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We appreciate you being here with us, and this has been a great topic.

So, I know our listeners are really going to get a whole lot out of this. I look forward to having you back in a couple of years to talk about both how your fund is doing and how SquareFoot is doing payday loans for bad credit online and growing. Absolutely loved all of his discussions about SquareFoot as well as AngelList.

Jay, I think there was one thing Jonathan said… There are so many things, of course, but one thing that resonated with me so well in terms of real estate and prop tech, he said that because of technology, everything in our life has changed so substantially, but real estate really is just done the same. We are at this time right now, where we are on the cusp of prop tech just exploding, and there is so much opportunity at this time. Anyway, everybody, thank you so much for tuning in. Carol:Now, go diversify where you invest your money today. Their in-depth due diligence includes meeting with management teams and generally comprehensive vetting of deals they decide to make part of their own portfolio.

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Not sure how to define who you want to be and how to get there? Dre Baldwin — former professional basketball player and current motivational entrepreneur — has worked hard to get taking out loans where he is today. This all led to the foundation for the Work On Your Game business Dre runs today, having reached over 73 million people over the last 15 years through 27 books, 4 TEDxTalks and more content than any human on earth. In this episode, Dre gives us his strategies for building motivation and taking yourself to the next level through discipline, confidence, mental toughness and mental conditioning. Dre talks about his entrepreneurial growth — including the consistency to have created over 7,000 educational videos in past 15 years, generating over 73 million views! They have a network of lenders to assist with all forms of financing, including Self Directed IRA loans. Tresta allows you to add local and toll-free numbers, with tons of call management features that empower you to communicate smarter and more efficiently. WiFi 6 is the latest in WiFi technology, delivering unmatched speed, coverage, security, and capacity for all your business needs.

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Sales continue to skyrocket with no indication of slowing down anytime soon… and this week, our guest is here to help you get in on the action!

Mike Begg — co-founder of AMZ Advisers — started a side-hustle business selling on Amazon with three buddies while they all worked corporate jobs. Making mistakes and learning lessons the hard way in the early days, the team never gave up, continuing to learn and tweak their business model until they achieved massive success on the platform. Mike lays out a step-by-step roadmap for identifying product needs on the platform, sourcing inventory, and building a stellar brand that speaks to buyers and generates sales. He where to get loans with bad credit talks about the right way to work with vendors overseas, achieving the right mix of pricing and volume, and determining when it makes sense to create additional sales funnels across multiple channels. Make sure you listen all the way to the end, when Mike gives us some excellent resources to learn more, right NOW. WiFi 6 is the latest in WiFi technology, delivering unmatched speed, coverage, security, and capacity for all your business needs. With business WiFi solutions from Netgear, you can focus on your business, not your IT. Released 7 days per week, the BiggerPockets Daily Podcast takes the wisdom contained in tens of thousands of BiggerPockets blog articles and converts them into a compelling and convenient audio experience. Rather than covering the daily news, the BiggerPockets Daily Podcast will feature evergreen articles so you can listen and learn on your timeline. The BiggerPockets forums contain an almost endless number of questions about how to become a better real estate investor and an almost equal number of answers. And the advice contained in those forums(and this blog of course) offers a wealth of great advice. But one thing we can all do to improve our skills—whether in real estate investing, property management, accounting, or even relationships—is the one thing we all seem to almost intentionally and quite pointlessly deprive ourselves of.... An old roadster or classic convertible would fit the bill for me. My guaranteed loan surprised wife and I took it for a spin on the Blue Ridge Parkway to explore the fall colors. The market is fairly expensive on the East Coast and West Coast. That is when you should start getting a little fearful. Personally, I think we are still at the top of the cycle. Two common choices among small business owners are S corps and series LLCs. I help my clients set these up to protect their assets, plan their estates, and help avoid paying unnecessary taxes. In fact, I just closed on a new property very recently. Here are six profitable side hustles in the real estate field that I believe can help you achieve your goals....

It seems like there are so many things to consider and so many thingsthat can go wrong.

Drown out that noise and adopt an abundant mindset.

