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This is a real estate market which was to all intents and purposes an irrelevance for many investors then suddenly at the turn-of-the-century funds began to flow in. The economy was booming, expats were flocking to the region and this fed an already inflated Dubai real estate market. Then suddenly, lend money as the US mortgage crisis lurched from bad to worse, we saw a wobble in confidence which no telecheck payday loans led to a mass exit from the Dubai property market. There have been many reviews of this sudden collapse over the years, many experts have had their say and all kinds of reasons have been put forward for the fall. However, the vital question remains, have the Dubai authorities learned their lesson? If there was one element of the 2008 Dubai property market crash which stood out like a beacon it was the reckless lending from financial institutions in the region. We saw investors ploughing money into assets which were already overvalued without any warning or any advice from the financial institutions of Dubai. It seemed obvious this was an accident waiting to happen and while the initial wobble in the worldwide real estate market, and worldwide economy, seem to feed the Dubai real estate dream this very quickly turned into a nightmare.

As expected, once we heard news of a major financial institution beginning to struggle in Dubai this drained the confidence from the market, investors cashed in their chips and prices began to plummet. The authorities were slow to react and very quickly the situation was no telecheck payday loans out of control with many banks and financial backers left with assets worth a fraction of their recent highs. One of the main problems microloan with the Dubai real estate market was the fact that there were no real controls on investment and the financial market was basically a free for all.

However, over the last few years we have seen the introduction of a regulatory structure similar to that in Europe and other parts of the world, restrictions on lending and subtle economic levers being pulled by the Dubai authorities. These subtle warnings of potential problems have caused some investors to think twice while others remain eternally upbeat on the Dubai property market.

We can expect the introduction of more regulations, more guidance and more direct action by the Dubai authorities if they see the market overheating and a potential crash on the horizon. This has given many investors greater confidence in the region, with safeguards now in place, although no investment market is totally risk-free.

At the turn-of-the-century we saw a massive increase in overseas investment in the Dubai real estate market. The payday installment loans no credit no telecheck payday loans check government was happy to let investors dictate the short to medium term direction of the markets, financial institutions were falling over themselves to provide cold hard cash and demand for property continued to rise. Many, rather foolishly, believed that this could go on for ever and a day even in light of the worldwide economic downturn which began in 2008. Initially some investors had even suggested Dubai was something of a safe haven during the worst economic downturn since the great crash. This new-found no telecheck payday loans confidence was shown to be badly misplaced as the first wobble in the Dubai financial sector very quickly led to investors cashing in their chips at any price. While it would be wrong to suggest there is no work to do and everything is finished, it would also be wrong to suggest that the Dubai authorities have not learned their lesson from the 2008 crash. Whether investors have learned from the downturn remains to be seen! Over the last few months we have seen many experts step forward to suggest that the Dubai property market is running out of control, overvalued and could potentially fall in the short to medium term. During this period investors continued to pour enormous amounts of money into the Dubai real estate market although this week the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stepped forward to suggest that Dubai officials need to do more to avert a crash These are the kind of voices which investors should take notice of because the IMF does not issue such downbeat and potentially harmful statements without due consideration. These are the type of statements which can payday loans in killeen tx cause confusion and mayhem in the markets but will investors be listening and are they taking notice? If there is one element of a buoyant real estate market which comes to the fore time and time again it has to be the flipping of properties. This is effectively short-term investment in real estate assets with the intention of selling on for a significant profit and walking away. Over the last 12 months we have seen a troubling rise in the number of properties being flipped which illustrates there is excessive demand and limited supply. How you see the market performing in the short, medium and long-term and what will be the major influences? The Dubai authorities were emergency loan represented at the IMF meeting although unfortunately they were unable or unwilling to give a statement after the announcement.

While the 2008 real estate crash cast a dark shadow over Dubai for a couple of years, there is no doubt that the market and investors have come back fighting. The situation is different to 2008, there are more controls in place and the economy has much firmer foundations than that back in 2008.

However, the IMF believes that the Dubai authorities need to introduce strict financial controls in the short to medium term and look towards the regulatory model used in Singapore and Hong Kong to dampen investment in their real estate markets.

At some point investors will begin to take a profit on their Dubai assets, what begins as a trickle could loans now very soon payday loans in monroe la turn into a strong wave and this is something which the authorities need to avoid at all costs.

While boom and bust is a necessary part of any investment market, it is vital that the highs and lows are controlled as much as possible in order to avoid investors being wiped out. We will likely look back at the Dubai property market in years to come as an example of how markets can appear from nowhere, rise to unprecedented highs, collapse on the back of a worldwide economic downturn and then return to favour. This is not your stereotypical online money loans real estate market but figures released this week seem to suggest that while many still consider Dubai to be an emerging real estate market, is it perhaps moving onto the next stage? Before we look at the recent data it is worth noting that while there is still economic uncertainty around the world, especially across Europe, the Dubai property market is performing admirably. Despite repeated concerns of a forthcoming collapse this has yet to materialise and many now believe the move from an emerging market to a mature market has been completed. This comes at a time when prices have been a little soft although they are now starting to harden as long-term investors begin to descend upon the region. By far and away the most popular areas of Dubai are the Business Bay and Dubai Marina although it has to be said that significant investment is also spread across other parts of the region. In many ways it is this transparent data which is giving investors more confidence in the longer term together with recent regulatory changes which have gone some way to averting the enormous boom and bust phases of years gone by. In order for any real estate market to attract medium to long-term investors, as opposed to those looking for a short-term profit, there needs to be confidence in the region, confidence in the quality of property available and perhaps more importantly, confidence in the regulators.

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If you take these points in isolation it does look as though all of the boxes have been ticked which is perhaps one of the main reasons why there has been some support for the region. The transition from a short-term speculative hotspot to a mature long-term real estate market with attractive rents and potential capital growth does take time. As history shows, there have been difficult times during this crossover period although in reality the Dubai authorities have perhaps handled the situation better than many give them credit for? There is no doubt that the Dubai real estate market is a very different animal today compared to the one at the turn-of-the-century and in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 US mortgage crisis which decimated the worldwide economy. The move from a speculative short-term investment no telecheck payday loans arena to a more mature investment market offering stable long-term rental income as well as potential capital growth has not gone unnoticed by long-term investors. While the recent performance figures for Dubai real estate do not make impressive reading whichever way you look at them, there is some debate as to whether the Dubai real estate market is deflating or collapsing. The headline figures do not make good no telecheck payday loans reading for the Dubai property market of that there is no doubt. There is the best payday loans continued downward pressure on not only property prices but also rental income which is playing into the hands of buyers and those looking to rent but they do not seem to be in a rush to commit. While the headlines will no doubt suggest that the Dubai property market is on the edge of a cliff looking down, the fact remains that we are yet to see a major sell off which is a traditional pattern for markets in freefall. There is now more control, more of a regulatory structure and indeed this has translated into renewed confidence for investors. However, it is easy to forget that against a difficult worldwide economic backdrop there are very few markets which will outperform significantly in the short term.

Prior to the ongoing correction the Dubai property market had performed relatively well especially when compared to the other major property markets. Dubai is seen as a luxury real estate market in the eyes of many investors and it is not difficult to see why.