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There are actual mechanical things you can learn to do that will make you more charismatic.

Networking is first and foremost about building relationships. Now, not all people in your network are personal friends of yours. And we only engage in professional ways but we have a relationship. Most of us think of networking as again, I need a job or I need something. He looks at it as the network is an extension of himself. And if that relationship is in place now I have access to it. Thinking about how it is an extension of what I am capable of doing, of what I know, of what I can offer.

Would love to know though, on a tactical level, how am I supposed to go out and build my network?

Long gone are the days of Thursday afternoon happy hours at the local hotel and everyone just standing around awkwardly. So how on a tactical level does somebody go out and really begin building their network?

And this is one of the silver linings in the pandemic. If you met someone today and you run into them a year from now and then run into them again payday loans by text two years from now, that calendar time is two years. Even after six, eight weeks, your calendar online payday loans colorado time might be short but that wall clock time was much bigger.

So we want to think about building both calendar time and wall clock time.

Now, this is where we get the silver lining in the pandemic. Keith Ferrazzi in his book talks about health, wealth and children.

Everyone cares about health and certainly health issues are top of mind for direct lender payday advance everyone. Hey, I saw you changed jobs, or how are things going?

I know a lot of companies in your field are struggling.

I was just reading an article about high school soccer players.

You can always find that type of article and use that as an excuse to reach out. One of the things that I found has fast online cash loans helped me to become a better networker is to focus on helping other people connect. I know that me making that connection myself was important. It builds social goodwill with other people by connecting them. Can you talk a little bit about the benefits of being a connector and making introductions and how that factors into networking? And the first … This is another great way to network. Every time I meet someone I think, how can I help you? Because psychologically we have this concept of reciprocity. If I have gone and helped you, you are more likely to want to help me. I really think of networking as karmic and I go out and try to help others and it does come back to you. Now the second topic you brought up by connecting people, this is the easiest win-win. They had to interview and really present themselves well but they know you opened the door.

You just did two favors, doubled your impact with just a couple minutes of an introduction.

And we use the example of jobs but this could be connecting people to suppliers, this could be of course in our personal lives where you set two people up, they get married for the rest of their lives.

So introducing people to each other will simply connect them and give you the goodwill for it. We understand the concept of network effects and there you go. Back in the before times when we could actually see each other, I used to host a lot of events. I used to have a party at my house roughly every other month. And what this did is it brought together people from different parts of my life and helped them get to know each other. There are a few children who came out of that but there were also some business dealings and partnerships that came out of that. It could be … I used to do large Halloween parties. Now I get to reach out to all these interesting people. Before we wrap up this part of our discussion do you have any other power tips?

Any other little quick actionable things that you would like to share that anybody who is new to networking or really wants to hone their skills can start doing immediately? You can use the business card to get out of the conversation. Two, business cards are great just for that serendipity. I also have them in every jacket pocket in every suit, every spots coat. You order them online or whatever and you get online payday loans colorado the big ole box. There are a lot of people in our community who are. Maybe they have a couple hires and they need to start managing direct reports for the first time. All of us can lead at times and corporate payday loans in tuscaloosa al America has said, as I mentioned earlier, these are skills they want to see. So no matter who you are, no matter where you are in your career, these skills will apply to you. Now you asked the question of leadership versus management. The best succinct description I ever heard was no one ever managed men into battle. And if you think about it, you kind of start to get a sense of it. Really I distinguish the two between leadership is about convincing people to move towards a change state. And you convince online payday loans colorado people by influence that we should work together to do personal loans com reviews this. Ultimately the essence of management is making sure the right people have the right conversations at the right time. And I think a lot of us want to be leaders but at the end of the day, we find ourselves being managers. We find ourselves focusing on the we need to get this done, we need to get this done, we have a deadline for that. A lot of that is organizational skills and paying attention.

So talk to us a little bit about how we can become better leaders. How can we convince people to put their life on the line and run into battle? Mark:Leadership is absolutely a skill you can learn. And sure, some people are more natural leaders just like some people are more naturally athletic or more talented at singing. And you raised an important point which is that I distinguish the two partially because of my academic background and partially because I look at and get to really the fundamental pieces of both and so I want to focus on each piece as I describe in the book. But I would say one online payday loans colorado of the most important things we can do as a leader is listen. Listen to what their needs cash advance jackson mi are and how do you align your goal to their needs? And again, same way with negotiation, our classic concept is negotiation is beating up the other person and staring them down and hard nosed. And one of the reasons I put all these different topics together is because as you point out, they all help each other.

And so better leaders know how to negotiate and better negotiators know how to communicate and better communicators understand how to manage. But in fact, good negotiators, they see each other as a partner.

I am not negotiating against you, I am negotiating with you. The leader is, we together are going to build something that we all benefit from and you have to see it as a group where the other people are in some ways equal to you.

These are all skills that can be learned for more effective leadership. I wanted to ask more about your app that you mentioned earlier. I would just love to know more about that and how that can help us just become even better in our personal and professional lives.

If you want to do that you already have Kindle, just use that. The book is for you to learn and be more effective. So I was thinking, how can we make this more effective? And we know from teaching one of the most powerful tools is space repetition which is a fancy name for look back at it a couple days later. You read it, go back to the book a few online payday loans colorado days later, look again before the test. And I mentioned earlier, I was head of a digital media company. It has to move beyond that and be an experience where the user can access the content when and where they want. If you think about the biggest fiction movies … Think about Harry Potter.

And I drew up … This goes again to all that prior experience. My experience at this company, my experience teaching. And what really surprised me, I did not intend to build this app. So I patented the technology and then built it as a white label app. Often there is so much power in ideas that seem simple but nobody has taken the initiative and put forth the effort to do it yet.

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Okay, we are getting towards the end of the show so I want to jump into our final segment that we call four more. So Mark, what was your very first or your very worst job and what lessons did you take from it that you still put into practice today? Mark:I had a series of very bad summer internships. But what I realized, took me a couple of years to figure this out, is that I was missing an opportunity. If you get your work done in five hours instead of eight, what do you do with those three hours?

It is an opportunity, not a limitation if you look at it that way.

If your whole organization is just a little better at communicating or leading or has a slightly online payday loans colorado bigger network, it will help everyone in the organization and when you try to learn these skills they are learned in a different way than how we traditionally learned. If you think back to college and you learned marketing or you learned finance or whatever you were studying, it was that lecture mode. And so the best way to learn them is to get multiple perspectives. If you look at how business schools teach this, they do it through case studies, they do it through group discussion.

They get lots of people from different backgrounds and they talk about it as a class. You can replicate that without spending business school tuition. As you undertake learning these skills, do so with other people. Do so with your friends, do so with your peers at work, do so with your coworkers.

Whatever is the appropriate group, do it as a group and get that diverse set of opinions. And I have a feeling this is going to be an easy one for you. You mentioned Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore.

You mentioned The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane. I would say Talking 9 to 5 by Deborah Tannen was really insightful in how people communicate and particularly gender communications at work.

And I do reference some of her research in the leadership chapter and I talk about the double bind women face.

She gets into much more subtle and complex and larger issues in her book. Here is the fourth question which is my fun favorite one Mark. Curious to know what is something along the way in either your personal or professional life that you have splurged on that was totally and entirely worth it? A number of years ago I started wearing French cuff shirts. So my girlfriend at the time who got them for me, she bought me … I believe it was an MIT set of cuff links as my first cuff links. The standard, the knot, the square stuff that you find in any department store.