Bigger Pockets says, changes your life.