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I raised some money for flip projects, I did several of those. And then the next book will be How to Make A Lot of Money As A Top Producer. And then the third book will be How to Build A Team. Everybody keep your eyes out for that in a couple of weeks. Oz analogy, and maybe you guys have heard it before. Oz at the height of his crazy busy schedule of like he had like a couple magazines, he was on Oprah, he had his own TV show. He was still doing like 200 open heart surgeries every single year. He did this cut and he went to school for it, he trained, he practiced for years, and years, and years, and got good at his cut. What is that thing that I should be walking in to do and everything else should be already clamped, and cut open, and the blood all moved away?

So for me, a lot of it has been taking the stuff I already did, things with BiggerPockets, things with the podcast and really zoning in on what are my super powers, what are the things that I have to do? The podcast is probably the most important thing I do from that perspective.

The podcast also makes the affiliate marketing stuff workout. Podcast helps me sell books when we do, but I also wrote a book this year, earlier in the year.

Actually just had a conversation with my wife yesterday. How do we as business owners… First of all, how do we determine what our thing is, what our cut is, or what that one super special major superpower is that we have? Number one, ask people around you, they can typically recommend. They typically can see the cut in you better than you can see it for yourself. Because you make… Yesterday, I actually told David this. I want to focus cash advance cincinnati on things in life that feel light, podcasting feels light. We jumped on the show with no prep work on my side, you guys prep a lot, but I just jump on here and I just talk. So those things, what feels light versus feels heavy. That sounds like the most heavy thing in the world.

And then one final note, things that you procrastinate on, procrastinate.

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And how do I find others that will fit in on my team? Which is usually the stuff that feels heavy to you and is light to them are two crucial skills that I think people need to be focusing on going into 2021. J:I love that, and I love the whole idea of the cut. He spent years, and years, and years getting great at it, but these days, how long does he actually spend suiting up, washing his hands, getting in there, making a cut, getting out, and how much money does he loans for bad credit in texas make?

No matter how much I love doing it, no matter how good I am at it, that is her superpower, so she does it.

In your business, you got to bring in those people. Brandon, you talk about hating to pick up the phone.

Let me write a book just so you can get the answers and not have to talk to me. You know how hard it is for you and I same day loan lenders to even connect the last couple of weeks. The way that I think you knew I cared about you was I jumped in and did stuff that I could tell orange rocket payday loans was heavy for you. Clearly the two of you with all of the people you talk with, with all the people wondering how they can shift their mindset, quick money online how they can find mentors, how they can find deals, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

And now that everybody wants to buy a house, investors are now competing with regular primary residence homeowners over the same deals. Not all of them, but many, many of them are having just a phenomenal year. Now again, some people naturally got hit hard by the recession. Some industries got hit hard and thankfully mine or whatever you call this year, not a recession, but by the pandemic. That said, there was a mindset thing that really was shown this year. This year was a refining year, I think it was maybe a good way to put that. And so refined like do you actually have orange rocket payday loans a business?

And now I would say the stock market, it quick loan lenders has not been one. I could be wrong, but yeah, for business, I think this bad credit loans online was a good refining year.

J:I think it reminds me a lot online direct lender payday loans of 2008 in real estate. The people that were actually buying it, that were able to do it successfully, it was an amazing couple of years. And likewise now, orange rocket payday loans the people that are taking all the crap the economy is throwing at us and know orange rocket payday loans how to harness that, it really gives them an edge.

Is that you are here trying to learn, how do I need to adjust? Brandon:That and I just really like people and thought, and so I always negotiate for them.

Whereas J and Carol, they love the feeling of coming up with a solution that worked for both parties, because they were able to use their own intelligence to get there and making money out of that deal. So they naturally, because they love it, focus on how to be good at it.

J:Definitely, that resonates with me because I see a lot of people that are not doing well, who are focusing more on the tactical aspects of business and less on the strategic aspects. I do want to ask you a question, David, paydayloansonline though, because you were talking about your brokerage business. You wrote a book on it, and then you just mentioned your mortgage business. On the other end, you want to be flexible, you want to be able to add new opportunity. When we interviewed Tarl Yarber on our podcast the last time we did it, he described how he went from flipping houses to the BRRRR method. Do I put it on the market and sell it and instant loans now get hit with capital gains taxes? I will tell him my goals, he will come back and tell me what type of a business that I want to do. So my guess is that 2021, you guys probably have some plans current interest rates on personal loans to do additional things.

My one thing is actually not real estate, my one thing is not affiliate marketing, or writing books, or being an author, or being a podcaster.

What I mean by that is if you think of a war, there are a lot of battles to fight all over the place, but the general of the war is not fighting in those battles particularly.

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So the one thing that I can commit to for the next 30, 40 50, 100 years is to being a general of my life. In other words, being in control and issuing commands as needed for things to get done. You can move around the world all you want to different locations, different battles. Now more specifically with Open Door Capital, we have found that we are very good at raising money and bringing in top talent and reaching a lot of people, mainly because of my position on the podcast. So as such, there are simply not enough mobile home parks to satisfy our hunger, if that makes sense. Because the thing that we do really well, we can raise money, we can reach a lot of people, we have that influence. The difference is when I was at 46 and I had to explain everything to every client, I could only do about 40 to 50 properties. This year I had more people on my team that I trained four of them or three of them and they had those conversations and we tripled or quadrupled our production.

My one cut would be teaching people and pushing them to a standard of excellence. And then I want to coach and teach people up to that higher standard. So I go to the markets where orange rocket payday loans I think many of the people from here are going to leave and I put a David Greene team and a Keller Williams over there. And now I can connect you with an agent who understands our training, our teachings, our systems that you can trust.

What are a couple tips that each of you have to just get us started on that goal-setting process? What is the very first thing we should be doing to get on that path of what we want to do to achieve something new and great moving into the new year? We are an artist, we are sitting in front of a gigantic white easel, a white piece of paper on an easel and we have a bunch of paint brushes in our hand and we can paint anything we want to paint.