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So just consistency and being on top of my metrics there is kind of the gist of it. So, what are like three things, and I know you like to have a payday loans online bad credit ok very precise plan and break it down. And then I also want to focus on continuing to scale my side hustle and just increase my business revenue just to increase that second or supplemental source of revenue, and that second source of income to use for again, both investing and reserves. And that if anything happened at the farm then that would cover that.

So, we want to ask you guys what we can do for you guys to help hold you accountable. But we want to know how can we help you throughout the next year to make sure you guys can reach these goals? I think sometimes just knowing what to do is the challenge. Or giving me a suggestion about look at this website, or have you checked this out? So definitely just giving us the ideas of where we can go, and how we can make best use of our time and what action we should take is really helpful.

And are you doing that consistently to get to where you need to be. So using you guys as a resource to try to navigate my way as we low loan rates go along. What actions have we actually taken, and maybe celebrate wins, or you guys can give us a little bit of 90 day loan insight from there? The four of us can be own mastermind, and we could hold each other accountable, you know? And then at the end of January, did you actually guys get it done? And Jackson, you alluded to this is that, one, you guys are all in different places. But you guys have all started around the same time. And some people are going to have the risk tolerance and the mindset just to go crush it low loan rates and move super, super fast. Ashley:Well, I want to know where everyone can find more information about you guys and follow along your journey besides just the Facebook group. But yeah, where else can people find more information about you, Jordan? And there was one thing I forgot to mention during the lessons we learned. It primarily focuses on real estate and talks about things like redlining, white flayed, FHA, loan withholding from black people and people of color. Okay, Jackson, you want to tell us where we can find more information about you?

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I think just Jackson Seedott, and then I have a business page through Facebook. I was at a webinar last week, and it was me, Brandon Turner, and Jay Scott. But super excited that you all were able to share your stories with us.

And I truly do believe that hearing your stories of 2020 and then being able to follow along your journey in 2021 will give them the encouragement and the guidance they need to take action to make those goals happen. Looking forward to checking in with you guys in a couple months, and giving the listeners an update on where you guys are at. Ashley:Yeah, thank you guys so much for sharing your goals with us. Rent to cash advance companies Retirement offers fully turnkey properties that are already renovated, leased and managed… allowing you to personal cash loans invest with confidence out of state.

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With Blinkist, you get unlimited access to read or listen to a massive library of condensed non-fiction books — all the books you want and all for one low price. Right now, for a limited time Blinkist has a special offer just for our audience: Go to blinkist. Neither of them were interested in being landlords or real estate investors, but after they made six figures profits on their first home, they realized there was real money in the real estate game. Annie and Trey were looking for a home to raise their family in. They found the perfect plot of land which had a new manufactured home and a scenic view.

After living in the home for a few years they decided to move elsewhere to be closer to family, and instead of selling it, they decided to rent it out for a year. Annie and Trey now invest out of state, building up their real estate portfolio by rehabbing inexpensive homes. This investor couple walks through their keys to success, the players on their team that make the biggest difference, and how they went from just homeowners to real estate investors!

And hopefully, 2021 is just a slightly better version of last year or this year. You had mentioned that you have a new property under contract going into the new year already. Tony:We have two in Joshua Tree with a third under contract, and then we have one in Pigeon Forge. Actually, we have three under contract in Pigeon Forge right now.

And then some of payday loans in sc the land is leased to a farmer to use. This property was bought low loan rates by somebody, I think in 2008, they bought it as a foreclosure and they ran this boat storage out of it. I love all the different way you can actually do real estate investing and the different ways to make money off real estate and property. But today, we have another great guest, actually two guests, husband and wife, Annie and Trey.

So for those of you that are curious on how to get your spouse on board, definitely listen to that piece. Trey low loan rates also talks about his mother-in-law, so keep an ear payday loan no credit check out for that on how she feels about his mother-in-law. Ashley:Annie and Trey, thank you so much for joining us today on the podcast. Do you guys want to go ahead and one of you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started into real estate? Me and Trey we got married when I was like 20, so I started out pretty young. For fun and for part-time work, I teach group fitness at a local gym and I love show running and mountain hiking. You guys talked about who is actually buying these deals. I just wanted a place to live, everybody leave me alone, live there forever, kind of thing.

So I was not on board with real estate investing or even having a mother-in-law or anything like that. Annie was like… I think she had a friend that actually mentioned something to her about house hacking. We took her advice and we rented it out and found some good renters. So you guys were accidental investors to begin with. Trey:I think really we saw the market, how it was going around here and the appreciation people payday loan now were getting. We had a neighbor sell their home, get pretty good appreciation. So I think for me, it was more about what we could get for the home in a year or two, that vision and not so much about the renting part.

Not into renting at first, just saw the value of keeping it for another couple of years.

Tony:Annie, it sounds like you were the one that was driving initially the push to become an investor.

And what made you feel that you and Trey would be good fits to do that? Annie:I think it was just building over the last five years.

The first thing we did was knocked down all these trees, and they actually paid us, to give ourselves a view of the water and the mountains. Ashley:Oh, so you had the loggers come in and log the property and take the timber, and then you guys got the nice view?

You had those six acres on there where you can sell the timber, you can have honey bees on there, you can tap into the maple syrup. But before they put that rule in, this guy split his property into two three-acre parcels, and we actually got both of those.

And the caveat was, it went right through the shop for some reason, and so we had to find a creative way to move that property line so he could sell both properties separately. I mean, to move that property line, to get it, did you have to have a surveyor come out and get a new survey done? Trey:It was actually super simple because we online cash own both lots and the line was in between both my properties.

And at that point we had all the proper distance from the property line so people could build on there if they wanted to. And that parcel was right on top of this ridge with a mountain view that the timber guys had cleared, so it was a great lot and, it was super desirable. Ashley:What did the numbers look like on this deal? And then we lived there for two and a half years, we decided that we wanted to move on to something else. I went on the Facebook group and I asked, "Hey, what does it mean to be a landlord? It was before we really knew about capital expenses.

Our mortgage is like 15-something, and we rented it for, what? Sorry, you mentioned, Annie, that you wrote a love letter.

And then in your mind, what are some of the pros and cons with going with a manufactured home?