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Colorado Investors - does anyone have any experience owning a Quarter share or Half share of a condo near the ski resorts?

Hi BiggerPockets family,I recently joined BP and this online payday loans alabama is my first post in the forums. My wife and I live down in Castle Rock and we have been thinking through some different ways that we can jump into real estate online payday loans alabama investing. I am looking to purchase a 4 plex using my VA loan in Colorado. I would like to stay around Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo or at least within an hour of online payday loans alabama one of the cities. Expanding my search to the entire Four Corners area. I may be purchasing a property that comes with 2 lots zoned R1. Hi everyone,I am closing on a lot in Pueblo that is zoned for a duplex. I am considering having a modular duplex built on the property and would like to know if anyone has recommendations or experience with a modular... Hello all, I am looking to invest in the Denver area. My lease is ending in a few months, so I am looking in to buying a property with the thought of living in it for 1-2 years and then starting to rent it out. Hi All, My girlfriend and I are looking to get started in real estate investing and are pursuing our options through duplexes. We will move sometime between 15JUN2021 and 20AUG2021. Hi All, My girlfriend and I are looking to get started in real estate investing and are pursuing our options through duplexes. Hi all,There easy loans online no credit check is a property in New Britain, CT that we are interested in. Hello All,I am your textbook case of someone who has studied real estate investing but has never done anything.

Recently, I have been asking myself why the hold up?

Just had to let my attorney "go", If anyone has a referral to an attorney who responds to his clients at the very least within 24 hrs. My tenants want to buy my house at the end of the lease. They are going through the steps of getting financing I was wondering how to go about selling without getting my relator involved? We are looking to convert three of the oversized garages to a multifamily residence....

I work as a Nurse Practitioner, he works as a manager of sustainability for a large company.

I am very impressed with the experienced professionals here and am glad that I stumbled upon this site. I am a seasoned real estate attorney and enjoy not only practicing law... What sort of bank financing is available in these areas? Wanna know if it precludes suing a tenant in small claims for unpaid rent, who has NOT yet been evicted?

Of course we cannot file eviction yet, because of the eviction moratorium.

I am interested in investing in a multifamily in the Norwich area. I am wondering if its a mistake to A: select a town with such high taxes, and B: selecting a duplex instead of saving a bit more and purchasing a three...

Here we go with a fun challenge- I think New Britain has appreciated so much that duplexes that are not owner-occupied are just not worth it. This town, which is made of mostly rental properties has grown so much in... What should I be looking for when doing a walk through of these properties.

Hello,I am looking to do a BRRRR deal in Connecticut and looking to see how you guys approach estimating rehab costs on a property. I have come across a few BRRRR deals and have tried estimating the rehab costs myself,... I graduated as a civil engineer last year, but I am currently in graduate school. I would like to use at least 25K-30K for an investment property.

Do your taxes in CT go up if you finish your basement, especially if it has a walkout or if you add a legal bedroom or bathroom? Idea of this is to have all CT investors, agents, lenders, accountants, attorneys etc. I own 1 rental property in Connecticut and I am looking to expand my knowledge so I can continue on and eventually invest in more rental properties. I need some guidance on where to get started and steps to take to get... I have been searching for ways to gain some financial freedom in my life and have recently decided I want to use real estate investing to do so. Hi Guys,I have a rental property in Wilmington Delaware. Recently I am getting a ton www cash loans of water leakage from the basement door and other areas whenever there is rain. Do you guys know a contractor or company which can... Hi Guys,I have a rental property in Wilmington Delaware.

There are some issues with the basement door and would like to get 1 or 2 handyman whom you guys use in Delaware for ongoing issues and repair.

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Buyan Hi Guys,I have a rental property in Wilmington Delaware which is coming up for rent in December.

Is there a good property management company you guys can recommend for properties in Delaware?

Unfortunately mother nature has taken claim of our first BRRRR property and decided I needed to replace my roof. I have been renting out rooms separately to tenants since 2018.

One tenant is moving direct lenders for bad credit installment loans out next month, and I have received many rental applications for that room.

Currently a resident in DE and looking to get into real estate. Hi Guys,I have been hearing the concept of group investing where 4 to 5 people pool money like 20k to 25k a year and purchase a property every year with a group.

I think it is like an investment company with small...

Hi Guys,I am looking at some turnkey properties in deep south like Missouri, Alabama and other areas. Can you recommend a good book on evaluating properties and locations on turnkey areas? Hello everyone, I am in Delaware and have flipped 6 homes, all successfully, since I began flipping in 2015. They have all been funded with personal cash, except for the last one on which I drew on a personal HELOC.... I am out-of-state but looking to buy a long-term buy and hold in Elsmere. I am looking to invest in Delaware as an out of state investor looking for SFR to buy and hold. Greetings everyone, I am looking for advice to potentially purchase my first rental property.

I currently live in a condo that I have a mortgage on and recently found another condo down the street from were I live that... I live in Delaware County and am mostly interested in New Castle County Delaware.... Hi Guys,I purchased my first property in Red school district in Delaware which turned out good. I am now looking for the second property in PA for a single family or townhome around 250k where I can get rent with no... This would be my first investment, and I live in New Orleans, so it... I got renewal quotes on 2 of my investment properties in Tampa this week. I have been interested in starting my journey as a real estate investor. Wanted start networking and see if anyone has done the strategy I am looking into and hear there stories. Good evening investors, I live in northern Palm Beach County, Florida and was wondering if anyone could give insight on THE BEST property management company in my area.

Hey there-Doesanyone have a home inspector they would recommend in Bradenton? Iwouldnt think that there is much of a difference between an investorfriendly home inspector vs a retail home inspector but I thought... Anyone in the Central Florida that is thinking of selling a property? It seems that the rental demand in Florida has grown since many people have been flocking to this state for the sunshine and... I have owned some vacant online payday loans alabama land for many years in Tennessee, which I would like to sell. My question is: Do I have to notify my Florida broker about this or may I just proceed to... Hello,I had a question regarding a judgment lien against a homestead property. I live in CA and am looking for some out-of-state property. I am currently looking for mostly SFH around FL, especially around Tampa,St. My sister lives out of state and california installment loans has a couple of rental properties.

She unintentionally let her insurance policy lapse and would like to add it back but her agent said her company is not writing new business right... Got a list of 4 potential properties, I checked the county records, drove by the houses, compared the value of other... Looking to purchase my investment property in Florida and was wondering where the best markets are right now.. My idea is to buy and hold for 3-5 years, renting long-term in the meantime and hopefully get...

I live outside of Flordia, and am thinking of investing in a Duplex in the Poinciana area, especially around Palmetto St. Hello everyone, I am a online payday loans alabama newbie and so excited to be here on this site!!! I am in my 2nd Condo, rehabbed the first, lived there a long time and did well on resale payday loans fort wayne several years ago, now I live in a condo and I will be... Thinking to buy a SFH in Port St Lucie as a rental and was looking for some thoughts from people with experience:- would it make sense to buy a new house as a rental?