There are also some great incentives for first-time buyers, so educate yourself and be prepared to take action when the right opportunity comes along.... Take a moment right now to sit and think about the first days or weeks before you opened your doors. You may have started your real estate business to provide passive income, but quickly realized that a lot of it is not passive at all. Typically, someone else (often a custodian like Charles Schwab, eTrade, or TD Ameritrade) manages those investments for you, keeping your money in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. But payday loans for bad credit online what if you want to use your IRA to invest in real estate?... Why would anyone keep giving you new loans as your debt balance keeps building?

The underlying logic is: the more properties you own just adds more and more debt to your life.

This September marked one of the fastest months this year, posting a median days on market (DOM) of 16 days, down from 28 the year prior and 6 days faster than May 2019. While the weather may be cooling down, the housing market shows no sign of it, leaving industry professionals in the dark when it comes to predicting how markets will move going into the closing months of 2020.... High risk can lead to high reward—but only if you put in the time and research to understand your market and the numbers behind your investment. Setting unrealistic expectations for your return on investment (ROI) can set you up for failure and hurt your profit. Most real estate investment strategies tie up large chunks of money for quite some time, so you need to weigh the pros and cons between committing for the long haul or finding a property to flip. Setting realistic expectations for property value and cash flow will ensure your investment turns out to be a great deal....

It is easy to let a renter live in your rental unit.

However, if they stop paying rent, run up huge bills, or causedamage, you will have big bills to pay—either a costly eviction, property repair, or offering a cash for keys deal.

When you get a responsible tenant, you might still have the odd problem. This fear is soparalyzing, in fact, I ve heard stories where people eschewed becoming a landlord just payday loans for bad credit online to avoid it. Some have hired a property manager instead of managing themselves for only that reason. Indeed, hiring a manager is one option, but there will still be some oversight involved.

And if you do manage yourself, there are certainly ways to deal with these problems. The danger is represented by the fact that your prior successes tend to back you into a tunnel-vision perspective on life and business. Because you know what has worked for payday loans for bad credit online you in the past, you can fall into believing that the same will work in the future, that your way is the only way, etc.

And if so, your perspective and frame of mind necessarily and proactively must evolve.... No business has had a tougher time this year than physical-based businesses, and that is certainly the case for our guest, Ralphie Martinez. He was working a 9-5 job when he opened up his garage gym for friends to work out in. Friends would invite other friends, and before he knew it, he was teaching a class before going to his full time job, then coming home and teaching two more classes. Like so many entrepreneurs, Ralphie turned his passion into something that not only helped other people, but made money. For the past 6 years, Martinez Elite Fitness has been a local success, gaining more and more members every year. Even in an unprecedented time like 2020, Ralphie has found ways to keep his business going, regardless of shutdowns, curfews, and other roadblocks. Having a positive attitude, the support of his partner and family, and a strong community has helped him and his business stay fighting.

We have been our own community within our city community.

Really no advertising, just all word of mouth, which is really hard to believe and sometimes for myself especially. Speaker 3:Welcome to a real world MBA from the school of hard knocks, where entrepreneurs reveal what it really takes to make it. And I am here this lovely week with my lovely cohost, Carol Scott. Thank you so much everyone for being here and thank you honey for being my rock and being such an amazing person in our family.

And our guest today is here to remind us that no matter how hard things might get, the key is to keep pushing forward and to never give up. He is the owner of Martinez Elite Fitness, and he quit his job a few years ago to follow his passion, which was to create a gym that could help people better themselves. Now, as you can expect as a gym owner during COVID, there are going cash loans las vegas to be a lot of struggles.

Over these past several months, his business has struggled. So if you want to learn more about Ralphie, his business, Martinez Elite Fitness or anything we talk about on this episode, make sure you check out our show notes at biggerpockets. You have such grit and amazing wisdom to share with our people. It sounds like you were working a full-time job and you did something that was a hobby and turned it into a business. So Ralphie, just tell us more about your journey with one caveat. I would love for you to tell us your journey, but stop before March 2020.

So out of high school, I went to a massage therapy school and it was there that I learned that I really enjoyed helping people.