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As it is, you should be able to spend 90 days per year there for business or leisure with no visa headaches. If things were going well you could look at moving over to the US full time. You have a ton of deductions in the USA though, including depreciation of the property itself over 27 years, which can reduce your taxable income substantially. Then you have property taxes, which Ireland only got around to implementing (badly) a few years ago.

In the USA, you can find those on the property appraiser sites for each county the property is located in. Anyhow - you can fall deep into a rabbit hole researching this stuff! By all means get a solid understanding of taxes, but spend more time looking for viable business plans to earn a living from real estate. Get stuck in as soon as possible and never stop learning.

We just moved back to FL after 12 wonderful years in the UK, so I am fluent in British English, Irish English, American English, Scottish English, but Welsh, not so much! If we can ever lend a hand, please feel free to contact us. My wife is a CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist), and loves working with and assisting foreign Investors. Your answer is exactly what I was looking for as regards to taxation! And it seems that the USA real estate market has more opportunities for entrepreneurs.

I would have to do a lot of research on the USA RE market and it would be tricky doing it from across the pond, but I love a challenge!! Wow 12 years is a long time, you must be delighted to be back!

I will certainly contact you if I ever need a hand! It is interesting to see the difference in statistics between Ireland and the US.

The high ownership rate check advance online has to be due to something such as the generally small size of Ireland and the overall affordability. I personally am looking at a longer term plan of having my investments stateside and getting a place to stay in County Mayo to get away for a while. If you ever want an excuse to come spend a Summer in the states to learn about how things work here with RE you should low interest payday loans no credit check hit up one of the regional Hurling clubs.

In Denver our team is the Gaels and they like to bring out a few natives during the Summer league to play and help the team at nationals. I am from Canada and loan apply have invested the last 30 plus years in the U. Not sure what immigration would say about your move to U. Thank you very much for the offer, and apologies for the late reply as I was finishing up college and had a lot of final projects. The structuring of off shore accounts has always intrigued me, I might ask you about them in the near future when I get started.

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Yes me being Canadian I know how important structure is as you need that first before you can start investing. I know lots of Canadians that pay way to much for structure so see me first I could save you money. Is anyone here an international person with USA real estate?

By international, I mean no green card, no citizenship, no rights to work in the USA, and no social security number. I low interest payday loans no credit check am a Canadian with one rental property already, and a solid plan for growth in Canada. However, in my area prices are fairly high in relation to potential rental income. I have been consistently impressed by the low property prices some USA investors are finding and find it intriguing. As I have close links in the USA (I freelance for some great USA companies, my mother is from the USA, and I still have a lot of family there), I have been dabbling in the concept of investing in the US mobile payday loans property market as well. There are many things I know I need to consider: Taxes, reliable property managers, areas, financing (I may self-finance), ownership (llc or personal), etc.

Can anyone point me to some resources or payday loans by text give some advice.

Yes, we routinely work with international investors looking for great real estate deals in the US.

However, once established, the low loonie is advantageous. There are still areas to invest in the Maritimes where you can make a decent cash-flow and force a little appreciation along the way.

I love the Maritimes and am going to continue investing in this area too! Any tips on finding reliable local property managers in the Maritimes? My other (non real-estate) business also generates most of its income in USD and EUR...

That said, there is one PM in Saint John, who is quite good should you find yourself in need of one in that city. Thus far this has worked better than using a PM company...

I have some family near there, so investing in that area would be of interest to me, as I know I have someone who can take a peek at something if need be too. I would be interested in learning more about the property manager. I understand in NB there is a difference between owner occupied and non owner occupied residential taxes? I understand in NB there is a difference between owner occupied and non owner occupied residential taxes? HI am a Canadian and I have investments in the states be glad to chat if you are looing for information Buying performing or non-performing mortgage notes is an enjoyable alternative to, and in some ways, a natural expansion of, hard real estate investment. A real estate note, also called a mortgage note, is a promissory note associated with a mortgage or deed in trust.

