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You can still get a 3 bedroom property walking distance from the beach for less than 1 million rand which is about 50000 pound or 100000 dollars. Rentals for a 3 bedroom are about 200 pounds a week and there is sometimes a waiting list for a year to plan your holiday. Vacancies are low do to most tenancies are structured with 12 month tenancy and the Commercial property we find usually have a minimum 4 - 10 years leases. Paris is def not my fav for rental investment, the ratio in Berlin is very low too. You must consider as well the legal situation when buying overseas. Avoiding countries where renters are too much protected is a first step. The Canary Islands have always been a region where good rental potential is available.

Also now the Cape Verde Islands are well worth looking at as most developers are offering guaranteed rental contracts to all buyers. Guaranteed rentals are invariably factored into your purchase price.

So, you are paying over the odds to get your own money back, on which you may be liable for tax!. In most areas guaranteed rental returns are built into the sale price, however with payday advances online Cape Verde this does not seem to apply.

The islands need to increase their tourism to continue building their economy and with a greater range of developments coming onto the market every month the developers need to compete. So as one developer started offering guaranteed rentals to entice buyers all the others have started following this trend but without a noticable price hike to compensate. This can only be good news for the schrewd investor. On site rental agents of the highest calibre are insisted upon by the Government. Whilst I appreciate there are some good development in Cape Verde - nothing comes anywhere close to this and the same can be said of immediate payday loans Spain and Portugal. I dont like flash but this place will definately keep many people attracted all year. Imagine everything you could possibly want in one site payday advances online come rain or shine. I looked at Cape Verde some time ago and noticed more and more offerings having guaranteed rentals.

In my opinion, the most upmarket resort at the time had comparable or even lower prices than those that emerged with guaranteed rentals. That was around 2 years ago and the development was on Santiago Island, not payday advances online far from the capital. On a gentle hill, perhaps a kilometre from the ocean, the site afforded terrific views over 2 or 3 golf holes and onto the ocean. Having in mind temps of economical money shop payday loans development of new member-states of EU, the biggest potential for money back investment is in Bulgaria. It is a pity that at the time you did not find answers to the concerns you mentioned so I will answer them for you now. This company has the responsibility to make all the infrastructure across all the islands. Those that came along about 2 years ago with the guaranteed rentals were more expensive and I see many are still on the market. One of the positive notes from my research was that expats from the Canaries weekly payment loans were upping sticks to the Cape Verde islands. That was a while ago though, the timing might not be as good now. The best place for information I have found on the Hurricanes is by doing a Google search Cape Verde hurricanes and then clicking on the link through to Wikipedia Cape Verde Type Hurricane this shows all the major hurricanes that start in the area and where they went.

This is why now some of the large resorts are offering the rental guarantee. This payday advances online is also being offered because of the increasing demand by tour operators for beds especially on Sal. The tourism industry in Cape Verde is increasing rapidly. Of course, most considering buying will do their own research as to where they feel prices are going.

I think I would have taken the plunge if any of the payday advances online front line golf properties had been available and the pound strengthening against the dollar would have reduced the cost for me. Still, most of us have kicked ourselves at some point for talking ourselves out of what were very good opportunities.

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The islands are VERY economically and politically stable since gaining their independance from Portugal in 1972.

All their laws and buying processes are still based heavily on the Portuguese legal system. All contracts of purchase are drawn up in Portuguese and English making them easily understandable for English purchasers. Before instructing a client to sign their contracts they will have performed all the necessary checks to make sure that the developer a) owns the land b) has the necessary licences c) that the developer is sufficiently cash rich to be able to complete the project. In some cases the developers offer bank guarantees or payments can be made to a lawyers escrow account. So sufficient safeguards are in place for prospective purchasers to feel safe. The figures I quoted are official government statistics for the years past since development hit the islands and their forcast for the future. I know it seems incredible that prices will rise by these amounts but the government are confident in this.

Investment in Cape Verde is long term not payday advances online short term as it has been in the past here in the Canary Islands. Land too low - I agree with your comments to Investy, the islands are similar to the Canary Islands in that the landscape is different on each Island. Sal is very flat but has incredible beaches, Boavista is similar although there are a few higher parts but the beaches here are the best of the islands. Also as you point out Santiago is the capital and because of this has more culture. However Sao Vicente is one of my favourite bad credit personal loan lenders direct islands, although it is a small island it has beautiful scenery and again beaches.

The culture here is second to non and a great place to meet the locals and mix with them. The airport in Sao Vicente is also very near to being completed to international status and they hope that sometime next year direct flights from the UK will arrive. We tend to promote the islands as the new Caribbean into the UK market because they are the best example, weather, beaches, sea and people all very similar.

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My wife and I have spent a lot of instant long term loans time in the islands over the past couple of years on business and I have to drag her back to the Canaries everytime kicking and screaming, she would move their tomorrow but unfortunatly for me and the business it is not viable.... We got married in the Caribbean on St Thomas and go their every year for our anniversary and she still prefers Cape Verde, mind you she hates flying so this could be one reason. The problem is nothing in life is easy if you want to make money you have to work at it. PLEASE PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU HEAR OF LAND THERE FOR SALE.

Forget the Kent flat, your too late, all the easy money has gone and the B2L market is seriously 90 day loans crowded. Furthermore you should know many lenders have stopped lending on B2L new build property as there is mass over supply leading to high repossession numbers (ie whole blocks come to market all seeking tenants so rents are driven down). UK property does not pay for its self as you imply - I know as Ive recently sold my B2Ls. Work out the cost of your deposit (ie loss of potential savings interest or if you borrowed the deposit the cost of that borrowing),plus the mortgage cost plus your maiantainance, accountants fees, the odd repair or rat removal etc etc.

The US venture has better prospects but you need to think like an investor. Holiday rents in Florida can be not worthwhile and I often hear the costs never end (pool stops working etc etc).

Better to buy in a US city such as Atlanta and get year round rent or Toronto (Canada) with underground lift payday advances online access to avoid snow pile ups.

Its right on your doorstep and like London 15 years ago. I was sent an info pack on hotel room investment in Panama. Panachuk quotes very high occupancy rates, but that is for Panama City.

This project is a touristic government scheme (like Jardin de Fleur on Saidia, except with bank guarantees!