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Goes on a tirade and says slanderous statements and passing misinformation to mislead the consumers YOU.

Again Ben Marine is NOT my client but he has a lot to say what he has to say is a lot of misinformation and false accusations. The Statue that Ben Marine quoted is if your lending on owner occupied properties I DO NOT LEND ON OWNER OCCUPIED PROPERTIES. Ben Marine is NOT an attorney but he is giving legal advice and interpreting the law and misleading the public. Our attorneys have reviewed all guidelines and laws for each state and we comply with States and Federal laws.

To sit and call a company a SCAM when you have absolutely NO dealings NO knowledge of no employment verification payday loan the company is beyond my comprehension. We are far from a SCAM we pride ourselves on communication, transparency and integrity It was kind of humorous that we were called a boiler room we are far from a boiler room. I guess all the large corporations with large staffs are also boiler rooms. Also Ben Marine mentioned about the upfront fee we are NOT a mortgage broker rules are applying for a loan online different and they do not apply. We only do loans for business purposes All fees collected upfront excluding all 3rd party fees are credited back at closing. Then you have Moses Jean adding fuel to Ben Marine fire Moses Jean do you remember your loan was APPROVED you failed to comply and get us the information that we needed. So the fact that you did not want loan quick to get us the information on you partner which we needed as part of the loan and the loan conditions is our fault.

The fact that Moses Jean you failed to be forthright and honest from the beginning.

But we were still willing to close your loan all you need to do is get us the information that our underwriters were requesting.

To the people that sees this forum and question the credibility of of Xpress Loans 911 We are HIGH VOLUME company there is a handful of customers that want to slander the hard work and our great reputation our reputation is the proof of getting you to the closing table.

When your doing high volume it is totally bad credit loans florida impossible to please everyone. Also if you want to listen to a few people and the majority is NOT even our customers that is your choice there is NOT 1 company that can make advanced cash every customer happy.

We have well over 1000 feedbacks that are 5 star rating Our goal is to build the relationship and to help you build your portfolio.

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At Xpress Loans 911 We pride ourselves in our ability to provide industry leading investor financing paired with a great customer service how to get a loan from the bank experience.

We always strive to be transparent in our programs, process, and fees. I am about to buy our investment property in Round Rock, TX. Since the Electricity market here is open, there are lot of companies to choose from. HelloMy mom purchased a timeshare awhile back- no longer uses it. I am in the middle of a purchase that includes a SFH along with a duplex and 45 garages. Im curious to learn if anyone has ever purchased a more than one home in a deal and BRRRRed out another property in the deal? Hello BP, Im no employment verification payday loan looking for a market to do a bit of research on, to try and start doing the brrrr method.

Also what brrrr markets do you think have been the least effected by covid? Thanks Are there lenders that base your down payment on the APPRAISED value rather than the PURCHASE price???

I have significant equity in a Vacation Rental Property. The property is held in an LLC for tax and liability purposes. I am told by lenders that the only way to access the equity is to switch the property into my... I have formed a list of people I could see helping me make this.

I was told by a realtor that it is difficult to find lenders for investment properties(conventional loans) due to pandemic. I am looking at an off-market property that would not qualify for conventional funding. We also have an LLC with a rental and just took a fix and flip loan and applied for a 30 year loan. So this is my first time posting, so forgive me if I miss certain criteria you would necessary for advice. Recently my grandfather retired from his rental business no employment verification payday loan and gave me a few houses. Curious to hear numbers on partnership if this was done. Curious to hear numbers on partnership if this was done. Closed on first two BRRRR deals- looking for lender , any recommendations of someone who can do lower loan amounts without seasoning.

So should you update or upgrade your apartment building to get ready for sale? This is a can be a tricky decision to make because there are several factors involved. If you just want your building to look pretty again... Want to get your business in front of people that are local to you? Sitting at a baseball or soccer stadium and have your cash installment loans no credit check ad go directly to their phone!

