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And I contributed to my Roth IRA in the beginning of the year. What happens if all of a sudden I make more money than I thought I was going to, but I already contributed to my Roth? Brandon:Yeah, I would look into that obviously before April 15th.

But even, maybe look into it before the end of the calendar year, just to see if you need to undo some of those contributions. So as we said, front-loading, I would front-load my 401k every year. Same with the HSA, because those were things that I knew I could contribute up to a certain amount.

As far as IRAs, back when I was able to contribute to IRAs, I would always do that as I was filing my taxes.

Brandon:And for me, it was always minimizing hassle was a very big motivating factor. Then that made me not front-load those accounts, even though mathematically, it would have made sense to do so. So yeah, just, if you have somebody to talk to you, you can talk to. I also put… Yeah and these are the maximum optimal levels. But then I also want to retire early and I know that normal retirement is a part of early retirement. Do you have any thoughts fundamentally on how to build that wealth? So the Roth IRA is actually really good for that because you can withdraw contributions at any time penalty and tax free because you already paid taxes on that money.

Brandon:So for me 1 hour cash advance personally, I would max out my 401k up to the match. And if you are planning for standard retirement, like I suggest when standard retirement is contained within early retirement, your medical expenses could increase when you get older. Brandon:So then I would max out the rest of my 401k.

And my last job of my career, I worked for a non-profit university. So now you can make decisions that are not based on money.

So going the traditional route allowed me to get there quicker because I thought that I could then do the long Roth conversions over my early retirement and then potentially not have to pay tax on any way. Brandon:So I would just put the rest into my taxable accounts. And like I said, I what is a secured personal loan want no hassle and less complexity. So you just said take the match first, take the HSA, then max the 401k.

What you just said, I think, is impractical for that. Nowhere in that three step process, is there a Roth contribution. Do you just go as far as you can quick cash now in that 401k and figure it out the rest of the way? If you have some money leftover, then the HSA is a great place to put it.

Obviously finding ways to increase income is great, but many people are strapped with time and ability to increase income. Just think of like all these different buckets and when one fills up, then you move to the next bucket and you can keep filling that up and move to the next bucket.

So this is where I get a little controversial with some folks. But when I started out in my career, I did not contribute to retirement accounts.

And I saw that I took my match, my 401k match, like you say, at the company. But I did not contribute a cent to retirement accounts other than my Roth for the reasons kind of we just highlighted. And then the rest in my savings account and used that to buy a duplex where I lived in half and rented out the other half. That was, I think, a really appropriate step for me at that point in time because the ROI on that house hack was way than all of the ROIs with market investments inside these retirement accounts. Scott:After a year or two though, I was able to then have enough cash where I could do both.

I could begin taking advantage of the retirement accounts and I slowly stepped up my contributions over those years and began maxing those contributions out over time. Brandon:So in that case, if I was you back in your early days when you were just starting out, then yeah.

So yeah, again, it definitely boils down to personal. I am going to look into that because I had a really good year this year and I want to take advantage of that. Hey Scott, this is your job too, you should know about this. Find the most advantageous ways to do that loan comparison calculator for you, and then invest the surplus optimally. That can mean completely different things for different people. The retirement accounts in general may not be right for you. If they are, then the backdoor Roth may not be applicable. These are just little tweaks icing on the cake if you are wanting to really optimize and get geeky with it.

Yeah, the important thing is just spending less than you earn and investing online loans for no credit the rest somehow. Brandon:Actually, a buddy of mine just got in touch and asked if he should take a home equity line of credit to replace this roof or take it out of his 401k. I was like, I would do the HELOC with the interest rates the way they are. Anyway, so yeah, those are the only two things I would say as a non-real estate investor, and as someone who has never taken money out. No, my opinion, never use short-term debt to finance a long-term investment.

A HELOC or a 401k loan are going to be typically short-term loans.

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When you have that, you should never think of it as more than a two or five-year loan.

That is going to result in cash flow or liquidity problems for you if things are tight. I think I agree with your assessment, that the HELOC is probably the first place to look, the better place to look, rather than the 401k, because the opportunity cost is need money quick lower. I had a HELOC, and I took a 401k loan in September 2019 because I was buying a house.

It has appreciated exponentially since we bought it. I took it out in September, and then I put it back in April. I thought you got real lucky there, that sounded like from your timeframe. I took the 401k loan because it was such a smoking hot deal on this house. The online loans for no credit gains on that house are going to more than make up for whatever I missed out on for those six months not being in the market. Mindy:Any loan that I am making a payment to, I am making a payment with after-tax dollars.

Yeah, we skied and traveled around the mountains of the US for a month. We got back, and we were so thankful that all the COVID stuff waited a month to really kick off. Can you please let people know where they can find you? I have no photos or videos up there, and I only found out about it five years after setting it up. All of the articles that you mentioned will be linked to our show notes, which can be found at biggerpockets.

Brandon, again, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy retirement, your busy, locked-down retirement making synthesizer music, to talk to us about the retirement accounts that are available for people who may want to retire early. This was super helpful, and I know people are going to get a lot out of it, so thank you. Mindy:Okay, Scott, that was Brandon, the mad scientist who is always a delight to talk to. I mean, I knew in advance the questions I was going to ask him because I prepare those questions every week. All you can do are make some reasonable, big, high-level guesses around how you want your life and your situation to develop, and then make a reasonable allocation along those lines rather than blindly pursue perfection at an extreme cost of your finances today. Brandon and I can be sub-optimal mathematically in our allocations in how we set up these retirement accounts and still be right in the sense that our net worth is growing, and financial freedom, and a position of financial freedom, and then abundance is created and sustained. The purpose of this episode was to introduce you to the concept.

This is what we do every single week, and we still, neither one of us has made a mega backdoor Roth contribution. I online loans for no credit blew through my income projections and now I might not be eligible for a Roth IRA contribution, which again is a good problem to have. With this mega backdoor Roth option, I can go in and throw even more money in there.

I would rather be in the position of having a good income, a high savings rate, control over my expenses, a six plus month emergency fund, a house hack or two, or a live in flip or two under my belt, and a surplus, and have contributed for years to retirement accounts and build a sizable position and not have optimized it than the reverse that has started with the optimization of the retirement accounts and not have the other fundamentals in place.

Again, while I have plenty of work to do at home, assigned by the mad scientist today for my personal financial position, I can also rest easy feeling like a lot of the other bases have been covered from a personal finance perspective. I do think that again, it all needs to be taken in the context of get the fundamentals right first and then layer these in as a focus. These are things that you need to know, and we want to help you get to that point. Mindy:I want to plug our new Friday episode, Scott. Scott and I have decided that, yeah, personal finance is personal, and we want to help you personally with your finances. If you have a question, if you would like us to review your finances, we need a bit of information from you, but you can fill out the form at biggerpockets. We would love to review your finances and see what tweaks you can make to optimize your finances further. Everybody so far has had a different problem within their personal finances, or a different opportunity, or a different leverage online loans for no credit point along the funnel.

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