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Then we sold it, two and a half years later, whatever, for … It was 380,000. The people who bought it from us now, two years later, just put it on the market for 595 or something. I could have held that one and had a quarter million dollars. We sold it before and then … We had it for years actually. It was the first condo, the one we moved into and then we sold it.

Chris:They can find me on Spotify if they look up Manafest as far as music wise or my website manafest. David:I also really like your music before we ever interviewed you. When I met you in Nashville, I was fangirling in a little bit. Be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. Help us reach new listeners on iTunes by leaving us a rating and review!

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Kevin learnt about Marie Forleo though his wife suggesting he take some of her advice when transitioning into his current position at BiggerPockets. A simple trick from Marie helped Kevin make some big decisions: see if your body expands or contracts when you think about two different options. This trick, along with her insight on writing your options down in order to take a step back from your situation, has helped Kevin make some hard decisions.

Kevin goes through why this is such a great tactic for making sellers comfortable and how you can deploy it in your future deals as well. What can I do on my website that just sets me apart a little bit? Stay tuned and be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets.

I live in the desert, but it has been raining the last couple of days. Anyway, so today, like we said, this show is going to unpack money lender and really go in depth on a few different topics.

I was sitting here during this interview with Marie 6 month payday loans direct lenders Forleo, I was a feeling really accomplished for booking such a big name on the show.

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And all the guests who have been on the show who I have been really strict about their mics are going to get a laugh out of this. I get a little vulnerable about my own business challenges here. So thank you for doing that and for joining us on this episode. And now, time to get into the interview with Kevin. David:I think that it should be announced every time you do a show with a yodeler that actually announces your presence. A month ago or whatever, or a couple of weeks ago when I knew she was going to come on the show.

And Marie is very much, you guys will notice if you look her up online, she very much teaches mostly women.

David:Way to go, Gandalf, with your explanation here.

That beard is definitely influencing your speech here, your communication style. Little three-year-old Rosie just screams and throw it. Brandon:And it was just the perfect picture of frustration of what we all go through with different things.

And then she goes… She takes three deep breaths and she stomps over to it. She picks up this box and she takes the piece and she shoves it back in there. And this time she turns it a little bit and it slides in. It was the right piece, it was actually she just had it turned wrong, it was going in diagonal. Maybe you just need to take some deep breaths like Rosie did, and take some tweaks. And that little moment of detachment, Jocko talks about that too, but that stepping back, and what I really like about Marie and how I discovered her was through my wife, who… I was actually facing the decision about whether I should take the BiggerPockets job or this other job. And the BiggerPockets one, now, of course it looks great, but at the time it was more risky. The other one was a little bit more of a sure thing. And what she does is she takes a step back and ask herself the question, or writes it down, and says, "Let me see how my body actually reacts to this?

Do I take a deep breath or do I contract and hunch my shoulders up and feel like in a defensive crouch? And same thing with writing things down, as she talks about it in the show. I think it just gives you a little bit of a perspective and allows you to slow down and think about things. How many people have I sent those two to three times to?

Thank you, Marie Forleo for bringing Kevin to our life. David, would you think on that before we move on to the second note today? David:What I was thinking when this was being discussed instant approval payday loans direct lenders is that intensity can be a red flag that you need to slow down and detach. When you fill yourself with intense emotions trying to shove something in, what I think about is when your phone freezes and your screen stops responding, what do we all do?

My mom and dad are visiting right now here in Hawaii. And my wife was just joking with me yesterday because she watched my dad try to answer his phone. Brandon:Smashing his phone until it stops ringing, let it hang money lender up finally or it goes to voicemail. People are always going to have intense best rates for personal loans responses, monitor yourself. You need to step back, find a person in a different situation.

By the way, do you want to give like a 10-second background payday loan fast on your real estate real quick? I skipped straight to the rental property phase of the real estate investing career. I turned my primary residence into a rental, then bought a house hack. And so vacation loans I do own three units in Washington, which is like, nothing sees that given the values here. Kevin:But I had less confidence in, can I go out and negotiate a deal directly with someone in their living room? Like if you were to say, "Yeah, I buy houses all over the DC area. And James Dainard talked about that on his show with us. He had a Robin Waiter and he said, "Dude, at the time, I looked like I was 12.

But I think the authenticity, I think a lot of people are going to online unsecured personal loans see through it. We work with other people who have flipping businesses. Joe Asamoah is a guy that I could buy a deal with him. David, what do you think on that, the fake it till you make it versus be honest? Let me give you example of how I use marketing in my real estate at a big level and at a small level. But for example, so my fund, I have a real estate fund. I come up with new branding or new names or I find a special niche that I think we have a really unique angle at. If you decide you want to be the duplex person in Cincinnati.

Well, maybe that means going to like ListSource or going to a one of the other one, PropStream, and getting a list of all the duplexes in Cincinnati and then writing a letter. A lot of people take that stock mentality into real estate, by the way. This is what you need to succeed long term at the business of real estate, is you need to understand these concepts. Kevin, what do you think on this whole idea of marketing? Kevin:I money lender think once you turn this on, you will see it everywhere with any kind of marketing. I was walking to the mailbox cash advance toledo ohio the other day, and I saw a truck with a contractor and it said the basement guy, and it just had a picture of his face. And he probably deals with moisture and probably does pretty dang well for himself with his little business out of his F-150. And he does little things, he has a hostel that he runs in Austin, but I guarantee you, he asked himself, how can we be different from all the other hostels in Austin? And he got a goat and the goat, you know, choose the grass on the property. And so once you start seeing those things, you can think to yourself, okay, what can I do with my mailer? What can I do on my website that just sets me apart a little bit?

And it was like this big, massive, I think it was like, that was the postcard, was his dog. Kevin:And I think he even said that he would choose the areas of Portland where people are really into dogs and he would use that marketing there.

I was talking to somebody who had a commodity-type business.

And we were talking about money lender like, how do you differentiate yourself to sell that? We are a commodity business in a way in that, if I was a motivated seller, I could sell it to you or I could sell to David, I could sell to Kevin, I could sell to one of the listeners on the show. He basically created this new thing, which was like coffee with fat in it.