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The others are in a high demand area (completely different town and market) and prices are stable or increasing.

Many are simply not getting rent increases right now.

Most reporting these days is lacking in useful details. It is easy to quote percentages and claim whatever narrative you want.

I am buying a condo but it supposedly has a lien attached.

Heir get a statement every month but no payment due. Chase keeps giving him the run around and nobody seems to be able to help. He is willing to just deed to let me have it subject to, but I want to make sure I can get it released. Chase is certainly still around so what corp is dissolved?

The corp that was dissolved is the one that got the corporate advance.

Plus this was originally issued by Washington Mutual, I guess it was sold to Chase.

I just had this happen and my seller, the heir, after many frustrating appointments and phone calls, wrote a Notice of Error to whatever address the lender says to send notice of errors (might be on your statement), explaining that it was clearly paid off but never closed and recorded. It took several weeks, but only because she financial companies in boston stayed on them and provided everything they requested asap. I believe a title resolution company could resolve it but your seller would need to provide the same information to them as well. Something about Qualified Written Requests and Notice of Errors means the lender has to respond in a timely manner versus just calling in to customer service, where they can ignore you for longer than you can stay sane. Thank you, Lynn McGeenin, I will certainly have him try that. I wonder if that will work if he gives me a Power of Attorney? Rents may have fallen but people are prioritizing more space in East bay and single family homes.

I literally just made a post about the Miami Mayor billboard in San Fran.

Miami may be clean across the country, but it could be the next frontier.

At the lower end of the price range, over bidding by at least 100K is normal. On the peninsula, some cities have no supply at all (e. Rents may have come down in SF city, and some peninsula areas, but prices are going to break record this year. For those gurus predicting a crash due to forebearance, that is unlikely to materialize.

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I went to a local U-haul to install a hitch on my car and there were only three trucks for rent on their lot. I asked them where are all of the rental truck, they said they all were taken by people leaving the state and left in other states. Whether the "exodus" is real or not, with the overpopulation of the Bay Area, I still think the supply-demand is still high. That being said, do any of you guys recommend holding direct lenders payday loans or selling? Most have simply moved from one Bay Area locale to another. One of my SF tenants in pacific heights who just hit IPO gold is moving to a new construction community in Fremont.

I listed my place out and got an overwhelming response mostly from out of state people moving in. My Austin buddies have been in contact with me and low interest loans have stated desire to move back one day. They also know that the longer they wait the harder it will become to afford a roof in the bay. Everyone criticizes SF but everyone wants to be SF lol!!! People are leaving the city for the suburbs, which makes perfect sense after so many have been forced to entertain their young children in 800 square foot apartments, cook on apartment sized stoves and share elevators with strangers during a pandemic. If anyone out there is dreaming of an exodus from the Bay Area so large they will be able to swoop in and buy a condo on Russian Hill for what you pay in Cincinnati or Pittsburgh - forget about it. Both cities have started to see an uptick in rental activity. Yesterday JP Morgan issued a client note stating they see the pandemic dissipate in the next 40 - 80 days as vaccine supplies rise dramatically. I think cities are in a coiled spring mode right now and will make a mega comeback in same day pay day loan the summer. Of course the bay suburbia will continue to see solid momentum.

Every business, town, city and state that was banking its fortune on the pandemic lingering around through eternity may have to pare down their hopes! My family can be an American case study of the great migration OUT of Cali. Mom is about to list SoCal house and move to Washington.

Dad is holding it down on a million dollar ranch estate in San Diego with view of the ocean. California has everything every other state has, only better.

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But if you are an investor, you gotta follow the numbers. The numbers are here in Florida, especially with some exciting new projects under way that will attract Big Tech. The 25 cities that scored the highest are scattered across 10 states, all of which are either clustered in the South or the West. Texas leads the list, appearing six times Florida is close behind, with five cities ranked among the top 25. Each property is going to pending in a week and as you noted at least 100-150k above asking price. Do you have any data to suggest that NYC payday loans installment payments rental activity is up?

There are quite a few vacancies in San Mateo, some are low interest loans advertising for 1st and last month free.

Once some apartment rents are down, tenants in other apartment will try to relocate to those cheaper units and further drives down the rent.

However, if the Covid situation is controlled in the coming few months, with the help from the vaccine, there should be less of vacant units and the rent might return to pre-covid level quickly.

To the contrary of rent price, housing price surged quite a bit in the last 1-2 months, both on the peninsula and particularly in east bay. Exodus from CA, maybe true to some degree, did not really affect Bay area housing price. I knew a few people who left for Florida, Texas, and Las Vegas. Some of them sold their house in east bay and moved out, and was never going to be able to afford the same house that they sold 10 years ago. New employees hired from high tech companies: usually highly educated, well paid. Those folks will have company paid relocation benefit and have no problem bidding on a house. New immigrants: those folks are hard working people trying to find jobs here, that pays better than other areas. They are the workforce in the bay area, and are typically renters. Retirees: They do not need to work and choose to sell their million dollar house and retire comfortably somewhere else. People who can not afford the rent here: Those are people who are middle class people and who are struggling with the high cost of living here.

I have a few tenants who are contemplating moving to TX, however, they have not moved yet and are still trying to survive here in Bay Area.

People who choose to move out, based on tax considerations and other business and employment opportunities elsewhere, or remote work.

The people who moves in typically are higher income earners and can bid on houses. People who moves out are mostly renters and did not have enough houses for sale. Therefore, the so called mass loans company exodus actually did not create a larger housing supply for the new comers, but to the contrary, best basic bank accounts did not stop the dramatic reduction in supply. The reduction in supply directly caused the surge in housing prices. My friend is working in Fremont so he can low interest loans not move. This is compared to the equity locked in the property. I plan to redeploy the capital back into the market. We have a couple of rentals in Pueblo and did several flips last year. There seems to be a lot of demand for rentals so we are low interest loans looking for a MFR or more SFR for BRRRR. This is compared to the equity locked in the property. I plan to redeploy the capital back into the market. Crazy, but so far appraisals are supporting the increased cost. From my experience, if you have a single family home rental that appreciates rapidly, the rents will also increase, but you have to wait 1-2 people with bad credit low interest loans years.

I bought a college rental in Fort Collins in May 2007. After the rehab, it would have probably appraised for 210K. Now 13 years later, the home value and rent both doubled. From what I remember, 2014 was the first really good year for housing appreciation in Fort Collins, since the housing recession.

When you are in a fast appreciating market, I personally would be patient and wait for the rents to increase instead of selling. I moved to Pueblo West in August 2019 and we bought a primary home in Pueblo West in November 2019.

I hope to start investing in Pueblo County in May 2022. I have a six plex in north platte Nebraska and realized the financing terms are worse than a four unit. Also, if you have even more equity, your returns are even lower. If you would have sold that property by now, you could have redeployed it into those properties that have better returns.