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Historically investors flee to so-called safe havens in light of difficulties on worldwide stock markets. The situation in China is difficult to say the least, with the stock market having a terrible time of late, and more investors seem to be looking at overseas property. The spectre of the Chinese government always hovers over investment markets amid concerns they may restrict overseas investment and in some way, shape or form look to introduce yet more artificial support for local investment markets. The last few days have seen a significant reaction to concerns about the short to medium term growth of the Chinese economy. Widely seen as the second largest economy in the world, behind the US, many had expected growth of recent times continue for some time to come.

However, it online payday loans direct lenders only has become apparent over the last few days that the Chinese economy is in trouble and stock markets have reacted accordingly. While the term safe haven is perhaps overused in investment markets there is no doubt that many people see property investment as a long term option.

The fact is that economies will continue to grow in the longer term, although there will be lending loans short-term blips as we have seen, and demand for property will certainly grow. When you also take into account the fact that savings interest rates around the world are minimal, and indeed many savings are losing value in real terms, perhaps this will prompt yet more interest in the worldwide property market? The fact that people will always need somewhere to live adds to the attraction of property with the added bonus of potential long-term capital growth. The current situation with savings interest rates has also prompted more people to look towards alternative investments which has created significant demand in the buy to let market. This in turn has increased demand for property in general forcing many local property markets above and beyond the affordability factor of new entrants. In what is becoming something of a vicious circle for many people, this inability to climb aboard the property ladder means many have no option but to rent which in itself places yet more pressure on property prices. While there is no doubt that concerns about the short to medium term direction of the Chinese economy has spooked many investors it is unlikely to prompt a worldwide economic downturn. We may see stock market ratings adjusted, we may see short to medium term concerns and while the likes of Australia, which has a very buoyant property market, could see a reduction in short to medium term Chinese investment, life will go on.

Stock markets are historically seen to look 12 to 18 months ahead taking into account factors which we know today and legitimate payday loans online no credit check extrapolating them forward. The next few weeks will be vital for the Chinese stock market, as well as the impact this will have on the worldwide scene, and it will also be interesting to see how property investors and property markets react.

Dandong is a little-known border city between China and North Korea which sits across the Yalu River from North Korea. Since North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un announced a severe softening of foreign policy towards America, with a likely meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump later this year, demand for homes in Dandong has hit an eight year high. It was also interesting to see that while Dandong property prices rose by 4. There is no data available post the announcement by the two leaders of a historic meeting later in online loans bad credit direct lenders the year but we can guess safely assume prices have increased significantly. In reality it would be very difficult for the Chinese government to hold back what is becoming a relatively strong wave of optimism with regards to North Korea, South Korea, the US and Chinese relations. Indeed, would China want to be the party pooper in this potentially new era of cooperation? In a sign of historic times, back in 2014 the New Yalu River Bridge was completed although ironically there are no road connections on the North Korean side. While the bridge is only wide enough for a single lane of traffic and one rail line, it is an iconic link between China and North Korea. If the US government is able to secure a historic agreement which would see North Korea publicly disassemble its nuclear arsenal, surely trade agreements with the US would follow? If a peace treaty was signed between North Korea, the US and South Korea, the South Korean border would likely open but Dandong still presents a very interesting route through China into North Korea.

There has never been a more iconic balance of the risk reward ratio payday loans online bad credit than when looking to invest in property which could directly benefit from North Korea coming in from the economic cold. Dandong property prices have for some time underperformed similar sized cities across China although things may be changing. There is already the making of an infrastructure link between China and North Korea and many businesses will be literally falling over themselves to secure a presence in the area.

Even during his relatively short time in office we know that nothing is ever straightforward with Donald Trump, but his gung ho approach to the North Korean problem seems, although we say this quietly, to be working. While Hong Kong is now under the stewardship of China as a special administrative region it looks as though Hong Kong property assets are benefiting from problems within China.

A recent report by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority confirmed that demand for new mortgage loans has been extremely strong and there is a growing appetite for Hong Kong property. This may surprise many people, especially when you consider the close relationship with China, although Hong Kong is proving a very useful tool for investors.

Even though the number of applications remained fairly steady at 9,900 per month, it does seem as though investors are more willing to invest in Hong Kong property than mainland China. This would seem to indicate there is a better quality of mortgage application across Hong Kong when compared to other countries american payday loan get loans now around the world. When you consider that the one-month Hong Kong Interbank offered rate now stands at 0. There is significant profit margin for the banks to play with and while Hong Kong is effectively part of China let us not forget it is a very different animal with regards to culture and economy.

Data also confirmed that due to planning for the future there will be a supply line for 93,000 new flats cash advance direct lender in the next 3 to 4 years. When you bear in mind the issues that the UK government has experienced in keeping up with new build demand, the Hong Kong authorities are showing their UK counterparts how it is done! It is very interesting to see that the main reasons why Hong Kong property is so popular at the moment are simply more people are living longer and the so-called younger generation are looking to live independently of their parents. These are very traditional reasons for strong property markets and when you also take into account relatively low interest rates it is not difficult to see this trend continuing for the foreseeable future.

As we touched on above, there also seems to be some benefit from a weakened Yuan with some investors now specifically looking for Hong Kong dollar denominated property assets. It will be interesting to see where this particular trend goes in the short to medium term because with underlying problems in China, although things are starting to improve, perhaps we could see more people switching to Hong Kong?

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When Hong Kong came under the rule of the Chinese authorities there were many in the financial markets who expressed concern about the long-term prospects. There was focus on Chinese human rights issues, the closed shop approach to some parts of the economy and general concerns about how focused economic decisions would be on Hong Kong. Just short term loan companies a few months ago we started to see a reduction in economic growth across China, property prices began to stagnate and investors started to look elsewhere. Over the last few weeks we have seen a significant reduction in demand for Hong Kong property with many putting this down to online payday loans direct lenders only the domino effect from the Chinese economic downturn. While this would seem to be rather excessive it is based on the so-called affordability factor which investors are starting to take notice of.

What seems to make sense in theory does not always make sense in practice although it is certainly a different angle from that seen in the past! It goes without saying that property developers do best when markets are buoyant, demand is high and prices are rising.

This encourages forwardthinking by real estate developers and adds significant structure to markets.

If the tide is turning and demand is falling this could be the start of a correction which would obviously impact the profitability of online payday loans direct lenders only property developers with exposure to the area. There is also the danger that investors could start to panic and withdraw funds from real estate investment trusts.

While statistics are obviously important when valuing any investment market a major element which is often overlooked is investor sentiment. In secured personal loan rates the good times property developers have no problem acquiring debt to finance their future developments. When there is significant demand it is fairly easy to project cash flow going forward which will online payday loans direct lenders only cover interest and capital repayments on debt. Indeed, we have seen many developers creating much sought after real estate assets and selling them on for a significant return. However, many developers in the Hong Kong region have racked up large debts in recent times and there could be trouble brewing.