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Notes can be bought, sold, or otherwise transferred as long as there is an outstanding balance. The difference between performing and non-performing notes is pretty straightforward. If the borrower is behind on their payments or the loan is in low interest payday loans no credit check default, the note is non-performing. When the borrower has a history of paying on time and the loan has never defaulted, the note is performing. People generally invest in performing notes when looking for a steady, passive income stream without a lot of risks (or excitement). Non-performing notes, on the other hand, open up a low interest payday loans no credit check whole world of daring investment strategies. Lending institutions, such as banks, credit unions, and other lenders, are probably the most obvious potential mortgage note source to most people.

Unfortunately, while not impossible, buying notes directly from a lender can be trickier than you think.

Servicers are licensed debt collectors that manage loans for lending institutions and hedge funds.

Hedge funds and private equity funds pool money from investors, letting them amass the millions loans san antonio of dollars of purchasing power needed to directly buy a group of loans from a lender.

Notes are freely transferable, so if an owner decides to reinvest their funds, they can sell the note and transfer it to the buyer. The easiest way to get yourself in the note game is through an online marketplace. Note marketplaces allow noteholders to list their notes for sale and note investors (or aspiring investors) to purchase them. Many low interest payday loans no credit check people assume you need piles of cash to start investing in real estate notes. There are various creative approaches you can take to fund or finance your note purchases.

About Maui, I found that the county is trying to ban it since recently, but not sure under what conditions and if any regions are exempt. I have recently decided that it would be a good financial move and a great experience to move back to Hawaii with my family while relocating my remodel business to Hilo, HI. I am new to the real estate game and the hawaii market but I want to buy a parcel of land on the big Island of hawaii and put trendy tiny houses and structures on it to rent out via airbnb, etc. Hello all-I tried opening a business checking account a few months ago and when asked what type of business greenwood loans we are, I said the forbidden "real estate investing" and was denied the opportunity to open the account.

Hello, I am a new investor and an agent from Fredericksburg, VA. Hello everyone, I am a new real estate agent and an aspiring investor.

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I have been in my family business managing restaurants and low interest payday loans no credit check bars for last 10 years.

I live in the Richmond, VA area and am looking at the Richmond area,...

After all the research, books, and podcasts, today I had my first offer accepted for a property!

It needs a little work but I think I got a great deal, and plan on making it a BRRRR property and holding it for years to... I joined BiggerPockets to learn everything about real estate investing.

Currently I am located in DMV area, I am more than happy to get connect with investors that focus on multifamily, from Fredericksburg, VA to Frederick, MD. I have strong credit, I already have properties I own and a good...

He outlines what essentially amounts to a BRRRR but with the caveat that the property is owned by his LLC and then sold to his wife. Hello all,I currently have a property under contract. We are in the process of Refinancing our rental property for the first time. Thus, we can bring 5K to closing to buy the points that will... Hello all I am 38 just bought my first single family home where I currently live in Milford, CT. I became a BP Pro member last month and have been learning about the Brrrr strategy.

Hi BP Fam - I want to get pre-approved to buy an investment property out of state. I contacted my local credit union and they suggested that I find a lender in the area that I am interested in investing. Hey BP, money loans quick Asking for some advice on a situation with financing. My parents bought this 9-acre farmstead using owner financing 2 years ago. The house and property were in a very distressed state but they have modernized... Most banks will not do conventional loans with an LLC. The majority will ask to do a commercial loan or the terms are not favorable. How do you best navigate yourself with rental properties using an LLC and a... Is there a way to get him off the mortgage and property tittle without having to refinance or take a new loan under... Does anyone or has anyone executed a BRRRR in Texas? Texas, from what I have learned thru research has some different laws in reguards to buying, selling, or renting property.... Hey guys so I know that when you buy a new property and if you want to fix it up you would need to paint it or replace the cabinets and tiles or carpet. My question is what automatically comes to head on what to fix...