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The owner wants a portion of the earnest money deemed non-refundable. Has anyone used Thomas Management, LLC to find their deals? I created an enity and am looking to create credit for this enity. Do you guys sign up for a Duns and Bradstreet number. We have had our first rental property for 6 months now. Hi BP Landlords and Investors,Got a quick question for you!

I am trying the BRRR strategy on a 7 Unit apartment.

My partner and I bought the apartment complex with cash. Hi BP Landlords and Investors,Got a quick question for you! A couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) move in together and sign lease Jul 2015. Hi BP,I created a Solo 401K a year and a half ago and bought an 8 unit property with it.

The returns are good but I am looking to fund other Real Estate deals through my Solo 401K for 6-12 months. Whats truly unique about our service is the once a lead hits our system, depending on... CLICK HERE to see the grade that this neighborhood got. So hot many of these the ink is yet to dry on the deeds! All spacious with 2 beds and 1 bath and basement storage.

We are Liquidating our current inventory far below market value, ALL Offers Considered. Strong Discounts for buying in bulk however, cherry picking is allowed.

I bought and closed on my first property (6 units) in Nov. And now I am looking to close on a 2nd property (6 units) in April. I bought and funded the rehab on the 2nd property with cash for...

My group is very active in the Arizona market, doing anywhere from 6-10 wholesale deals per month. I am currently in the process of getting a 6 unit apartment complex in Ohio and starting to try to get some quotes from several different insurance companies. Please comment if you have done deals with them or have any experience with them. I can do some no employment verification payday loan digging on them, but I thought I would ask here first. TERRIBLE COMPANY THEY WILL KEEP YOUR COMMITMENT FEE AND NOT FIND YOU A LOAN!!!! Actionable advice for getting started,Discover the 10 Most Lucrative Real Estate Niches,Learn how to get started with or without money,Explore Real-Life Strategies for Building Wealth,And a LOT more.

Sign up below to download the eBook for FREE today! They are looking for an upfront fee that gets me wiery, Any feedback would be appreciated. Actionable advice for getting started,no employment verification payday loan Discover the 10 Most Lucrative Real Estate Niches,Learn how to get started with or without money,Explore Real-Life Strategies for Building Wealth,And a LOT more.

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TERRIBLE COMPANY THEY WILL KEEP YOUR COMMITMENT FEE AND NOT FIND YOU A LOAN!!!! I am shocked that a company called Xpress loans 911 is a scam. I know the market has been pretty hot overall this past year.

With that said, wanting to know if there are areas within the US where investors are still buying, cautiously buying or waiting for... I am aware that different markets tax usa cash loans at higher or lower rates. Just filed for C corp Status and look to convert to S corp in the next few days for my property management business focusing on Co-hosting and Rental Arbitrage.

I feel lost because I am having trouble opening a... I have a few questions regarding how you determine your "Buy Price. The goal is to purchase more properties over the years mainly... Hello need a fast loan BP family - my husband and I are looking for some advice on whether we should buy our own home in Southern California (specifically Orange County) or whether we keep paying rent and invest out of state to build... This post is about Joe McCall and his course, coaching, and programs, it will be a detailed review with my own experience being apart of his Course and Programs... If you were in the same shoes I was when I attended... I just spent 3 days at a Fortune Builders seminar as a newbie.

Highlights:Forming my LLC in Nevada because of the stronger...

Our 90 lot new construction project in Canby Oregon has really cash now advance blossomed. This project was brought to us through networking with other developers and real estate brokers. Hello all,I own a townhome in Boulder, CO that I started renting out last December in order to come to Denver, which is closer to work.

I purchased my first real rental this instant loan lenders weekend and it has a terrible cat urine smell throughout the house. I am have ripped up the carpet, and padding to find old linoleum flooring on top of the subfloor. I have to think of something for the Something Trying to find a great experience with one long term service for my flip constructions, which one has better discounts or deals, Home Depot or Lowes? I was listening to show 441 of the BiggerPockets podcast yesterday on my way to work and was blown away by a strategy mentioned by Hakeem Valles.